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  1. So the new Seraphon terrain piece impacts our terrain too. Might have to either use a beefier hero for sacrifices or maybe take 20 ungor instead of 10 to generate those points. Also has anyone converted chariots from the chaos chariot kit? Tempted to do it but not sure if simple head swaps and maybe chucking a gor on the back would look good or if you need to mix our chariot kit with it.
  2. My issue with big units is always that it helps your opponent focus fire and also gives them the most bang for their buck for mortal wounds abilities. I feel like turn 1 those Bestigors are going to get shredded by their entire army and then the rest of the force can be cleaned up fairly easily. I could be wrong and I honestly don't know how well Tzeentch changes the effectiveness of our units. I also personally think taking a gaunt summoner is a must in a tzeentch list as getting those free pink horrors is just too good to pass up and can really cause your opponent havoc. Can you fit any Enlightened on disc in the list? I think a 6-9 man blob + 30 Bestigors is a disgusting set of hammers and we can fill the rest of the army with chaff to fill the anvil role nicely. I agree on the DO, they are really disappointing for their points
  3. A cool beasts tzeentch army created by a very good Australian player. Also shout out to the Doom and Darkness youtube channel as he loves beasts and has some great battle reports up. I quite like the army but I think I would look to include some gaunt summoners to bring in some horrors easily. Quite a strong list regardless.
  4. I don't think we need to go 1 drop just to match Tzeentch. The changehost list got a pretty big nerf in terms of their alpha strike (basically can't screen the flamers now). I think with good placement of Ungors and their pre-game move we can easily screen out the flamers so they can't reach our critical heroes or units (and even then with MSU and summoning we can afford to lose a unit or two and summon back). In my meta (Australia) I am finding either you go 1 drop or you shift up to 4 or 5 and if not you are a "I don't care" and go 6+ drops. With that in mind I think if the situation calls for it we can comfortably sit at 2-3 drops and still be fine.
  5. 3 drop still beats out a good chunk of lists. I can only think of a handful of 1 drop armies around atm (that are decent) and most lists I see that are low drop start at 3 or 4 depending on the faction. I am also interested to see if he is worth taking in regards to increasing the drops. I suspect most people are running him as a new toy to see how things go and we will see if he stays in lists in the long run or starts to drop off.
  6. I want to run a variant of it with 6 bullgor and 30 bestigor instead of 50. Taking the sphynx as well and dropping 1 of the big blobs of raiders and 1 of the shamans. How have you found the list? It looks to be probably our most competitive mono beasts list.
  7. This list went 4-1 at a tournament over the weekend in Australia. His only loss was on the top table at the very end so I think he ended up 6th overall. I really like the list and I will see if I can dig up the post tournament write up/podcast for the details when it comes out.
  8. The herdstone idea sounds fine, I think earlier in the thread someone mentioned roughly the "base size" of a herdstone so if it fits that then go wild. I think you definitely want to aim for more low end summoning as a rule. Definitely doesn't hurt to have a cockatrice or jabber up your sleeve but most likely you won't need it in many games.
  9. It would be different sprues. They do everything in CAD these days so converting it to a pose able sprue (bigger sprue) wouldn't be too difficult. It is more the fact that they would need to recall all the old warrior boxes, print new boxes (with the art on them), make enough sprues to get the product out to all the stores for an initial wave and then have enough in production to keep up with demand. All the while competing with factory time for fresh kits for other factions (plus 40k)
  10. I was sure they would have pumped out the kits for this everchosen book but I still have no doubt that somewhere they are boxing up the new warriors into pose able kits and to sell individually. They just released all those old limited to a box characters so I would hold out hope for the warriors just don't expect it in the short term.
  11. I would strongly consider combining 2 of the Axe Bullgors and 2 of the shield Bullgor units into a single 6x unit. More frontage and a better target for buffs and it opens up 2 slots in the battalion for you to split the Gors into 10 man blocks. I think with 3x10 Gor units you can now screen the bulls much better and gives you more flexibility to reach around the board. I have personally never rated the Direflock but can't really see where you could use the 30 points. You only have 1 spellcaster in your army so I think taking 2 endless spells is a bit too many points sunk into there. I would try and grab a second shaman (maybe the new warcry one?) or drop one or both of the spells. Most armies you come across are probably going to be able to completely shut down your magic without much effort. Do you have ungors to summon onto the board? I think your summoning pool needs to be lots of cheap big units to cover objectives.
  12. Can't really go wrong with 2x6 Enlightened on discs as your hammers and then toss in a bunch of cheap chaff to hold objectives. Basically the enlightened and then spam ungors to screen. You need a shaman on disc to buff the Enlightened to get the most out of them and I would almost always aim to take at least 1 bray shaman to buff your other units and sit near the herdstone.
  13. I would look more towards whatever they call dwarves these days. Firedrakes could be Fireglaives and Ironbreakers could be Ironsworn, you would need to tweak the beards (maybe with greenstuff) to get the babylonian look and maybe add some chaos bits to make them seem more sinister. I think just a copper and red paint scheme will go a long way to making them look like chaos dwarves. I would also strongly consider looking at the Mantic abyssal dwarf line as it is basically a complete recreation of the 8th ed chaos dwarf army but with less impressive models.
  14. I honestly think you could give almost everything in the army at least +1 to hit and it would still be fairly balanced. Treat them as an elite dwarf army where the trade off is slow movement and average bravery.
  15. Completely fair point about the marauders they're hideous. They will absolutely be doing a possible kit of the warriors and knights, probably in a few months time. As for other kits we don't really know much except for things roughly a month or two away.
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