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  1. Eldar players I'm so sorry https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/11/24/when-is-a-dragon-not-a-dragon-more-often-than-youd-think/
  2. I'm at this point, but mainly because they increased battletome prices *again* and we've payed a premium price for what's ostensibly become an outdated tome (not to mention typos) like 3 month after release! My choice will depend on how good pre-order discounts are compared to general release; I've noticed some LGS only offering discounts on pre-orders, and ebay retailers having a bigger % discount on pre-orders. 100% agree with this and "first book disease" which, to some of us, is exactly why it feels like GW caves to anti-SCE sentiment. There's extremely clear precedent for Stormcast books naturally declining in power over the course of an edition. Yes the dragon warscrolls were... a LOT, especially compared to what was internally lost on other Stormcast scrolls. But if this happens in future books (and I'm sure it will), those ALSO need to get as many nerfs as SDG are getting before release. I've been slowly getting myself to look at SW Legion so I'm not stuck being mad at GW. However even this backfired after I found out that "wow Legion rules are free, updated/tweaked regularly, AND there's a forum where devs reply within 24-48 hours??" The difference is so staggering I really hope GW starts realizing they need to make changes to how they create their rulesets, instead of relying on their market presence.
  3. why print two books for them then? That is a ton of extra logistics for an army they're not sure about. Or does BR Teclis count as the 'second' battletome?
  4. It'll be good if they use that opportunity to touch up bad Stormcast warscrolls and not just nerfing a new unit in a book we just bought
  5. I was always going to buy them for the Cool Factor, but this is a bit weird. Any mention of scroll updates to our awful heroes??
  6. Anyone else notice GW literally copyrighted Dragon Week? I am really hoping this "holiday" is going to be used more than once if they're going this far. Would love to see new actual dragons for more than Stormcast. If they're going to do more ~dragon themed~ units they should show off new Fire Dragons for Eldar 😔
  7. Man the OBR, Hedonites, and Lumineth boxes all look great!! But I'm at my hobby budget limit, so a 2nd army isn't in the cards. Really solid boxes for people who can buy in though.
  8. This is a great question and I've been wondering if Loremasters will do this. They've done Teclis and Be'Lakor that I've noticed from AOS. Both of which had Broken Realms books months before their episode. So, possibly? Sure. Will it? Guess we'll find out when Loremasters goes back to AOS again.
  9. Always interesting seeing the AOS metawatches https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/11/16/metawatch-orruk-warclans-and-stormcast-eternals-ride-their-new-battletomes-up-the-rankings/
  10. It does make me nervous about AOS, I've said multiple times it doesn't feel like GW is fully committing to AOS. Main studio getting TOW, with no indication that GW expanded its main studio with new workers, would be an actual confirmation of that fear. Case in point- something else from AOS that disappeared with zero explanation from GW. edit: discontinuing something as small as the Herald isn't the issue, it's removing everything to do with the Herald that is more concerning IMO.
  11. True! But I'm counting 13 different 40k bundles, and only 2 of them (Traitor & Alien and Inferno) indicate that there'll be xenos fiction in them.
  12. it's cool we can get a bunch of AOS fiction bundled together, and audiobooks at that!!! but wow is most of this 40k and none of it is Xenos... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/11/10/more-warhammer-than-you-can-shake-a-chainsword-at-in-these-huge-black-library-bundles/
  13. Sorry that was a vague comment, I agree with you and it seems like sales numbers do too
  14. I've had the idea of mixing in the old units together (all spears, all handweapons, all bows, etc) but the stat disparity would make picking what the unit represents harder, as well as opponents possibly not vibing with it I do think if you painted all the Empire, high elf, and dwarf units similarly they could fit together as a mixed unit.
  15. Shadowstalkers sold well enough that they were out of stock in the US for a bit
  16. This is actually a great point, would it be that much more effort to make a PC version that we can install off the Windows/Apple store? Because limiting the digital content to Rules Only and further limiting that to mobile only apps is a huge missed opportunity. re: where to go for free rules, wahapedia is what came to mind first for me. Which isn't piracy but again, having to rely on 3rd party content because the 1st party decided to make its content less accessible is not good.
  17. I'm sorry but this thread is full of people telling you we did exactly that--going through warscrolls on the webstore before buying anything, or showing new people the game and using these scrolls *for a demo* "I don't want to pay for rules" is a bad faith reading of people saying "I would like to double check my opponents warscrolls without buying every single book." GW made an improvement in rules delivery via webstore warscrolls, which they now got rid of in lieu for the apps. They had an improvement and they removed it with zero explanation. This is a net-negative, because again, this thread is full of people saying the accessibility of these warscrolls has driven not only interest but sales for their groups.
  18. I have the same experience as a lot of folks here wrt window-shopping warscrolls before settling on my army (Stormcast). I'm not sure how far I would've bought into the hobby without that free access, though it certainly helped me buy into AOS proper instead of sticking to WHU.
  19. this feels beyond parody, I bet the old app still has the Prime rules
  20. apologies, it only struck me as weird because the first and only other article about submissions this year said a 50 word summary.
  21. Article about story submissions is up, but now they want a 100 word summary... for a 500 word short story? The google doc says "no more than 100 words" but still, pretty weird to double this. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/10/27/write-up-a-storm-in-the-mortal-realms-black-library-submissions-are-open-now/
  22. I'm sure Neil is right that KJ will get a points increase, but general consensus was he was already overcosted so Vince was probably right too. especially since Knight Venator got hard nerfed AND is overcosted.
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