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  1. Oppenheimer

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    Good advice everyone thanks! But god anything but a stormcast 😩
  2. Oppenheimer

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    I had posted pictures to this thread a couple weeks back as I was so excited by the idea of an alliegance and getting to use my Wanderers that had been shelved since the Sylvaneth split occurred. But between Orion, Sisters of Twilight, Spellweaver on mount, War hawk Riders, Glade lord on great stag and glade riders not being usable in it I've lost all my initiative I had to rebase and paint them all. Or play them at all. With all those heroes gone I don't even have enough points or battleline for my Wanderers army anymore.
  3. I don't want to be too negative because I know Ben doesn't allow that here but you asked for more feedback so here it is. I was new to AoS in 8e and wasn't around for all of the changes I'm supposed to expect, except for AoS. AoS as massive a change as it was didn't make any models invalid so I didn't realise that was something GW did. I'm an environmentalist at heart and so the idea that I have bought and painted permanent plastic miniatures only to have them become fit for the trash after a number of years is not OK with me. I wish I had put 2 and 2 together before spending 10s of thousands on multiple GW armies. So my only choice is to play friendly games with the old scrolls so that all my models still have a place in the game and make my own estimations about how points for compendium should be lowered to match the rest of the new points for existing models so that it all remains balanced. I created a series of revised Bret scrolls and points to keep them competitive for example. Other than that I am looking to start gaming with other companies where the turnover is less expected. I will be decreasing the amount of time spent on AoS somewhat and the amount of money I spend dramatically and focus elsewhere (Malifaux, Frostgrave and Kings of War are where I'm looking now). It's sad because I love GWs miniatures and the streamlined but still fluffy rules of AoS but cannot abide the wastefulness of planned obsolescence.
  4. Oppenheimer

    Mantic Miniatures

    Mantic zombies are better than the GW version.
  5. You weren't kidding! They made the game exactly as I had mashed it up including even mentioning using coins. The only difference is that you get points towards Treachery instead of drawing cards and the initiative is not a draw but as roll. There's pretty much no reason to use the old hack at all anymore. Great stuff!
  6. I 100% agree. When I heard about bloodlines I wanted to make a Neferata lead Lahmian bloodline army and a Vlad and Isabella Von Carstein bloodline and you can't do either 😭
  7. Oppenheimer

    Bretonnian Fan Revised Compendium Scrolls

    I updated the file to add an amendment to the Free People's alliegance ability from the GHB to include a little something for Brets in there too.
  8. Oppenheimer

    NEW death model - thoughts?

    I have been waiting for an update for a while so I'm cautiously optimistic. I do like the idea of a variety of new heroes. If it leads to a book that also updates existing warscrolls (makes black coach better, adds keywords to Deathlords) that would be ideal. But I won't get my hopes up too much as I have been burned before. Also not coming until 2018.
  9. That's great! I have the book but haven't read them. I'll make sure to do that
  10. Oppenheimer

    Allies as battle line?

    No. Neither battleline nor generals. Which they hid before the game came out to make it seem like allies would be far more useful than it is.
  11. Oppenheimer

    Bretonnia in 2017: What's changed, and how

    I made a revised version that improved rather than nerfing them like GW did. Brought them more in line with free guild points and abilities while still keeping the fluff that was added in this one if anyone's interested. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jgnwpxbhc7stpnb/AoS_BRET_Compendium_2017 V2.pdf?dl=0
  12. Oppenheimer

    Bretonnian Fan Revised Compendium Scrolls

    Yup. Brets and TK are pretty much out of tournament scene now but I feel better about friendly play with my new warscrolls and adjusted points and unit sizes I did. I don't know if anyone else will every use them but it soothes the wound a bit to have them for myself.
  13. Oppenheimer

    Bretonnian Fan Revised Compendium Scrolls

    It was all a bad dream everyone. Here's the real Bretonnian (fan) revisions. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/jgnwpxbhc7stpnb/AoS_BRET_Compendium_2017 V2.pdf?dl=0 Edit: Revised a typo
  14. Oppenheimer

    NEW FAQs, Compendium, Forgeworld

    I would have been pissed for sure. But the pain would be over. I could get over it. Here they are just drawing out the torture. How would I be happy? If they spent the kind of time they did on the rest of the GHB stuff. Have them allies, lowered points on under used units. Really even just not making them worse and I would be content.
  15. Oppenheimer

    NEW FAQs, Compendium, Forgeworld

    I very much agree. It is a slap to the face to have spent the time to go through all the compendium and nerf it all. I would much rather they just said they weren't supporting it anymore. They gave us hope by saying they would be updated and then spit in our faces by doing so without reducing any points and removing all synergies.