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  1. My apologies , definitely an oversight, well, I played against a tzeentch daemon player today and got my magic suppressed hard with fate dice + lord of change unbinds. 0 successful spells all game which made 250 pt + of my army obsolete and took away the whole point of the spirit stave + throne of vines combo. Brutal. Inability to cast or place a second wood hurt alot , did well to snag a couple of early points but lack of bodies lost me objectives turns 3-5. I found myself sorely missing an acorn or a communion for the essential second woods. Durthu did his job and killed 9 enlightened on disk, the Lord of change , blue scribes as well some pink horrors but by then i was too far behind in objectives and he was just 1 Durthu. I can definitely see the uses of frozen kernel on the 6 scythes. As the extra pile in after killing his blue horror screen would have killed his big bird + gaunt summoner. Overall, while cool the harvestboon list I used feels too invested in Durthu, poor objective grabbing, and over reliance on spell combos, that as shown in the game with reliable debuffs , absolutely threw a wrench in my plans. I think I'm going to try winterleaf, drop Durthu. Get TLA for the auto wyldwoods + Vesperal gem with verdant harmony to bring back the scythe /sword hunters. Getting unbound in key moments was devastating. Forest folk because of bodies and tarpit. Drycha as she's more versatile than Durthu with her ranges options + spells. I'm still considering including the branchwraith with throne of vines as her combo is still viable just a little slower without spirit song stave, considering more bodies with forest folk I feel I can give up first turn summoning for throne set up. Definitely a learning experience
  2. List I've been thinking about for a local 2000 pt tourney. I like the harvestboon retreating Durthu gimmick enough to give it a whirl. Harvestboon Household-100 Outcasts-100 Spirit of Durthu -340 -Ghyrstrike -General: Seek new fruit Branchwraith-80 -Spiritsong Stave -Throne of vines Branchwraith-80 -Verdous harmony Branchwych-80 -Regrowth Arch revenant -100 -Silent sickle Battleline Spite revenants X5 -60 Spite revenants X5 -60 Spite revenants X5 -60 Tree revenants x5-80 Treelord -200 Kurnoth hunters scythes x6 -400 Kurnoth hunters swords X3 -200 Endless spells Spiteswarm hive -50 1990 pts Standard GHB missions I'm wondering if the reliable summoning will make up for lack of bodies. Main punch is from Durthu and 6 scythes. Sword hunters roam and support summoned dryads. The spites are there for battalion and will mostly stay put on objectives. Treelord can potentially offer double stomp with Durthu or just single stomp. Branchwraith with stave in conjunction with throne of vines is the source of either a reliable spite swarm hive, dryad summon, or wyldwoods summon. Branchwych and second BW sticks with Durthu and hunters to heal and harmony, summon if main dryad is overworked, or into new woods. Tree revenants are last minute ob takers / road blocks. Thoughts?
  3. Played a couple of 2000 pt games with 2 lists almost all against a K.O friend. One featuring a spell heavy recursion style gnarlroot and one featuring a heavy free spirits tilt with harvestboon , below: Harvest boon Free spirits-140 Outcasts-100 Leaders Spirit of Durthu-340 General Command trait- Seek new fruit Artifact: Greenwood gladius Arch Revenant-100 Artifact: The silent sickle Branchwraith -80 Vesperal Gem Verduos Harmony Branchwraith-80 Regrowth Battleline Spite revenants x 5 - 60 Spite revenants x 5 - 60 Spite revenants x 5 - 60 Tree revenants x 5 -80 Kurnoth hunters scythes x 6 -400 Kurnoth hunters bows X3 -200 Kurnoth hunters swordsx 3 -200 Endless spells - spiteswarm hive - 50 1950/2000 4 CP List is geared around durthu coming in and removing hard targets with 7 swings on the charge , leaving combat before getting hit. Getting a wyldwood summon 2-3" away from an enemy unit is key to get the sword buff and a safe place to move 6" into after swinging. Against K.O this was devastating after durthu moved and charged huge distances under the spiteswarm hive , killed everything with flying and ran back into the wyldwoods. Spites are just there for objectives , so are the summoned dryads. The 6 scythe hunters with tree revenant is the other threat with recursion from Vesperal and double command buff for +2 attacks on each scythe. Not quite winterleaf but its usually already overkill. Weaknesses were unreliable spells and lack of bodies,but the heavy kurnoth hunter presence provided the HP, durthu is very killy and extremely slippery with stomp and seek new fruit. With good woods placements he should not be getting shot after he swings and can fall back into screening units. Not the strongest list on paper , but effective if not extremely fun in objective play
  4. seek new fruit made charging against a durthu a 50/50 gamble that he will stomp you, unload attacks and skip away before you get to strike back. In gnarlroot , Vesperal gem on a TLA with nurtured by magic and verduos harmony, + branchwraith with chalice of nectars and regrowth gave the kurnoths a lot of recursion. Vesperal gem almost never backfired and the 1 damage is worth the d3 + kurnoth hunter back. Not as much magic as old gnarlroot, but the quality of the casts are much much better
  5. Thanks for the clarification guys. Between terrain placement + objective spread on the board it was difficult to place woods in good spots for board control/ mobility. Free spirits helped with that , purely by allowing a little more mobility without need of woods. Durthu with Greenwood gladius + seek new fruit was a blast to play , generally charging in, stomping then chopping guys up and slinking back into a group of dryads or woods after striking.
  6. Been playing with the free spirits battalion in harvestboon . I've been trying to untangle the wording on Swift vengeance.. do I add 6 to my movement instead of running? Or is it just having 6" on a run movement. Confused as it says "do not make a run roll...instead add 6" to the movement of that unit..." Do my hunters count as having made a run? Or did he just advance, thus enabling a charge after If he gets an extra 6" move rather than run its insane with the repositioning potential of durthu with Swift vengeance and seek new fruit, dancing around cutting down everything
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