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  1. The bag i use has the zip in the middle, and i quite like it. Ok, i habe to take the box out, but it is less of a strugle to put it in. So i can store my minis in multiple kvissle and just put the ones i need in the bag.
  2. I just searched the big A for "bag, overlock". I think they should all fit, for they all fit the same sewingmashines.
  3. Ok, that was a case of spontanous blindness on my side. 😉
  4. I put the little lids on the trays in the IKEA thingy in the back an put magnets on them as well, so the trays stay in place even if i tilt the whole thing.
  5. I just use some document organisation boxes with pull-out trays from IKEA. They are made of metal, so u can just glue magnets under your minis and they stick perfectly fine. And the boxes fit perfectly in a bag for overlock-sewingmachines. Not the greatest eyepleaser, but functional and not to costly.
  6. Wow, thank you so much, that's exactly what I was looking for.
  7. Good idea, but i like the fact, that orcs grow bigger the more battle experience they get. So Brutes with less armor would probably still look to hulking. I even paint my SCE so that the oponent can easily distinguish between battleline and elite troops.
  8. Salve First things first: english isn't my native language, so please pardon my mistakes. I try my best not to torture your beautiful language to much. I am thinking to start an ironjawz army as an alternative to my SCE. I realy love the models, with the exception of the Ardboyz. I know, they are the old blackorc models, but they just don't fit in the new esthetic of the Ironjawz. At least in my opinion. The worst part for me are the helmets. I want my Orcs to look the enemy straight in the eye, not to hide cowardly behind a slap of metal. And the groin protector. They just look like robots, with the legs spread so far apart. Do you know any good alternative models for the Ardboyz that fit in the Brute/Gore Grunta esthetic? Most models i found look to different, and/or there are just 2 or 3 different models, wich might look a bit boring in a horde of 10 to 20 Boyz.
  9. I play with 100% painted, but my oponents mostly field about 50% painted. And thats absolutely ok. They have children, so their time is more limited then mine.
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