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  1. By the way I'm glad that Libs stay at 5 minimum and all the others as well. I have odd numbers of most units. I only got 5 Libs with swords. I wouldn't have been able to play them if they really updated minimum to box size
  2. Oh well... Two devices in the queue at 9:50, both over one hour... Ordered in two German shops. No idea how many they'll have. Waylands site crashed hard, so at first I had 6 copies (as if I wanted that...) in my basket and then none and preorder over what a mess
  3. CRAZY MUSHROOMS V 2.0, via @Kickstarter If someones 3D printing and needs a Giant, a few big Spiders or now new also night Goblins. You can also get squigs that were part of the first Kickstarter. They haven't been available elsewhere yet, so might be until the next Kickstarter until they will be again. With squig herds becoming potentially better a few prints of those might be nice
  4. I'm not sure on this whole issue. If it doesn't stack I'm not too phased since yndrasta is very fast and I don't have to keep up then. But the thing that it's not called one... Neither are all of the old abilities. And strangely enough the only warscroll updates are endless spells. Ward saves are defined as abilities that negate wounds after giving them to a model. They probably did this because of the older warscrolls of other stuff. On the one hand I guess if this is a new rule that came out afterwards it would be called a ward if it is but on the other hand raw I think it is one
  5. Can my opponent only ever hit me with -1 rend then? So the new stormcast at 3+ and my opponent has rend 2, he can only modify my save by one? Why would I want a -2 rend then anyways? I wouldn't give my unit +1 if I know a -2 attack is coming. Wouldn't do much good...
  6. Say, wasn't there something about the store kicking you out after 10 minutes? Or do I just imagine things? In that case 9:50 would be better than 9:30 or something for getting a box...
  7. Really? Wow. Now I'll have to discuss this with all my German friends. Better buy the English rules or noone will believe me
  8. It says they use grenades stolen from duardin. No further specification.
  9. Ist it only me or is the vexillor worded really awkwardly. I mean they could have just said "you have up to 3 d3 you can distribute between any 3 units in 12". Then heal up to d3 wounds per dice given to a unit." Something like that. It goes into detail that you can choose up to 3 units that can get one or give 1 unit two and one 1 or give one unit 3 and always tells you how many dice to roll in what case
  10. Praetors and Annihilators have exactly the same melee stats. Like the Praetors more though. Can't really imagine bigger units of them. 3 per Hero you want to protect and that's it probably. I really like their design though. Ok one other thing. People always go on about unit minimums being the same as boxes. I don't really think they'll sell those elites as boxes of 3, will they? All I can imagine is as push fit but in that case they'd really lack building options. I really like the design of the Praetors at least but having them twice would look a bit strange as heroic as they ar
  11. Ah, didn't see that rule anywhere yet but that's a shame. Oh well. Wouldn't really want other armies to have that either. I don't get why they changed it then.
  12. WAIT! "Zu Beginn deiner Bewegungsphase" - we shock down at the beginning of the movement phase and I don't see anything saying you can't move afterwards. That'd be huge! Well it seems that the -1 to hit was replaced by the mortal wounds but if I get to move after coming down that's just nice. Never failing charges again...
  13. I'm really wondering about the other new battleplans. When the rumors about having units at a minimum size depending on the boxes they come in are true, I think Stormcast might have a little problem: all the units that were cheap so far would be more expensive by double, which means even less units on the board which means controlling objectives becomes harder - it'd be interesting to see how holding objectives now works. Of course it would make it even harder to fill out batallions compared to let's just say Gitz.
  14. It doesn't - you can do this only in the movement phase (ok check) and only after an enemy finishes a normal move, run or retreat within 9" of you - so you can't run away from sigmars justice! And I just realized that might be my best chance to get in any charges now But also to get the most out of their ability (and to get charges) you probably land your guys within range of more than one unit. Even if the enemy could run away the opponent still would have to expend 1 command point per unit he wants to do that with, so if you position your units smartly (with normal moves of course ) an
  15. @Feii nah, redeploy is only possible in the opponents turn. Still though. It's basically (ok very simplified) bringing your charge down by D6, isn't it. Yes their D6 is not your D6 and you can be lucky or unlucky but most of the time you're charging 2D6 and they can evade 1D6 first. I don't like it, but it's not like you're in the same position afterwards. The enemy will be D6 inches further back. Take that as a good thing or not, but if a unit is defending an objective for example they might not want to back down. Also after playing against Kharadrons with two ships at 1000
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