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  1. Last unit for 2k in Tzeentch, trying to do a little bit of free hand on each shield
  2. Hello! Seems this has turned into more of a yearly updated thread than i had hoped... i finished the gloomspite to 2k points and am okay with the result, I managed to paint up a Tzeentch Guild of Summoners army to aroximately 2k pts since. Ill post that progress below. I am quite new to painting miniatures, so any feedback is encouraged.
  3. IsakA


  4. Hello everyone! I quit whfb in 6th edition and havent touched a miniature in 10 years, but now im back with AoS, and im thrilled! Back then i used to hang around at Herdstone and had a lot of fun doing an army progress thread back then. I am currently putting together a trogg heavy army and just finished the boss, tips and tricks are encouraged, here goes
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