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  1. But the miniature is the same (damage tokens remain and is cured). And the manual states no miniature can activated twice in the same round
  2. I am never offended by a negative opinion. But I am curious... Why only center focus on “move and hit”? Wait option seems very interesting for me. But is never mentioned when the critics of “It is only move and hit” appears. It opens lot of gates and tactics. Of course you can move and try to hit the enemy as soon as you can take an action. But why not try to score the mission? Why not take a good position, and wait for your opponent to try to broke it? About the need of buying more stuff.... I can not take this seriously. It is really something that “surprise anyone”? We are talking about Games Workshop. Of course you will need more miniatures in order to make a good warband. You have to do this in all theirs games. Of course you can make conversions, use proxy models, green stuff... whatever. Even buying a second box.
  3. I liked this review a lot. For me negative reviews are always much more useful. If they confirm my worst fears, I can dodge that bullet. If I did not care about the “flaws”, then they are good news. In this case, they were expecting a game of named characters. Lot of character development and rich campaigns. Also with character equipment, customizable models and so on I wanted a fast paced game. With quick and gore Combat. I don’t have time for campaigns, but yes for some evening with 2 hours perfect for a couple of games. Having band customization is better for me that having a list of 3 items with one clearly superior. In summary, they wanted an old fashion GW game. I only want something new. I could play Mordheim if I wanted
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