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  1. Keep in mind, that you have to use Deathly Invocation at the start of your hero phase though, so before you cast spells. But hell yes, its indeed pretty good!
  2. Yes, of course, its pretty good, but still: Is it worth 300 Points for a spell, which has to be cast successfully and can be unbound? I doubt it.. Just played against Kroak again yesterday, who had +3 unbinding and 4 global unbinds...
  3. The thing is, he is not worth the 300 points anway, isnt he?
  4. Alright, here's a tentative "GHB-2020-compliant" LoB list leveraging the points drops we have been discussing. I used to run a similar list with another Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (VLoZD) instead of Prince Vhordrai, but given than we might have lost the Etheral Amulet I think Vhordrai could be a better choice. The trick with this list is the very tough General who is taking advantage of the Dolorous Guard battalion (allied from Nighthaunts). It takes a lot of effort to take him down - and because of that, your Dire Wolves - will - keep coming back throughout the game (if you have the CPs, which are a problem. You start with 2 [because of the battalion] but you really want to use the VLoZD command ability anytime you can on himself/Vhordrai). Now while your opponent either wastes timeon the close-to-unkillable VLoZD (lethal mistake) or decides to stay clear of him (wiser) you have Vhordrai with Amethystine Pinions, who is another serious threat. If that was not enough, here they come two units of five Blood Knights. This list wasn't possible before the points drops (had to take a sub-optimale Tomb Banshee instead of the Vampire Lord) and it looks quite ok to me. Not many bodies on the board (hey, we are elitistic Vampires, right?) but you have the damage in three / four different places to bring most of your opponent's units down. If you fear tough hordes, group the two units of Blood Knights into a single unit of 10 and buff them - almost nothing can stand in their way. If double buffed (VLoZD and VL command abilities at the same time) 10 Blood Knights on the charge means 60.44 (rend -1) + 15 (no rend) = 75.44 damage; against a 3+ save (that's right...) 30.22 +5 = 35.22 damage. That sounds pretty great, but I doubt that you make much use of Endless Legions, because you just dont have the CPs to do that. So I really like this idea, but it would be so great if you had the points left to buy that CP for 50 points. In addition to that: Do you think the Sword is better on the VLOZD?
  5. Legion of Blood (LoB) and Soulblight (SB) are very different factions despite the fact you can run very similar lists as both. This is how I see them / play them: - LoB has Endless Legions, but it's in weird spot in that sense as you desperately want to bring in as many Blood Knights as you can - but these are not summonable, so Endless Legions is useless for them. You could go Grimghast Reapers (which I adore) AND Blood Knights in the same list, which works - but you have to compromise in terms of numbers and support heroes. My current LoB strategy is to invest in Dire Wolves (such an amazing unit...) to leverage Endless Legions (and Deathly Invocations and so on...) AND Blood Knights to make the most of the +1 LoB attack. You can build tough LoB lists based on Endless Legions, but Legion of Sacrament is just better in that sense. LoB is excellent for balanced lists featuring both resilient components (Endless Legions) and punchy units (VLoZD and Blood Knights). The changes re: the artefacts will have an impact on the VLoZD vs Vhordrai debate. I won't go into that yet - let's wait to be 100% sure about the artefacts. - SB can do two things really well: (1.) Be insanely fast/mobile. Swift Death is nuts (flying Blood Knights with a minimum, guaranteed threat range of 18 is bonkers) and we do have access to Amethystine Pinions, Chronomantic Cogs and the Mist Form Command Trait (also bonkers). (2.) Hit like a truck. However, that's not really true / useful in the current meta. Lots of things hit harder or just don't die. Which leaves Soulblight with a very clear issue: survivability. Without Endless Legions, Deathly Invocation and Vile Transference alone are simply not enough. Vargheists are not summonable either and they die like flies. You can also build a +2 to cast list with the Necromantic blood line and an allied Corpse Cart, but the reality is that in the times of Tzeench / Seraphons / Lumineth that's not the best way forward. The way I see it, I think it's fair to say that LoB is more viable, from a competitive standpoint, at this point in time, as what SB does well doesn't have a great impact in most games. However, SB allows me to take all my big monsters, my Blood Knights and my Vargheists and even ally the Mourngul (oh yeah) - as @warhammernerd righteously pointed out, the rule of cool is crystal clear in this case... I do agree re: both Neferata and Mannfred. Vhordrai, though, is sufficiently scary as it is, let's be honest. At full health and fully buffed (his own spell + the Coven Throne command ability + the Vampire Lord command ability) the guy is downright INSANE already... do I want him to have +1 attack in LoB? Of course I do. Would that be in line with the fluff? Oh yes. Would it be sensible rules-wise? I say, probably not... to be fair, I am quite surprised they brought it down in points. 6 mortal wounds flat on a 3+ (potentially a 2+) at full health, folks - flat. Shordemaire, for the win! Those are very interesting explanations, thanks! I am curious what you say about VLOZD vs Vhordrai later on. What would your LoB list look like then? If you say you count on dire wolves and blood knights? Would be interested to see it. btw: does the Saccharine Goblet work on the mount as well? I guess no?
