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  1. Look I do think Ardboyz have an advantage over brutes, but I think there are situations brutes make more sense. I think with the reinforcement quandary, as you agreed, there is a place for brutes. That's all I'm saying. I said from outset statistically ardboys are better, and your very helpful stats illustrate that well. However, I do think you are exaggerating how easy it will be to get optimal ardboy coverage in combat, and not because of how fiddly it is (I agree its pretty strait forward). That formation allows basically no room for coherency issues and requires convenient unit s
  2. I think I mentioned BoC, more for effect 3rd changes overall have on them then pts specifically. Like they didn't get hit hard in pts in relation to everyone else, but they were also already near the bottom of the pile, and they weren't helped that much either. I think they potentially get hit somewhat hard by things like reinforcements, coherency etc etc. Like I think they benefit from monster changes for instance because they've got a lot of cheap monsters, but they are still 0-4 for behemoths and don't have way around that, so feels like having meh cheap monsters doesn't help as well as
  3. Thanks for sharing, and I do think its very interesting. But it DEFINITELY does not tell the story in terms of relative power shifts. As others have mentioned earlier the specific units effected, and overall context of what people will be taking matters much more. Like DoK is a great example where you see a 20% increase in point cost and at first glance it looks like they got crushed. Then you look at practically what their new lists are going to look like and its like "oh, this is very nearly the same". They didn't get hit very hard at all in reality I think. But then Tzeench DID actual
  4. Yep this is the key on slaanesh. You are capped at 1 unit a turn. And based on what you are bringing to the table base at this point, I'm sorry, you could summon a keeper once a turn all game long and the top tier armies would still just plow through slaanesh at this point. This is a SLIGHT exageration, but not as much of one as it should be. Look in theory MSU will help slaanesh sumoning, but msu also makes it that much harder to NOT kill the units you target, and if you are playing for summons your army is all 180pt 11 wound archer units and blissbarb seekers and its just not going to go
  5. I honestly think warclans is in a great place as things stand. Minimal 10pt increases mostly, which in comparison to other armies is really not that bad. Even the increases on mawkrushas are pretty good for us given how much better they are now. I think the 5 man battleline for ardboyz is great. While being limited to 15 may seem bad, coherency combined with 1inch reach was going to naturally limit how big you wanted those units (and with the loss of batalions the big blocks feel not as great now anyways). I think with the 25 pt swing between ardboyz and brutes you really do have to consi
  6. I honestly think baring some miraculous FAQ save next week or whenever they come out, the best option for slaanesh players is to shelve them until christmas at which point one would presume they get at least modestly salvaged. If its your only army and you aren't competitive, yeah just using old points is probably best bet. I bought like 2500pts (about 2000pts in any sane world) of slaanesh stuff when the new book came out just out of love for the models, found out rules sucked, still tried to push through, started building slickblades and gave up on the entire project after 4 because it
  7. I think with the slaanesh nerfs we should consider the very real possibility that the pt changes were locked in before the Slaanesh book even dropped. Its well known that it had been sitting on a shelf for 6 months to a year when it got released, and in the back of my mind I just have this thought that whoever wrote it TRULY thought that the book was going to kick butt (Which is insane in itself), and when they decided on the point hikes they just thought the MSU meta would make this "powerful" book even better with summoning so they hiked the points even further for third. Only for it to re
  8. I think its still a big deal. Whether that's a "good" big deal or a "bad" big deal, I'm not sure about. More then anything this rule previously effected small unit size units/single models. This generally speaking meant much less for large units before. So new coherency rules are unlikely to effect how this influences pile in plays. A single monster now has drastically increased combat flexibility. Pinning a single model used to just be a matter of keeping 2 models in b2b with it, now you literally have to surround it to pin it into place. This is not a small thing.
  9. Yeah I did think about that too. I do think the changes they have adopted from 40k are some of the better ones though. And at least for now it still feels like its own distinctive game. I'm still not feeling too 40k adjacent. Now if this continues next edition we may start to have issues. But at least for right now, the changes that got carried over (coherence aside) mostly feel positive. I should clarify that when I say "they are free now" It is more implied then explicit. So this could turn out to be wrong.
  10. Honestly think a lot of these changes end up being a bit more subtle then they first appear. Reinforcements in particular doesn't effect nearly as many armies as it first feels like it would. Aside from things like 3x40 skink spam and poor fyreslayers (seriously I have so much empathy for the 20 people who play them, because they are so screwed) most armies are going to have at most minor adjustments for this rule. I do think there will be a lot of adjustments, but in the grand scheme of things this isn't like going from 7th edition to 8th or from 8th to AoS haha. Honestly feels like a clo
  11. Since all of the leaks last night/this morning the new ruleset really seems to be coming together as a much more coherent/cohesive idea. And I'm honestly really optimistic at this point. When the new batallions were leaked yesterday at first they seemed kinda week and I was thinking not sure what point cost I'd pay for these at. But now that its clear they are free and basically you just divide your force up between them how you see fit they make a lot more sense and quite honestly add a really cool element to list design I think. The reinforcement changes are really not going to chan
  12. I came on here yesterday for first time in a while after complaining to my much more optimistic friends to give them a rest from my pessimism and instead complain to strangers on the internet for a change. And within 10 minutes of scrolling through comments I found myself instead writing paragraphs of text defending the game... I don't know if this says more about me or the internet (probably me), but I find it funny either way. All of that aside, I think the reinforcement rules have really turned me around on things a little. I still have very real concerns about coherency and the pro
  13. How was that your takeaway from my comment? I literally had 1 line devoted to 40k, simply stating that its historically been an even bigger rules mess then fantasy to help illustrate my point that GW rules have always been messy (A. completely subjective B. not a comment at all on it being "the worst game EVAR!" just that the rules have often been a mess, which is not a comment on its overall quality). I get that there is a lot of ****** talking between 40k and AoS fandoms but come on, I mentioned 40k only as an offhand reference to GW's lack of rulesquality across the board, not as some sor
  14. Things seem to be looking like its going to be a super strong book (hopefully not too strong). I'm excited (though generally with GW logic every strong book comes with a weak one, so I feel a little bad for stormcast if this logic holds up, because They've been waiting for relief since 2018...). On the Chaos Dwarf rumors earlier in the thread, especially with their name changing, anyone else feel like they going to end up being put into Destruction as first non-green skin faction? They have all these connections to kruleboys and hobgoblins, and there relation to the rest of Chaos back
  15. Its definitely one of those bittersweet things where I think mortal spam is terrible for the game and gw needs to stop dolling it out like candy, but on the other hand I want destruction to be competitive and if they are already throwing it out to everyone else I wants it too haha.
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