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  1. Hi there, figured that this would be the best place to make my first post on here! After a bit of a delay I've finally started to get into AOS. I'll freely admit that when AOS hit the scene I didn't know quite what to think. I've always been someone who gets hooks on the background of armies i collect and the settings behind them so it was a little bit jarring when the world that was exploded at the finale of the End Times. I'd previously collected a couple of armies in WFB but only ever played a handful of games with them. Over the past year or so I've been dipping my feet into the waters of AOS reading about the background of the setting and deciding to start a Stormcast army. I eventually settled of Anvils of the Heldenhammer (partly due to the colour scheme and partly the background). On a recent trip to WHW I picked up my first models and I look forward to sharing my progress on here!
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