  6. I am not sure yet, propably LoB is still better, but I dont really care, Soulblight is the cooler version. And you can have an all Flying Force, which is fun as well. What do you mean by Vhordrai getting some juice by taking him in Soulblight over LoB?
  7. Really interesting, so you are not taking VLOZD and not taking Vhordrai? Is Neffy AND Manny worth it? dont you lack CPs for that? What do you think about the Corpse Cart? I always felt that its worth a lot giving +1 to cast and kinda good with dire wolves as well.
  8. Hey guys! I am new to Nighthaunt. I know that they are not terribly competitive right now, but I like the models and want to build at least a 2000p army. I have a list in mind and would be great if you could comment on my points. Here a few thoughts that explain the list a little bit. So my most favourite unit are the Blagegheist Revenants, so I thought a good starting point is the Shroudguard battalion, relatively cheap and lowers the drops. I am not sure if its good playwise to have two units of 20 of them or if units of 10 are just better (if yes, I could go for double Shroudguard battalion?!). I wasnt sure if I go for a Knight Of Shroud on foot or on steed? But went for the one on steed. Then I love the Kurdoss model, so I put him in. A Spirit Torment is mandatory is mandatory in a Nighthaunt army as well as a Gurdian of Souls? so I put them in. Then I had to fill my battleline and I wanted a little bit of a center piece, so I took a Mourngul and as many Chainrasps as possible, unfortunately I dont have enough for a full unit of 40, which is a bit of a waste because of the discount. So I ended up with 30 10 10 , I could also go for 20 20 10 (not sure what is better). Midnight Tome as a good artefact for the GoS, Pendant for more movement when my bladegheists are retreating and charging again. Not sure about the command trait though, nothing is really that good for me here I think?! I am that sure if the Mourngul is really worth his points, so I could instead also go for 10 more chainrasps to fill up to 40, buy a command point (maybe Aetherquartz Brooch then?) and Lady Olynder, because she is really good for 200p, right? Would be 2000p. Also the question if Kurdoss' 180 points are just too much for what he does? But I really like the model!
  9. I'll test everything out, you gonna see it live soon, I'll promise. But gonna go with Archaon again on the weekend, since I dont have enough new models painted up just yet. See you on saturday! Looking forward to it!
  10. Yeah you are right, but I am not sure yet.. I feel like all the Legions dont do that much for me. Maybe I will take the Mantle for D3 command points. Then I need to go Despoilers. Its also nice to have the 18'' aura for my General though. Kinda want to have the DP to be Khorne for his CA, so he cant be the general in my case. But will definitely try Ravagers as well.
  11. I dont have everything painted up yet, but something like this: Definitely room for improvement though. Chaos Warriors are my favourite unit, although I think it would be better to just have more Marauders. Not sure though, need more testing when I finished the marauder models. I also think Furies are underrated as well, but I cant them them in this list unfortunately. Everything is just really expensive in points.
  12. I love to run Chosen, I think they are incredibly underrated and I put Oracular Visions on them almost all the time. The other one can go on my Karkadrak or sth else. So a second one can come in handy.
  13. Since I read this a couple of times now in this thread: You cant give Oracular Visions to a Daemon Prince since he lacks the Keyword Mortal. Same with the Tzeentch Warshrine Prayer. Only for Mortals. Would be great, but GW says no.
  14. Thats exactly what I had in mind. As Soulblight. VLOZD Vhordrei Mannfred 10 Bloodknights (or 2x5 Bloodknights) 2x3 Vargheists The big problem is, that if you play it like this, you dont have points for the additional CP left. Its exactly 2000p. Thats why my plan was this one: VLOZD Vhordrei Mannfred 5 Bloodknights 2x3 Vargheists 10 Chainrasps (allies) 70p left for endless spells: maybe Prismatic Palisade Quicksilver Swords But of course it would be great to have 10 Bloodknights, although I think they are better in LoB because of their bonus attacks. Also not sure if I go for Swift Death or Necromantic for safer casting.
  15. Hey guys, I want to play a list with the three big guys here. Not too sure how I should finish the list. I definitely want the additional CP. So I have 300p left to play with. I have three more Vargheists and another five Blood Knights available. I am also thinking about adding a bat swarm or some allied dire wolves to be fast and grab objectives. What do you think? Endless spells would be a possibility as well of course. PS: I will go for Swift Death I think, cause its so fun to have lots of movement
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