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  1. I agree with, I like the new Black Knights, an msu army of them can make multiple charges for multiple mw.
  2. 1 hit (from the 6's) and 2 mw, is like aditional to the damage instead of finish the attack seccuence
  3. Change the general, use a coven throne with the first trait, spam her CA on your grave guards units (yeah, I said units, drop that terrorgheist and put another 20 gg), but please do not use shields on them, you need the damage 2 weapons. With all this changes, your army can deny an enemy unit (thanks to the vyrkos'rr and coven's spell), and 2 block of gg hitting on 2+/2+ -1 2 (save 4+).
  4. Yeah, that is the way, the opponent can avoid our ability activation.
  5. To me both are very goods, and have their own space in my army.
  6. Just leave the last one from the 3° line, at 2" from enemy.
  7. You can surround 1 skelli by 18 returned. Is 1" w not ww, and their base is less than 1"
  8. They solve it in a faq(2019), if 20 were killed and you resurrect 10, in the battleshock phase you add 20 to the roll. But in the same case with dance macabre, you roll 20 dice to resurrect the first time to get 10 of them back, and the second time roll again 20!, so with dance, you recover 100% of them, but sure, add 20 to the roll and the battleshock, or pay 1 cp to save all the unit
  9. 2 hands make the wound roll at 4+, so it is not the double.
  10. As we can see, the Katakros's ability affect +1 hit to OBR and +1 save to PRAETORIANS. But the Prime Necrophoros said, when you use the previous ability it affects OBR units ww 36", so... this ability improve from PRAETORIANS to OBR? or just the +1 to hit range??
  11. 🤭 +++ MOD HAT +++ No leaked pictures please as per our forum rules
  12. On spears(charging), The ability explote with a unmodified 5+? Thanks
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