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  1. I would also be quite surprised if the SDG nerf was anything but a points increase. I'd also be beyond pissed we had to pay 50 USD for a battletome that is out of date 2 months after it released, I doubt even GW would stoop that low
  2. If you haven't bought into Underworlds yet it isn't bad, and tbh the SET itself isn't bad. It is the pricepoint, that is the highest ever for any WHU core set. And now we're learning that a SECOND core set will be released within the same season/year... most likely at the same absurd 100 USD price point. Which means that Underworlds is very, very quickly going from extremely easy to buy into, especially for non-Warhammer people, to "not sure if I can recommend it anymore." Edit: Another thing that REALLY bothers me about this roadmap is this passage: So the 2nd core set may not even be optional for serious players because it gives new universal and alliance cards. And yet again the excuse that selling something new will help fix/update rules. You know what else is great for that? Free online rulesets.
  3. I still might get Bastian but yeah, at this point it feels like our intelligence is being insulted. So many other companies are keeping good communication through COVID, why should I spend money with yours???
  4. So they're going to rewrite other warscrolls right? Bad ones that don't fit anywhere? Right? 🤪
  5. Did they seriously not update the app scroll... guess that's why they rolled out a beta
  6. Umbraneth will be weirder than Lumineth though, hands down.
  7. would love to know who thinks jacking up WHU prices will get people into AOS proper.... or is the point to price WHU as it's own separate game ? Either way that jump is putting me off Harrowdeep. Here I was thinking it'd be a nice way to introduce my partner to wargaming
  8. Definitely something from a ship. I'm wondering if this ship might be a reference to Charon the Ferryman? I get Launchon already fits that, but it's hard not to see Nighthaunt ferrying souls down a river ("river"?) in an eerie boat.
  9. Found this on the subreddit today, a big congrats if the Stormcast players are here! BOTH of the new books are doing quite well it seems https://www.reddit.com/r/ageofsigmar/comments/q6334m/aos_tournament_roundup_october_11/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
  10. Yeah I think my main issue with the new detailed kits is that GW no longer gives you the OPTION to include them. I've only got Stormcast which are supposed to be accessibly painted by complete newbies, and I'm still getting painting paralysis bc I'm not sure who needs sub assembly or what details I can slap one color over then move on. edit: definitely going to try what Nos said, and not care until the end!!
  11. I wouldn't say "beyond saving" but I would say the Old World has run its course in terms of fantasy needing to get away from Tolkien and [old] DND archetypes. The better characterizations could be retconned into Old World but it still does not solve the problem that it is a pseudo-Earth and some factions will simply *always* be completely separated from others. Add in the fact that pseudo-earth means all the humans are distinctly separated by ethnicity and you're talking about pretty massive retcons for what you've already said is a very established, very mapped out setting. There is a strength in the history of WHF for sure. It's why TOW is a thing and our nostalgia is why it's still enjoyable to browse WHF content/media/models. If you have friends struggling, you could position the Mortal Realms as them making history, instead of following it? I know End Times and 1.0 were A Mess, but I'm glad to be part of a pretty huge reimagining of the fantasy genre. Hopefully we'll get more 3.0 novels soon so GW can show us they feel the same way
  12. Yeah I'm not even going to bother buying them at this point. I don't know why they still think radio silence is the answer. I really love Bastian and the SDG but even they're not worth getting jerked around for 6 weeks with absolutely ZERO communication.
  13. I'm not so sure AOS is still riding the nostalgia from WHF, it feels like it hasn't been doing this since sometime in 2nd edition. The Mortal Realms are just a better setting than the Old World even through my nostalgia for it.
  14. The article mentions it is a "snapshot" of the BP area, filled with the current nobles who left their homelands behind, so it's safe to say they're alluding to different human kingdoms. If you mean subfaction as in "using models from the main lines in a new supplement book" then yeah, most likely.
  15. That icon is technically in the Badlands, which is heavily contested orc vs dwarf territory, so probably not? very high I'd say. We'll have to wait and see about whatever COS revamp happens to tell how much overlap certain kits will have in TOW
  16. List feels weird without a priest adding some ranged as well will cap this list off
  17. I am fairly certain that her redesign is more about drawing animated combats and stunts; if she does get a remodel I'm sure it'll be the 2022 WH+ mini for AOS... Hopefully the show will at least tell us how/why she got Thunderstriked (thunderstruck?). I think the older Chambers are safe for a while, but Vanguard being scouts and skirmishers would be first up for the redo IMHO, due to the fact that the sleeker armor is perfect for those jobs.
  18. can you clip this or otherwise make the text larger? cannot read it
  19. For 40k there is actual value, since you do get their almost/mostly finished app
  20. Yeah Blacktalon will be 8-12 episodes at most going by other western anime... if it happens to be good enough to be worth paying to watch, I'll wait until all the episodes are out instead of paying for 2-3 months for a single piece of AOS content. edit: is GW releasing one single episode of ONE single show each week, or are each of the 40k anims getting 1 episode per week??
  21. my guess is Chamon or Ghur? I want to say Hysh but with Neave having a really heavy Viking Huntress theme + 3.0 being "the year of the beast" it seems Ghur is more likely than Hysh. Disappointed we won't see until 2022, excited that her companion will be Idoneth.
  22. And even within that narrative presentation, Stormcast kicked off the Age of Sigmar but they had a ton of help from other Order factions--so unlike Horus Heresy you'd need a wide variety of named characters to rep the Realmgate Wars.
  23. So are we taking bets on the batrep delay being from: A glaring rules issues B audio recording issues C releasing in tandem with dragon preorder D other My guess is A I'm wondering if this is an eventuality with expanding Stormcast, or if Grungni will get some kinda power-armor equivalent on his children for a duardin expansion
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