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  1. I did a search for the same thing a while back (Fellow Australian) and honestly I hit the same problem as you did. There were a couple potentials but the quality was so poor that I'd honestly say pass them up. The one you have found is excellent though! I may have to get it to be honest. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It would seem I've fallen behind of major news whilst on holiday in Thailand. Sounds like the Cities of Sigmar could be a blessing or a curse for us
  2. All I can say is that is amazing! Well done!
  3. So I'm just curious, how many people on here are a part of this facebook group? (Bretonnia / Kingdom of Equitaine) I've found it to be really inspiring and have seen some really nice model work on the page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2459572376/?epa=SEARCH_BOX
  4. BY THE LADIES GRACE, IT'S STARTING TO HAPPEN! Can't tell I'm excited more than a Noise Marine on Slaaneshmas? In that case, allow me to be absolutely blunt. I AM HYPED! My amazing partner has finally received the first shipment of Bretonnians I sent her for painting and Knight Numero Uno has just been completed. (Well, mostly.) And I'm in love. He doesn't have a shield at current, but after seeing how he looks I'm certainly not complaining~ Yes I know that she painted part of the barding like the horses neck, honestly I'm okay with it though. As long as she doesn't do
  5. So I've been thinking about how I want to theme my army visually recently and that's inspired me to go and have a read over the lore behind Bretonnia a bit. And after looking through, honestly I still have to say I'm heavily drawn towards Mousillon. But what I wanted to ask is what do others find most interesting about Fair Bretonnia? What parts of the lore appeal to you most, be they concepts, characters or events.
  6. Some common options: Spellcasters: Archmage on Horse (Eldritch Council) - 18" Aura of 6+ Ignore Wounds Amber Battlemage (Collegiate Arcanum) - +1 to Wound Rolls Infantry: Freeguild Guards (Freeguild) - Men-At-Arms Replacement Freeguild Archers (Freeguild) - Peasant Bowmen Replacement Freeguild Greatswords (Freeguild) - Foot Squires (Fictional) Others: Demigryph Knights (Freeguild) - Alternative Heavy Cavalry Freeguild General (Freeguild) - Buffing Freeguild Units.
  7. Most likely I will stick with the puritan lists myself but I at least want to experiment with them and see how they play out. The only reason I'm really considering it is because of how overpriced the Peasants are considering their atrocious performance at their price points, especially when compared to their Freeguild counterparts.. The Lady welcomes you with open arms. Sadly the Bretonnians have been at rather the short end of the stick for AoS but we aren't completely out of the running yet. As previously mentioned, the King on Hippogryph is a massive Hero/Monster killer and the
  8. That's a great model and a creative idea! Those models are Gryphounds aren't they?
  9. Freeguild Infantry Horde + Bretonnian Cavalry + Mercenary Blob? In other news I've sent off my first lot of models with the partner for painting. I hope she does a good job with them. So far there are 3 Bretonnian Knights, 1 Pegasus Knight, 1 Converted Empire Knight and 2 Peasant Banner Bearers on their way to pretty coloured status. Partner is going to trial out something a bit different for the Pegasus wings as well. She wants to see if she can get a slight hint of a rainbow hue in the end of the feathers for the wing. Demigryph Knights are definitely a popular choice as they c
  10. I don't think it's a legal list though is it? My understanding was the the Blood Knight Mercenaries required a Blood Knight Unit + a Vampire Lord on Nightmare. Or is that only optional? Also at that point, I think the need for an Enchantress and Damsel basically goes away as the only model they can buff is the King, who can frankly manage without a pair of dedicated casters following him around. At the least the Enchantress is surplus to requirements as the King doesn't need the +1 to hit, she doesn't give him re-rolls and she doesn't have a passive heal for him either. ------------
  11. If I end up trialling that monstrosity of a list then I think it's either going to be godly or it will crumble and die in a heartbeat. As for paints, be original and do your planned Black and Red scheme. You already have the supplies after all and it'll look good either way.
  12. Hmmm, this might be an option. Have you done anything modelling wise to display the difference? If I were to do this then I think I'd double base them, having a pair of knights represent one of the Demigryph Knights for the sake of clarity.
  13. @Duke of Gisoreux I must admit that you've made a nasty looking force. Only downside is how many Demigryph Knights one needs to make up the army. Although based on what you have so far it's a 1,980 point list and CP now ost 50 points instead of being granted for every 50 points below the limit.
  14. May the Lady save us in this time of dire news. On an entirely different note, is anyone thinking about trying out the contrast paints for Bretonnians? I'm considering giving it a shot.
  15. I must admit to being not entirely sure where I've gone wrong for the revised calculations I've done. Can you see the errors in these? I've redone my original calculations and edited out some of the mistakes I found but my numbers are still a little off for the Grail Knights and Mounted Yeomen and I don't think that can be attributed to rounding. (Also I realised I forgot the Rend -1 on the Greatblades, hence why the Values were low for the Questing Knights.) Mounted Yeomen: Grail Knights: Questing Knights:
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