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  1. my answer to this would be... No no and no.. with the new book, a lot of lists really looked at the translocation relictor combo. As translocation was forgotten by a few FAQ already many of us believed it was intentional. This even more because al other movement tricks where nerfed or removed. We havent got a wide variety of lists doing well? we only got a few tournament data and our own data that we discus here. On tournament data we have 1 lists with a relictor 4 fulms and 6 longstrike. Yes this list can function without the relictor but no where near as good. And a knight judicator spam list. Other lists are insert translocation relictor and teleport protectors or imperitant annihilator swarm. Its really not that wide of a variation when you look at how insane amount of troop and hero choise we have. Good? mayb but mostly pretty boring.
  2. i dont like this at all. ques we have to adept. So i say welcome ghur mage
  3. Ben told me he isnt involved into rule writing but he has a lot of stuff to say about direction of the game and story line. He's also a pretty skilled player. Had the honor of meeting him @belgium 2 years ago where he faced of against my buddy's khorne army with his Archaon. Can tel you he's a pretty sweet player that knows what hes doing.
  4. if translocation gets a nerf, it feels SUPER bad for all my oldcast. Dont wanna go back to shootcast/dragons again. Yesterday ive played a game on TTS with the new dragons against DOK. My god dragons are SUPER good. Ive played a lot of games with 15 protectors but damn, dragons just feel insane That -1 to wound is soooo good on a warscroll like that. Hate to see only dragon lists. I like the way translocation opens up other variations of lists
  5. Any update on darkmode? im realling missing this
  6. yeah this!, i believe if we put 1 person and give him 10minutes he can think of a better rule to make both models worth it in a differant list.
  7. also honorble mention: Knight arcanum and knight relictor knight relictor for 5 points more you get+1 to your prayers +3 to your prayer range+1 wound+1 attack
  8. im almost running the same list for a al my 3.0 book games. lord relictor + castallant+ 15 xbow juds + 15 protectors as main focus. Yndrasa just aint worth it. Battleshock immume is nice but 12 inch bubble is to short. Not much killing power and again 12 inch bubble to revive a protector is not even worth it in 5 turns. Just get another unit of paladins or more board controll. And divine light is cool but the range on it prevents me from getting much out of it. Blessed weapons on the otherhand is lovely. What i experienced is that 15 protectors dont need a lot of help. Im even thinking of dropping the lord castellant support and just go with them with unleashed hatred and let the opponent deal with them. While i take the board.
  9. where i really love my lord arcanum i find it hard to make really good use of him. I always find more use for a knight incantor because offence magic isnt really good without + to cast. Even his base spell gets hard to get of in comp play. Where giving my points into a free scroll always seems super usefull.. comparing both arcanums i do like the lord arcanum on foot more. I like to shoot endless spells further and never find the need to move my caster agressivly over the board. I just like to safe those extra 40 points for triumph.
  10. I seem to agree on most stuff. If and only if translocate stays the same as it is now. I have some fun with my protector blobs untill people know how to handle it by, redeploy/screens. But if translocation get fixed my oldcast is going to be way less strong. Movement 4 protectors not going to conquer the board or lots of battletactics. at this point i played 8+ games with the new book. And had some fun but also missing flavor and depth. Also thinking of building a new army cause of it. I got zero interest in going dragon style like most players. As i feel its just waiting for the pointnerf to come and slap us. Thing im missing the most if synergie with heroes. Or fun tricks to do. Interesting mixes with city's is not something we have right now but might get in the future. Starving for points and units. Edit: everytime i see another SCE player trying to make a list work i still feel kind of proud that we be trying to find interesting stuff.
  11. list 2 is cool but you overdid it on alpha output. If you opponent has 3/4 small screens your whole army cannot react very well. Also prone to getting stuck of the board and zoned out. I would recommond to switch wither the retributors or making another unit smaller to put in some screen destroyer units.
