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  1. Are you interested in Skirmish or a regular game? I've been enjoying getting a bunch of skirmish games in but I'm up for either. I do want to incorporate more narrative play and Time of War rules though, I feel like there's some stagnation in just the matched play scenarios/games. I'm sure there will be others up for a game as well. See you Wednesday!
  2. I didn't know you had Tzeentch. I'll be there with Stormcast at least. Not sure about anyone else yet. How many points of Tzeentch do you have?
  3. And hopefully before then I can fix the 10 or so models that got broken (again) on the way back from Adepticon! Man.. traveling with models really sucks.
  4. I'm sort of hoping they never fully detail any of the realms. We don't even know if they're single planets or even planets at all. I'm sort of ok with this as it leaves a lot of room for future growth and changes.
  5. Amazing club, great people, wonderful store, great events.. I'm really biased because I go every week. Anyway, I really do think it's a great group and we welcome more to join us every wednesday at Game Kastle in Mountain View, CA at around 6pm.
  6. Jearil

    Irresistible Force

    We've actually changed to a different store: 550 Showers Dr, Mountain View, CA 94040 And game nights are Wednesdays at 6pm.
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