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  1. Thanks for jumping down my throat and I disagree with what you say other than also wanting to see an FAQ. GHB rules aren't core rules. Gotrek's exception is explicitly written in his points in the pitched battle profile. Alarielle's is on her warscroll which takes precedence over CORE rules (1.6 sidebar). I'm done here. I'm done posting. Thanks for ruining this for me.
  2. Treelords, Drycha, Warsong, and Skullroot are all on the same 105mm x 70mm oval base.
  3. I’m interested to try his list at a tournament this weekend but I don’t know if I have the cajones to run something that’s little melee presence.
  4. The GHB battlepack mentions rules that apply for your that battlepack and there's no mention of "before game" placement. All rules in that apply to the game. Does it suck? Yes, but dem's the rules. @Aezeal It's because the GHB applies restrictions to faction terrain placement in addition to whatever the warscroll says. Everyone, I don't mean to be a downer. I want this clarified like everyone else but it's crystal clear to me that we still have more restrictions to deal with. I'd love for our woods to be 1" from things.
  5. Disagree. Woods placed during the game are still faction terrain features and thus are still subject to GHB restrictions in addition to warscroll restrictions. Needs FAQ and I hope I’m wrong.
  6. 1/2/3 single trees more than 3" from each other, more than 3" from other terrain, more than 3" from all objectives, and more than 1" from other models. OR One ring of 3 trees that follow the same restrictions (other than 3" from each other).
  7. Faction terrain doesn't have keywords anymore but are still Awakened Wyldwoods even when smashed. Smashing terrain only removes the warscroll abilities but doesn't change the fact that a smashed Wyldwood is still a Wyldwood. I'm more upset that they took away an allegiance ability and didn't give us anything else to compensate.
  8. @vinnyt Great report and thank you for avenging the trees! Quick reminder that Roar does not shut off Inspiring Presence. Roar only prevents CAs in the following Combat Phase. The only way Sylvaneth can prevent Inspiring Presence is by running Horrorghast.
  9. Yes I understand your point. The issue is that you only get access to the allegiance abilities, of which that spell falls under, if you take a Sylvaneth army. Therefore, no Verdant Blessing when you have a Living City army. @Havelocke I’m standing by my statement. How often can you see a 3-cast wizard (Spiritsong Stave) on +7 to cast on turn 3? And then use that to pump out a metric ****** ton of mortal wounds? It’s the only non-unique caster in the game that has full spell lore access. As long as Throne of Vines doesn’t get FAQd to not stack, Warsong will be a force of nature. I think something a lot of us are focusing on more with it is being a stationary caster. I have an idea to use it as a more mobile support caster and not the Bug Bomb From Downtown.
  10. No because Verdant Blessing is a part of the Sylvaneth allegiance abilities.
  11. I believe you can due to GHB Faction Terrain rules on pg. 15. That rule states that if a faction terrain feature cannot be placed, it is not used. When you place individual woods, they become three individual faction terrain features. Therefore, the inability to place one tree should not affect the ability to place two other trees legally. Others here may disagree with me, but following the GHB rules, faction terrain should be 3" away from other terrain and all objectives since those are additional restrictions to setup. There are no additional restrictions when it comes to woods placement near models, so follow the ability that placed the woods. In our case, that's more than 1" away from other models. I did get a game in with this and you can get trees down. Rings will still be rare. If you run the Warsong, more than likely you are running Umbral Spellportal. Casting Verdant Blessing through will help immensely. This is correct. Our old allegiance ability was changed to an "end of Movement phase" action where you can pick up one unit wholly within 6" and teleport them to another woods wholly within 6" of another woods and more than 9" away from all enemies. This is different than before because now you can move to a woods and then teleport. Treelord variants get to teleport while being within 6" and happens when they move. Correct, a smashed Wyldwood is still a Wyldwood. It removes all abilities on the terrain's warscroll. Treelords can still teleport to/from them. This also means you can teleport TO a smashed wyldwood but you cannot teleport FROM one. Also, you can deepstrike units you set aside into a smashed woods. Correct unless you want your Treelord to use the Navigate Realmroots ability on the woods instead of its own Spirit Paths warscroll ability. Honestly, I think these woods are great. The fact that we can place three individual trees with a single use of Silent Communion or casting of Verdant Blessing really frees up magic space for the army. With the Warsong Revenant being an extremely powerful caster (one of the strongest in the game), that's huge.
  12. I don’t disagree but that’s the language we are working with for 4-ish weeks.
  13. It was FAQ’d that uniques can take spells from their faction’s spell lore by adding the “(including UNIQUE units)” caveat for the battletome spell lore. That language doesn’t exist for the universal spell lore.
  14. Yes I know, that’s not managed by a GW employee. Uniques can only take their faction’s spell lore spells.
  15. Yeah, uniques can’t take universal spell lore spells.
  16. I’d never play it like that where you could teleport with a Treelord and then run. That’s an extremely narrow interpretation of the rules.
  17. That’s good. I have a tournament in 2 weeks so I’ll have to send a message to the TO asking for their ruling.
  18. Found the tweet, it’s from 1:29am CST on July 3 when he said he’d be following what the lore spell says. If he’s saying 3” from everything in WhatsApp, then he’s giving conflicting information.
  19. It was on his Twitter page that he was gonna be playing it was 1” from everything. I’ll go double check.
  20. It looks like one of the playtesters, Laurie Huggett-Wilde, is gonna be playing with the 1” rule as well. I can see the argument for it especially with them adding the restriction to the BR: Kragnos woods warscroll and then removing it. If we do place the three individual woods though, they just have to be placed more than 3” from each other. Still could be placed 1” away from other woods you’ve set up that game.
  21. The terrain is still considered an Awakened Wyldwood even if it got the Monster Smash. The Treelord variants can still teleport using them (and it’s now just within 6” to start teleporting instead of wholly within 6”), Dryads still get the -1 to hit, Durthu gets +2 attacks, etc. If you want to teleport a unit of Kurnoths, you can’t start the teleport from a smashed woods, but the destination can be smashed.
  22. I don’t think a Roar on a TLA would turn off the aura. That CA was issued in the hero phase and just persists until your next hero phase.
  23. Look at the last sentence on that column. Setting them up more than 3” from each other means they are three separate faction terrain features. Under the GHB Faction Terrain rules, if its impossible to set up a faction terrain feature, it is not placed. Since they are separate, one failing should not cause the others to fail, IMO.
  24. Look at the last sentence on that column. Setting them up more than 3” from each other means they are three separate faction terrain features. Under the GHB Faction Terrain rules, if its impossible to set up a faction terrain feature, it is not placed. Since they are separate, one failing should not cause the others to fail, IMO.
  25. @Mirage8112 @HavelockeHa, helps if I read the new woods carefully. If you set up the woods as 3 individual trees, they are treated as 3 separate faction terrain features (very bottom of the first column on the new warscroll). That means if one of the three cannot be set up, it won't stop you from placing the others. I still think they have to abide by the 3" rule though.
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