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  1. So I've been thinking about Harridans vs Bladegheists today and I'm not sure which way to go. Harridans are significantly cheaper and also feel a lot less reliant on a hero to baby sit them, particularly because they have 1 leader per 5 models vs the Bladegheists not having a leader at all. Other other hand, with the new coherency might make retreat and charge on the Bladeghiests even more powerful for getting as many of them in range as possible. I'm not sure which is better without playing some games but it feels a like a much closer call now.
  2. SCE - doesn't matter at the moment because I am waiting for a new book and warscroll rewrites, there is just so much in that book that feels bad. Particularly hoping that the Tauralon becomes a worthwhile investment. Gitz - My 1k squig army feels dead with the new points. Have to drop at least 1 hero and Hoppers having a min unit size of 10 makes it feel like a very small army with no board presence. a big meh for this army. Everything else (Nighthaunt, Sylvaneth, FEC, DoK) - lose a few bodies but are largely offset with the loss of battalions. Mostly haven't changed much about how I
  3. Seems to me the got a lot more stock up for this. I said to myself I would only but one from element games if it wasn't going to be a complete pain in the ass. Rocked on about 5 past, sailed through easily, the site was a little slow, but otherwise very easy. Very much looking forward to getting my new toys now
  4. I guess more people have access to one drop lists now which feels like it should be better but maybe isn't. The big, powerful one drops will still probably be able to get to very low drops and there may be a bunch of other armies that can now have much more reliable ways to get down to low drops and ensure alpha's (especially with smaller board sizes), in particular I think 1 drop lists for IDK and FEC might be popular.
  5. I know that the wargaming community as a whole as well as GW specifically encourages house-rules but I really think that telling people to ignore rules or just carrying on playing old editions in response to a perfectly valid concern is both deeply unhelpful and doesn't really help anyone. I've calmed down a bit on what we have seen so far. I still don't like the coherency changes or the battalion changes but I'll manage. My biggest concern around the new edition remains about how useful melee units will be. What with most of what we consider powerful melee units now have g th
  6. I'm pretty sure there are a coupe of powerful armies right now that are using 3 or less heroes, thinking most of the IDK, OBR, Lumineth, Tzeentch, DoK(sneks) and KO lists are hardly going heavy on heroes. If I was playing most of those armies, who was taking a batalion to primarily to get down to 1-2 drop I really wouldn't be all that worried about my list changing that much and depending on points, maybe actually squeezing more stuff in.
  7. Unless something significant has changed, the ability to pick who goes first will probably still be powerful and hence low drops will still look pretty attractive. The other core battalions are mostly just allowing you 1 extra command point per battle (I almost certainly wouldn't take a battalion that did that bow) That seems decent but a long way off being able to one drop the vast majority or potentially all your army. I sort of hope we have some other way to pick up extra artifacts (enhancements) that isn't just paying points for them, if not it feels like a lot of army's will end
  8. Feels like on of those things that if they had to make a rule to stop people trying to cheat the coherency rules they would have been better pressed to just rethink the coherency rule.
  9. Has anyone been able to decipher what the point in 'understrength' units might be?
  10. That would be a really ham-fisted way of trying to back themselves out of a corner they've painted themselves into...
  11. I'm not that fussed about getting a Dominion box, I will give it a go, but I work on Saturdays so trying to wiggle doing a pre-order around actual work is a bit of a minefield. That said there is a model train store near me that seemingly gets most of the big Warhammer boxes and then prices them high enough that no one buys them. When I walked past yesterday they still had a Feast of Bones box priced at £115. If I'm really that desperate, I can probably get one there.
  12. I think to some degree, that there will be more, smaller units on the board encourages the idea that if your hammers go into combat they need to kill whatever it engaged in one round of combat. With more targets on the board getting bogged down in extended engagements feels even more punishing.
  13. I mean we are kinda in that situation already. The core rules are free but the GHB isn't and while you don't NEED it, you kinda do. Also, pretty sure Malign Sorcery rules are only printed in that box at the moment?
  14. The coherency thing that feels weird to me is say that I have a unit of 6 on 50mm bases (Kurhoth Hunters, Flayers) or on large cavalry bases (Gore-Grunta's, EvoCats) I have to maintain a formation that means 2 models can't attack until I lose a model, then they only have to be in 1'' of 1 other model and all 5 can attack. It seems to me it would be more efficient and much less of a hassle to just not deploy the 6th model at all. Unless I'm missing something incredibly obvious of course...
  15. The Knight-Arcanum's spell is just bad, it's just a worse version of Chain Lightning and when was the last time anyone cast that?
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