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  1. Just put up my new video with my thoughts on the new book. Let me know your thoughts, what you agree and disagree with. https://youtu.be/ku9TU9OwE_A
  2. I believe I am the only one running the duo at cancon this weekend, definitely going to be interesting to see how they go, I have faith in my list
  3. My think too though is with ko and tzeentch the new hotness, it ranged is going to be critical if it is going to take us 3 turns to get to the gunline
  4. How do you feel about 1x6 stalkers vs 2 crawlers? Stalkers have a lot of killing power, but crawlers with range and being able to easily target support characters is huge too
  5. The only people not using it are miss reading the spell. Cast out anywhere in LOS, ideally in a big blob on enemy units, on a 3+ in the hero phase, shooting phase, charge phase, combat phase, battleshock phase that a model is removed near it, every unit within 6 takes a mortal. I've killed characters with it without targeting the characters with anything
  6. I'm trying this but with 2 shapers instead of arkhan and with the 400 points, I'm doing 2 harvesters. Having basically a 4+ after save is really good
  7. Honestly, the shrieker barely came in to play. I didn't see much combat, I was mostly just focused on the objective game, so right now, I'm not really losing anything by dropping it
  8. Went to a little event this weekend, trialling a few things for the first major event of the season in 2 weeks. I'm making a couple of changes, but all up, I'm happy with my core build. My first game was vs shootcast, one of the armies I think will be rough for us, luckily it was total commitment, so no dropping in at the bottom of turn 1 to kill all my models. He had a unit of 20 sequitors, 15 judicators and 9 longstrikes as his main force with 2 characters. I deployed right back, out of range, he gave me first turn. I'm not sure if he didn't register what I said about the special shots the catapults had, but straight away I killed a sequitor breaking coherency, 10 gone straight away. I also got the judicators killing 5. He moved forward and I sat back. Turn 2, he won priority, but gave it to me as I was still too far out of range and he'd rather try and double than come close enough for me to counter. This is where I stuffed up, I got over confident and moved one of my guard blocks up. I killed another 2.5 judicators with catapults, him rolling saves a lot better this time, I didn't get much done this turn. He then shot in the hero phase and the shooting phase, getting my block of 20 down to 2. That was all this turn. I won turn 3 and took it, I moved my 2 guys back to start to heal, I charged arkhan in to tag the sequitors and proc protection of nagash. This worked and I managed to cap one of his back objectives. I also killed the judicators to 1 man left with my death riders and catapults. I realised today I didn't attack with my horses... My second big mistake was I brought my guys back so far that I left the objective. In his turn, he killed arkhan and took the objective I had left. Scores still tied. Turn 4 I won and moved back on to my objective, failed a 5 inch charge with my leige and failed to kill anything with my catapults. Disappointing round. His turn 4,he swamped my objective with the remaining sequitors, took back his back objective and time was called. I suffered a minor loss because of losing arkhan. In hindsight, if I kept my block of 20 back, the game was mine and that's going to be my strategy going forward. Game 2,i play the other stormcast player... He also had a big block of 20 sequitors, but had the characters to buff them to 2+ save with rerolls. He also had a star drake. We played better part of valor, so the point ways board was huge for me. He burned an objective turn 2, giving him only 2 points, which was his downfall. I managed to get off the no running and d6 charge from the nexus off every turn on the sequitors, which basically took them out of the game. I would charge on and tag 1 guy with arkhan, kill 1 or 2 of them, take a wound and teleport away and heal. I did this 3 times, it was only chip damage, but it helped. MVP again was my catapults. When a star drake has a 3+ rerolling 1s saves and you have 8 shots a turn, you only need a few 2s,and that's what I did. Stardrake was down by turn 2 before reaching me. In turn 4, I put pressure on his objectives and burned 2 of my own for 4 points each and just charged in with my guard to tie up his whole battle line. He had to burn his objectives for 4 each or I would take them turn 5 and I held my last for the full 8 points. Major victory to the bonerboiz. Game 3 was against DoK. I am a former DoK player, so I knew exactly how to win this one and it wasn't pretty, my opponent is a friend and I hated dismantling his army like this we played places of arcane power, he had morathi, 2 hags, sq on foot, 3 units of 10 witches and 2 blocks of 15 snakes. Turn 1 he pushed forward with morathi on a flank. MVP catapults again (these are auto include for me now), did 10 damage to the sq on foot, dead general and all the hagg narr buffs. I also shot into a unit of witches killing only 2,unlucky. I changed my death riders in, killing the remaining 8 witches and losing only 2 to the 15 snakes coming at me. I planted my leige on the middle objective. Arkhan charged into another witch unit and on to the non morathi flank objective,killing the hags. I got turn 2 priority, catapult killed his last unit of witches and one of his hags no sweat, I got over confident with arkhan and tagged a unit of snakes, while staying on the objective. I lost the rest of my death riders and arkhan survived on 2 wounds. His turn 2, he put 15 snakes into my liege/shaper/mason and did 0 damage... I proceeded to kill 7 snakes, 7 more ran in battleshock as they had -1 from my endless spell. Arkhan perished. I got turn 4, sniped his last hag and split coherency with his snake unit. The game was pretty much over, i was heading to arkhans old objective with my mason and I was already ahead on points and morathi couldn't leave or he'd lose the point. Major victory. I was pretty happy, the mistakes I made were because I got over confident, but I know better now. Catapults are definitely MVP in the 6 games I've had so far. I will be taking it my shaper and endless spells and putting in the carrion and buffing my death riders to a unit of 10. I'll be attending another 1 dayer next weekend with the new list to try, but the new one is already locked in for the major, but I fully believe that this will be THE list, I can't find a weekness yet, in 6 games, only 1 loss that was a minor and was my stuff up, so I'm confident going forward.
  9. I imagine you can, it just says in your movement phase, as long as your in it, you can
  10. That mission is also played long ways. You'll have enough to block off you're board and will only have to worry about teleports
  11. No it's x number of different units, but you can heal like 3 from katakros, 3 from arkhan and 3 per Boneshaper all on the same unit, but each model can only heal a unit once
  12. Yes, that's why he and nagash are so good, in other armies, it's just summonable units, but in obr, it's everything
  13. That's correct, it's each phase, but if you are fighting something that attacks out of phase, generally in the hero phase, or I believe nighthaunt with a 10+ charge because they attack in the charge phase, then it will affect them multiple times per turn
  14. You can also put 5 on 1 unit. Any thing that has the ability to attack more than once a turn will melt
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