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  1. I think the extra cp would be good to put pressure on for teleports turn 1. I was looking at a 2x20 block list, but I'll definitely be trying an msu list
  2. I like this list, but I wonder if 7x5 stalkers with 2 units of shadowstalkers for the teleport threat would be better. It leaves 120 points for maybe an extra cp, snake spell and 30 point bid. Extra cp and a bid seem to be more and more valuable
  3. This guy doesn't google rat vs snake videos with safe search off
  4. You've always been able to put them on witches, and you should have been. SoS fill a different role. I've won many games by retreating and using my 6 inch pile in to get on an objective. Witches blend high armour units, SoS are tactical insertions.
  5. I like them with bows snakes because you can put some damage into a unit with bows to give sharks extra bite attacks and go in. The sheer damage they do for 110 points is good enough even without the nets
  6. I was considering the same, I think 2 allopex would be a good addition
  7. The wording has always been once per turn. And like I said, there is precident, at least with kroak, so I don't see why this isn't intended.
  8. I don't see why, it seems pretty clear. It's the same wording as kroaks, you can use the CA once per hero phase.
  9. It says you make fanatical faith rolls on 5+ for the wound roll. I can see both sides, the fact that FF does reference both as the wound roll in the last paragraph makes me believe the 5++ is for both, but they have used confusing words that I can see both arguments
  10. This actually makes me think we've always been playing it wrong, the book and the core rules are pretty explicit that wounds and mortal wounds are two different things. Fanatical faith specifies both, but the hag narr ability specifies only wounds. I'm leaning to it not making MW protection 5+ and it never actually has.
  11. Im not as doom and gloom as Fred, but I do agree, the age of the witch elf is at an end. Melee is dying in aos, DoK has the potential to have some of the best shooting and MW out put in the game, but it also means half the army abilities will be useless.
  12. You've always been able to do a warscroll prayer and a table prayer
  13. I played DoK for a while and did pretty well, top 10/best order in a lot of events, and I'm kinda agreeing here that melee is dead, especially in the face of shooting domination. I'm actually looking at toying around with 3 bloodwrack shrines, 40 shooting snakes and 2 units of teleporty bois, going khelibron, I feel like I will be able to out shoot a lot of armies and the MW output is ludicrous.
  14. Just put up my new video with my thoughts on the new book. Let me know your thoughts, what you agree and disagree with. https://youtu.be/ku9TU9OwE_A
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