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  1. Thank you very much, that means a lot. I learned tons about painting during this. When I eventually make the screaming bell, I will paint as I assemble. For now I have a Plagueclaw to paint. I’ll post pics of that when its done.
  2. So I just got into AoS a few weeks ago. I chose Skaven as my army so I got the Pestilins box. Its taken me a few weeks to get my models assembled but I finished with my last model the other night. So two days ago I started painting my Plague Furnace. Why I chose it as my first attempt at painting, I dunno but I put about 10 hours at least in it. I won’t lie, it has flaws. I assembled it before painting and I have large hands but I did my best. It was lots of fun, can’t wait to do the rest of them. With my army I decided to not use the typical green for my warpstones.
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