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  1. My understanding is you can score them both if you're in your hand but if you score one and then draw the other you cannot score the second one.
  2. Thats a tricky question. In my experience they intentionally design their releases so there's a few cards for every deck in each box. I'd just build the best pile you can, then whenever you pick up a new team look for upgrades.
  3. The teleporting Kroak sounds hilarious, here's my take on it: ++ **Pitched Battle** 2,000 (Order - Seraphon) [2,020pts] ++ + Battalion + Battalion: Dracothian's Tail [1,900pts] . Battalion: Firelance Starhost . . Saurus Knights: 5 Saurus Knights, Celestite Lance . . Saurus Knights: 5 Saurus Knights, Celestite Lance . . Saurus Knights: 5 Saurus Knights, Celestite Lance . . Saurus Scar-Veteran on Cold One . Engine of the Gods . Lord Kroak . Saurus Astrolith Bearer . Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur . Slann Starmaster + Allegiance + Allegiance . Allegiance: Seraphon + Game Options + Game Type: 2000 Points - Battlehost + Realm of Origin + Realm of Origin: Origin: Aqshy + Malign Sorcery + Endless Spell: Balewind Vortex [40pts] Endless Spell: Chronomatic Cogs [80pts] ++ Total: [2,020pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net) Edit 2: fixed Kroak being in the batallion and realized I needed an Astrolith Bearer. Unfortunately I'm still 20 points over after cutting my starpriest and bought CP. Any advice on where to find the last 20 points?
  4. Noted on the general bit I was unsure of that. Can Kroak be the Slann in a Draco's Tail Battallion? Battlescribe won't let me (and I am waiting on the battlescroll as my flgs doesn't have it in). As I have two starter kits I'm planning on just magging the whole chair to swap but yeah, it seems important to have the option between offensive and defensive.
  5. It's worse than a 50-50, its 25% without well of power. It's 50-50 with well power. Blessing is huge for reliably getting Curse off. Edit: ignore this I was having a braindead moment and forgot the odds on spell dice. It's 44% on 2 dice, and ~74% on 3
  6. I also don't love Revenant Rage, maybe cut Nullstone Spear alongside it if you want to keep the Curse package?
  7. I'd say Curse and Blessing. Blessing is basically only important for curse as you'll reliably cast all your other spells once you put on Well of Power. And without Blessing, Curse is probably too hard to reliably cast.
  8. Hey all, I'm getting into AOS after a loooong absence and decided to go with Seraphon (first tabletop army I ever collected, starting from scratch though). ATM I have 2 Start Collecting Boxes, a Starpriest, Balewind Vortex, and Kroak + Engine on the way. In the escalation league I've been starting up in, I've really been enjoying the speed of the Firelance Starhost but their damage isn't that great (maybe need to bump to units of 10?). Here's what I've come up with so far, need to fill in the remaining 480 points: ++ *Pitched Battle* 2,000 (Order - Seraphon) [1,520pts] ++ + Leader + Engine of the Gods [240pts]: 1. Master of Star Rituals, General Lord Kroak [430pts] Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur [240pts] Skink Starpriest [80pts] + Battalion + Battalion: Firelance Starhost [490pts] . Saurus Knights: 5 Saurus Knights, Celestite Lance . Saurus Knights: 5 Saurus Knights, Celestite Lance . Saurus Knights: 5 Saurus Knights, Celestite Lance . Saurus Scar-Veteran on Cold One + Allegiance + Allegiance . Allegiance: Seraphon + Game Options + Game Type: 2000 Points - Battlehost + Malign Sorcery + Endless Spell: Balewind Vortex [40pts] ++ Total: [1,520pts] ++ I'm not including the Warriors in here as I assume Kroak will just be summoning them but I guess I could add them as filler? I was also looking to try and fold down to a 1-2 drop with a superbatallion but I'm still trying to get a picture of what's "meta" for seraphon outside of summoning.
  9. Ylthari's is probably the biggest winner from Unbound outside of Cursebreakers. Only real competition is Thundrik's. Really excited to give it a spin this weekend.
  10. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/21/warhammer-underworlds-the-latest-errata-and-designers-commentary tl:dr - Tome of Offerings and Longstrider to restricted, Keep Them Guessing no longer counts reactions, Cursebreakers can only successfully empower once each per fighter per round. Tomes of Insight/Healing are now actually tomes. In a Bo3 set you can only use each board face once.
  11. Warning shot seems bonkers to me, also spell pit trap. We have to wait to see the full release but I'm already excited to power up my Ylthari with the cards shown.
  12. Some cards posted: https://m.imgur.com/a/oGXm7Yx
  13. Apparently you are correct, I asked CanYouRollACrit on Reddit who is doing the preview stream for Warhammer TV this weekend and apparently the generic cards are usable by all factions. So presumably no spells whatsoever in the generic cards unless there's an upgrade that makes a non-wizard a wizard. Q: "Unsure of how much you can say about the cards ATM but the title of the pack makes it sound like it's wizard / magic themed. Is that correct?" A: "Nope the new cards are all for the Nightvault warbands with some very nice universal cards everyone can use too 🙂" Reddit Thread
  14. Didn't see this posted here on TGA yet so I figured I'd put it in this thread: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/16/coming-soon-power-unbound/ Leaders-esque expansion, probably focusing on Wizards? Hopefully not too much / cards that make non-wizards wizards to help support older warbands.
  15. From my experience so far, the objective deck only really matters for the outcome of the game if you're even or up on board. The two approaches I've been successful with are: 1) Score immediate spam where you plan on fighting the whole time and incidentally picking up objectives as you go. You want early glory fast so you can put upgrades and maintain board advantage and try and choke out your opponent. 2) Objective holding haymaker where you take every Tactical Genius, every Tactical Supremacy, Our Only Way Out, and Supremacy. Goal is to get 5+ glory by the end of first round and coast off of that early glory advantage to fight and force your opponent to cede more 2-3 glory objectives to you. Both of these fall apart if your opponent out-fights you. Style 1 is less prone to losing its ability to score objectives (Briar Queen / Goblins / Etc tends to have a hard time scoring style 2 once it's down to 4 or less fighters) but its low glory deck and its diminishing ability to fight chokes it out nonetheless. It really depends on the warband of course but I really seem to gravitate to style 1 - early glory means early upgrades which hopefully means maintaining momentum and keeping the upper hand. I expect to score most if not all my deck if I'm not losing the board and ideally my success is leading to my opponent's failure. Is this a correct view of objectives or are there other strategies to employ when building an objective deck?
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