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  1. i might be wrong, but starsoul maces dont use a attack sequince means you cannot boost it.. in 2.0 we couldnt even make it reroll 1. Because of it. Not seing this as a change since the text stays the same. Even tho the profile in located in attack characteristics.. Would be nice tho;)
  2. starsoul mace.... still do not use attack sequince for an attack made with a starsoul mace. Instead roll a dice.. So no way to buff this and they lost that on a roll of 6+1 Yeah improved armour is nice. But pointbump is really agressive
  3. My first day looking trough the book for combo's i find myself struggling. Ive waited soo long for this book hoping for some models i love to to see rule changed.. Im looking at knight venator, prosecutors for example only to find them yet again not reworked enough to make them valid. Knight venator putting next to a knight judicator is just painfull. I was hoping for a better rework of the stormhosts to give me atleast acces to reroll casts or extra spells. Right now everything feels a bit bland. A bit boring with soo much missed potential. ( yes ill understand gw wants us to buy thunderstrike) And yes if you go dragons im happy for you.
  4. Im looking at this on another way from your winners list -ordinator didnt get anything special but keeps his + 1 to hit. Not really an improvement. -tauralon lost 1 spellcast and no + to cast or anything to boost casting besides stardrake. Its really really sad -judicators. Im sure bowjuds are better but looking at my 15 xbow juds im not sure they come out as winners. Getting less attacks that hit better and lost the d3 mortals is huge in an armour meta. But more range and slightly better profile. While also losing rr1 against chaos. Hard to justify that extra cost. Also hard to find good synergie. Might be Azyros but then the points are just oo heavy that raptors are more solid. ( battleline is all fine but with sce being this expensive and still low damage output im not sure they are winners. -starsoul maces are nerfed aswell. The list of winners is really small for al the non thunderstrike stuff. Im writing lists al morning for some oldcast stuff but damn im missing points, synergies. This book offers no way to go slightly offensive with wizards.
  5. Any updates on this? Would really love this
  6. anoys the F out of me. Im still feeling like playing with half the rules. Im playing into the league and every time i hope i can start playing with new lists... start buying into stuff i want and start building a story. But doesnt feel right when playing with a old battletome and some of the lore and unit choises al going to change and impact the way i play. GW is baiting me
  7. if they do this stuff like Hammers - dracoths battleline Knights Excelsior- Non evo paladins battleline Astral Templars - Hunters and palladrs battleline I wonder what the rest would be Tempest lords - prosecutors battleline Anvils - ?? Celestial Warbringers - ?? ( something with sanc) Celestial Vindicators - ??
  8. Not sure about Yndrasta im not seeing her being worth 300 points in this list. i do like the translocation desolators but could be even better with concussors/fulminators + heraldor. i would be tempted to switch yndrasa out for something like upgrade desolators, take heraldor, take max units aetherwings to block/zone/easy acces to some battletactics Rest looks super solid
  9. Vandus needs more screentime for reall. in 2015 he was on the cover and i felt like hes going to be important. Fact is he got no screentime and somehow i feel betrayed. Loved for him being the new big thing.
  10. It's probably the case that neither unit is worth bringing instead of Liberators, since spending as little as needed on battleline has always been the correct approach with Stormcast SAD but still true in 3.0 i feel
  11. On theorie yes.. But in practise no and never. Me and some other guys on this forum playing with decimators for a VERY long time because of skyborne slayers. Besides hitting a ironclad with garrisson units they never do enough work against hordes. Its all theorie. 30 attacks is only 6.6 damage against a 3+ save. and 13 damage against a 6+ save. That aint going to drop hordes not even with battleshock. The return damage could kill your decimators pretty easy. And movement 4 means they most likely getting charged aswell. 30 attacks means almost no starsoul maces to fight anything other than hordes. I would say Decimators are one of the biggest traps sce has.
  12. Decimators are a trap.. movement 4 unit with max 7 damage 1 attacks isnt going to tear trough anything in the current game. Not even a a horde of zombies and is likely to get killed in return while doing like 15 damage or so if your lucky.
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