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  1. Thanks, it should at least be competitive then. I weren’t sure if not including a Vermin Lord would set me back as most lists go for them. I’d prefer to wait for the bell to drop one in and surprise me Yes, the AW will have MMWP. The idea with Deranged Inventor is that it’s guaranteed, so if the AW needs to recast the Endless spells, or Warp Lightning people, or the fiends can’t afford the wounds then they can still re-roll. If I get MMWP off then I can get the Doomwheel in range to take advantage of Inventor. That’s the plan anyway. Besides, no AW worth his name wouldn’t be leading his army! Im unsure on the Artefact. I was tempted by the vigourdust injector but think it could be piling too many wounds on the fiends. I’m leaning towards the Esoteric Warp Resonator so I can use more sparks for re-rolling spells and still have one a turn for shooting. I need to build and paint a lot of models before it’s a consideration though. I’m working on a slimmed down version for Meeting Engagements to start with. 40 rats, 3 fiends, bombardier as general with the wheel and cannon. Should be fun to trial
  2. Hi-hi First post here on tga. I had a small amount of rats back in WHFB and a friend has recently talked me into playing AoS. Naturally the furry ones are the first place I headed. I’ve only actually played once so far, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading up and have a good idea of what I want to do. First rule: Rule of cool is #1. It’s what drew me to Skaven originally. That means there are a couple of units that are auto-include for me in any list. The Bell and the Doomwheel. Beyond that I’m quite flexible, though I’m not really a fan of the Pestilens aesthetic and I love Skryre. I currently own the Carrion Empire box and 80 odd clanrats. I’m currently thinking of building towards the following. List: - Grey Seer on Bell - Arch-Warlock (General; Deranged Inventor) - Bombardier - 40 Clanrats - 20 Clanrats - 20 Clanrats - 6 Stormfiends (Shooting options) - Warpgrinder - Doomwheel - Warp Lightning Cannon Spells: Warp Lightning Vortex and Vermintide Plan: I’ve read that the endless spells are good, and they fit the theme. The idea would be to skitterleap the AW in range to cast them, then pop the Stormfiends and Warpgrinder up next to him. Deranged inventor and sparks will kick out a ton of damage while the vermintide and Warpgrinder screen them a little. The Doomwheel can support and take advantage of the sparks. The Clanrats move up to take the objectives supported by the bell and the WLC plinks away at the characters. Thats the basic idea anyway. Not had chance to test it yet, but looking forward to giving it a go.
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