  12. giving fulms battleline is both good and bad.. Its easier acces for your opponent on scoring an extra vp when they have to kill a battleline, But on the other hand. you could totaly drop the 2x5 vindictors as they wont participate a lot, could also free up 30 points to switch them to liberators and go for that triump. Edit:i used to LOVE celestial vindicators on fulminators but now im not so sure. I think celestialvindicators have something for them to boost that damage output of the fulminators still. Hammers gives you a bit of objective play. Im not sure our 2 fulminators doing a lot of overkill damage and really need that extra hit.
  13. Hahahaha, let me know how it went! and dont forget to PRIME that big xbow. I went hardcore into sylvaneth yesterday. He had a hard time vs the xbow juds. Even tho his warsong killed a lot of Sce.
  14. this just blew my mind, its already hard to justify prosecutors. And this even makes it harder. That extra damage on 9+ range didnt hurt anyone. Hated to see this go
  15. im playing a lot 1/2 times a week. Sometimes translocate feels strong but ive played enough smart players who got lots of cheap screens in the way of an alpha strike or use redeploy wisely. Playing the same player twice makes them better against the translocation prayer. They deploy better or play better into terrain/screens/redeploy. Havent had a game people complained about it tho. But im playing 99% of the time against high comp. I even failed a 2+reroll translocate today against soulblight=rip. I feel like translocate gives us more list varity (<- not sure about spelling). Slow units like paladins can run right into the enemy turn one. Also makes your opponent want to snipe your priest more. ( mirrorshield <3) Every army got there tools. right new we can -shoot twice with juds/raptors -translocate oldhammerpaladins -scions annihilators -alphastrike dragons/fulminators with run and charge (dont even need a prayer to do this) -mass redeemers for objective play.
  16. With redeploy in the game, that translocation isnt that big of a deal.. Also there are screens. With translocation you only be able to hit the frontline. if your big thing got translocation killed its your fault for no screening. After playing al these game now with move after translocate it really isnt that game breaking. I was against it at first but after surviving a few FAQ and legal on everytournament here i made peace with it. Now i enjoy teleporting paladins over the map. Not insta win. But its sure strong.
  17. i might be wrong, but starsoul maces dont use a attack sequince means you cannot boost it.. in 2.0 we couldnt even make it reroll 1. Because of it. Not seing this as a change since the text stays the same. Even tho the profile in located in attack characteristics.. Would be nice tho;)
  18. starsoul mace.... still do not use attack sequince for an attack made with a starsoul mace. Instead roll a dice.. So no way to buff this and they lost that on a roll of 6+1 Yeah improved armour is nice. But pointbump is really agressive
  19. My first day looking trough the book for combo's i find myself struggling. Ive waited soo long for this book hoping for some models i love to to see rule changed.. Im looking at knight venator, prosecutors for example only to find them yet again not reworked enough to make them valid. Knight venator putting next to a knight judicator is just painfull. I was hoping for a better rework of the stormhosts to give me atleast acces to reroll casts or extra spells. Right now everything feels a bit bland. A bit boring with soo much missed potential. ( yes ill understand gw wants us to buy thunderstrike) And yes if you go dragons im happy for you.
  20. Im looking at this on another way from your winners list -ordinator didnt get anything special but keeps his + 1 to hit. Not really an improvement. -tauralon lost 1 spellcast and no + to cast or anything to boost casting besides stardrake. Its really really sad -judicators. Im sure bowjuds are better but looking at my 15 xbow juds im not sure they come out as winners. Getting less attacks that hit better and lost the d3 mortals is huge in an armour meta. But more range and slightly better profile. While also losing rr1 against chaos. Hard to justify that extra cost. Also hard to find good synergie. Might be Azyros but then the points are just oo heavy that raptors are more solid. ( battleline is all fine but with sce being this expensive and still low damage output im not sure they are winners. -starsoul maces are nerfed aswell. The list of winners is really small for al the non thunderstrike stuff. Im writing lists al morning for some oldcast stuff but damn im missing points, synergies. This book offers no way to go slightly offensive with wizards.
  21. Any updates on this? Would really love this
  22. anoys the F out of me. Im still feeling like playing with half the rules. Im playing into the league and every time i hope i can start playing with new lists... start buying into stuff i want and start building a story. But doesnt feel right when playing with a old battletome and some of the lore and unit choises al going to change and impact the way i play. GW is baiting me
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