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  1. Hi! I have a question to ask about spell casting, it is something I've been thinking about since I'm painting a Thricef. Bef. list. I want to know if is it allowed to ( roll dices) try to cast the same spell more than once. I mean, if you fail the casting value of the spell with a mage or it is dispelled, can you try to cast it with another mage? I think the answer is no, but its seems to me way too restrictive. Thank you in advance!
  2. Allow me a stupid question. What's the difference between 6+ and unmodified 6? Why is it better?
  3. Well, "as competitive as I can"... . First of all, for being a little bit competitive, I have to learn a lot about the game. But I would like to play a decent Nurgle list. Thank you!
  4. Hello everyone! I'm a new as player and I've decided to play a Nurgle list as my second army and probably reroll at the future. The thing is that I'm a little bit lost about what to buy and play. I've done some research, reading this forum for a while, and I've seen 2 lists that I like the most: First one, is the Thricefold Befoulment list with 2 GUO and Rotigus, some plague bearers and some PBK. The other one might be a Glotkin (I love the model) list with 40 marauders, a Mortal's list. At the moment, I own 30 plague bearers, 10 PBK, 6 plague drones, a Lord of Plagues and a Poxbringer. But I don't really care if I end up using these units or not, I would like to go as competitive as I can. Thank you in advance for the answers and for all the knowledge shared here, it's been very helpful for someone new as me.
  5. Hello guys! I might need some advice here. I'm thinking about playing an Anvils typical list (9Ls, EV, x2INC...) in a local tournament. The thing is that there's another stormcast player who runs 4BAL + Ordinator list and I think I might have trouble with him. How should I face this match? Should I wait till he drop his listas to drop my LS or should I try something else? Thank you!
  6. I've didn't even considered Astral Templars a choice. Thanks I will think about it.
  7. Hi, I might need some help here. I have a 1500p event next week, my first one. And I want to know your thoughts about this list. Anvils of heldenhammerLord-Ordinator (140)Knight-Incantor (140)- General15 x Liberators (300)- Warhammers10 x Evocators (440)Celestar Ballista (110)Celestar Ballista (110)Celestar Ballista (110)Celestar Ballista (110)Quicksilver Swords (30)Total: 1490 / 1500Wounds: 98 I dont know if anvils ability is worth with this list, or if i should just go for x9 raptors Anvils one.
  8. Hey! Although I'm a beginner, I remember a post where someone did the maths, and grandstaffs were the better choice. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Hey, can you tell me how would you extrapolate this list to a 1,5k one. I lack a lot of experience to know which units are better to drop. Thanks!
  10. Very interested in the feedback about this, I'm in a similar situation. And I'm thinking about going with a similar list as this one or try out some sacrosant or ballistas one.
  11. Hello folks, I might need some help here. I’m going to participate in a local tournament in a few weeks. It’s my first one, and I’m a bit lost. Thanks to this forum I’m able to think about some lists, but still, I have some doubts and I’m sure my lists can be HARDLY improved. Its a 1500p event and I’m thinking about 2 different approaches: first one, it’s an anvil list and the other one, a melee hammers of Sigmar one. I would like to know which one you think is more competitive (I think anvils but I really don't know) and if I should make some changes: anvils of heldenhammer Knight-Incantor 140 Lord-Relictor 100 Knight-Azyros 100 Liberators x5 100 Liberators x5 100 Evocators x10 440 Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows x6 340 Aetherwings x6 50 Geminids of Uhl-Gysh 60 Total= 1480 My main concerns with this one are that I don't know if my hero pics are right, and more importantly, I don't know if I should drop a unit of Evos and take x9 Raptors. Hammers of sigmar Lord-Arcanum 160 Knight-Incantor 140 Lord-Relictor 100 Evocators x10 440 Sequitors x10 260 Liberators x5 100 Celestar Ballista 110 Celestar Ballista 110 Geminids of Uhl-Gysh 60 Total= 1480 or Knight-Incantor 140 Lord-Ordinator 140 Lord-Relictor 100 Evocators x10 440 Liberators x5 100 Liberators x5 100 Liberators x5 100 Celestar Ballista 110 Celestar Ballista 110 Celestar Ballista 110 Quicksilver Swords 30 Total= 1480 I have more trouble with this one, first of all, I don't know if a castellant is a must with this kind of list. As you can see, I have some doubts about using or not sequitors, or going x3 balistas + ordinator. Well, that's all. Apologize me for my bad English and thank you in advance!
  12. Interesting. Could you please share with us the list u were using?
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