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  1. As it stands, you're about as well stocked as you could be. I certainly don't think there's anything you need more of; however, if you want to buy more just to totally round it out, I'd recommend more Spites, another magnetized treelord/TLA, and more Kurnoths with swords and/or bows. Spites are, from everything I've seen, super efficient and fairly effective with this new tome. You can't go wrong getting as many boxes of them as you can afford. But unless you want to give GW more money, you're set.
  2. If you're not down to magnetize it, then I'd recommend another TLA. It would likely offer the most utility, as well as let you take LotC if you're running a Gnarlroot grove. The vanilla TL is worth a look though, as it's 50% cheaper and offers a decent source of damage, wounds, and distraction. The Durthu is, I think, the least helpful option, but I'm also not the most experienced player, so it's worth it to get more opinions. Also, does anyone have a dryad-heavy or Drycha list that works? I'd like to field 70 just to be able to, and it is only 640 points, but it seems unreliable.
  3. Thank you for the advice. I may pick up some more kurnoths and magnetize them, and maybe try a game playing my bows as scythes to try them. What list do you use? I'd love to see more examples that work with this new battletome. I feel like a Winterleaf list with Drycha, spite-revs and a few units of dryads could be quite deadly, or a Gnarlroot with all the wizards I have.
  4. You're probably right with the bows. I didn't know about magnetizing until recently, so none of my kurnoth's are. However, I don't think they would mind if I played one of the bows as swords. I feel like the swords are better than the scythes; while you get the extra range and rend, the bonus attack from the swords and the ability to deal an extra mortal wound on a 6 seems quite strong. As for battalions, the main reason I'm getting it is for the artifact and point. I have yet to see any value out of my tree-revs. I rarely am able to hold an objective with them for more than a
  5. Thanks for the link @Emissary. Looks like my wallet is gonna take a hit again. The main list I've tried is this: Harvestboon Glade Durthu - General w/ Silent Sickle (320) TLA - Regrowth (300) Archrev - Treesong (100) Branchwraith - Vesperal Gem, Verduous (80) Branchwraith - Throne of Vines (80) 3 units of 3 Kurnoth Hunters - 2 w/ bows, 1 w/ swords (600) Unit of 5 tree-revs (80) Unit of 5 spite-revs (60) 30 Dryads (270) Free Spirits Battalion - for extra artifact and command point (120) Total - 2010 I want to work in Drycha,
  6. Where'd you get this from? The only info I've found on the new release is from community, and I haven't seen anything yet. Not that I think you're wrong; it sounds like what GW would do. Any links?
  7. Hey all, new player here. I just got into the hobby 2 months ago, and have built a decent size Sylvaneth army so far. I love the models and lore, but I've been really struggling with them against my friends on the tabletop. We're all new, so we may be getting rules wrong, but I always feel disadvantaged compared their armies. They play Nurgle, Nighthaunt, and Stormcast. Nurgle especially hurts me, but I almost always struggle after turn 2 or so. Any advice on countering Nurgle, or building a competitive list in general? I've been using the new rules/glades, and have my my own cheapo awakened
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