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  1. Ahhh cool. New to AoS after last playing in 8th Ed, and right now I've got a Desolating Beastherd brewed up that only requires a lot of base swapping in order to play...I'll stay tuned and hopefully some others with more experience chime in as well on this subject. For my part, my list all fits within the Desolating Beastherd battalion....so I wonder if continuing to have 1 deployment drop will make up for getting to use the battalion ability less frequently.
  2. What is it about the changes that makes Desolating Beastherd so much less viable?
  3. Hey folks, I'm a 'returning'/new player who hasn't been in the game since the World That Was....back in 8th Edition. I have a pretty big collection of beasts but would like to play more towards what I have fully painted, which are hordes of ungors. Looking for ways to make the most of the Darkwalkers ability. Comments and criticism welcome....I can add more or less of pretty much anything. I am hoping to keep things tight with everything included in 1 Battalion.
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