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  1. More experienced players will have different opinions though, I just played a couple games with the army. It also depends on how competitive do you want to go. The more Morrsarr the strongest, but least fun for your opponent. I'd go 12 at 1500pt with a balanced list.
  2. With the units you have, you'll need the King as General, so you can use eels as Battleline. So: - King - Tidecaster - 12-15 eels (6 and 6, or 9 morsarr 3 ishlaen) - 2x 10 Thralls - Fill with an hero of choice, or an Allopex if you feel fancy. That would be my approach, I wouldn't play the Turtle or Eidolon in 1500pt, thats 2000pt material for me.
  3. Hey guys! While I was assembling my Battleforce, a friend surprised me with a Volturnos for my birthday. Now, I really prefer the King model than the named character. Can I Rin into any problems if I play the King model as Volturnos? Both have a sword and a shield modeled so... Also, do you run your kings with Polearm? The dude looks so cool with the helmet and spear.
  4. Have you tried to play them as two units of 1 Shark each? It has to be painful rolling a 6 in Battleshock when you lose one of them. Plus, being two diferent dudes you can send them in different directions and stop two units of doing things.
  5. That's great to hear! How do you rate your units in this mode? I was thinking of a similar list, dropping Lotann and the Swords for another unit. Spearhead: Tidecaster, Reavers Main Body: Soulrender, Thralls, Ishlaen, Allopex Rearguard: Thralls, Morrsarr
  6. Have you tried Meeting Engagements already?
  7. I don't think Allopexes are a bad choice in fair lists, at least now at 120pts. They are not a focused unit, they have a bit of everything (poor shooting, nice melee), and they are 8 wounds monsters that move super fast and fly. Eels are better, but Sharks normally get some attention from enemies.
  8. I've started with SC + Battleforce. Next buy us going to be a King and the terrain.
  9. Maybe try changing Ishlaen for Morsarr and charge turn one with Fuethan Flood Tide? Can't talk about t'he Leviadon, but Sharks are not that killy. Thralls should be good vs their battleline as they have 4 wounds each afaik. Don't get frustrated, FEC is considered one of the strongest armies, even if they don't play ultra competitive builds, their abilities are stupidly powerful.
  10. True! I just saw that part of the video. As you said they are: Reroll ones in combat, reroll ones on saves and reroll ones at shooting.
  11. If you mean the Tidecaster, I think she went untouched. No clue about new command abilities for Idoneth.
  12. It's sad that an absolutely stunning model like the Eidolon is not efficiently usable in competitive games Even though, eels got a minimum increase and the other units (Thralls, Reavers, Sharks) had become more useable. Even the Octopus guy got cheaper haha The Battleforce box that I just got became 70 pts cheaper
  13. Wow! 1000pt rules are nice for people like me that are starting with the game Sign me in. Wondering how it's going to work with Deep Strike though.
  14. Wow that's a cool miniature! I'll buy the Battleforce with my next paycheck and I'll add a King and a Soulscryer to fill the army. With that I'll have everything I need to play 1000-1500 pts lists I guess.
  15. Hello guys and girls! I just started with AoS with Deepkin I like Elfs and I loooved the looks of this army. I got the Start Collecting and I built Spear Eels, the 10 Thralls and the Soulrender. Now my question, my Hobby Store owner has a Deepkin Battleforce that sells to me at 10% reduced price. Even with the upcoming changes (GHB19?) and the possibility of some units being different in a couple of weeks, do you think it's worth to buy the box? Of course, I'm not a competitive player, I've only been "hobbying" for a year or so... Thanks!
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