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  1. dudeeeees i came to visit this part of the forum today to read about salty ex-high elf tears and enjoy the whining for a bit.....but so much positive vibes coming from you lumi guys im shocked... I love it.
  2. im still trying differant lists every week. But most of the people i play just nuke these 2x30 or 1x30 liberators. The closest games i had right now is stormkeep patrol on an objective and try to hold it of and not alpha striking. But i cannot help but hate that i feel like taking 9 longstrikes to even give my liberators a chance.. I love lib bombs but if i cannot take wizard or other mortal wound spam dudes out quickly these games are over before i can hit turn 3. Most games where over when i got double turn against me. Where i skyborne slayers it doenst matter because i can keep stuff of the board. In stormkeep patrol im already engaged closely turn 1 and open for a double turn against me. This is the biggest weakness i fase most of the games. We do however got a lot of potential with this battalion if we get any buffs in a new sce book or aos 3.0. Immagine liberators being stronger baseline then stormkeep patrol can finely do them justice. 40mm bases have to mean something because right now its just preventing me from getting enough attacks through to hurt people. Fasing a katakros bonereaper list tonight. with my 30 libs/9 longstrikes.
  3. Always when i read trough this old battletome i miss it so badly, yes it was wonky at best but in recent times it would make for some fun playz. That harbringer chamber concept was something i loved deeply. Today it would be good but not as opressive how it used to be because today people have insane tricks and damage aswell.
  4. I would drop the judicators and switch them for 5 libs and take the triump. I love this list but i cannot seem to win with it. If you play it let me know how it went.
  5. i feel you, i played bretonnia since 5th al the way up to 8th. It was an uphill battle every time. The one thing i had going for me on tournaments is that i was the only bretonnia player at our tournament scene and most people never played them so made mistakes where i could play into. But damn the love was zero i got from GW. Now with SCE i really hope we dont get another chamber and sigmar model or other bullsjit. I just want our book the be more balanced around the differant chambers. Fix the battalions and make battalions worth investing into. Stay strong to the theme of the chambers and let specific characters buff chamber units. Then we got a book with a lot of options with a lot of themes going on. With this book there is put zero effort into the oldschool models/battalions and the newer battalions and sacrosant units dont really work well together or getting outclassed by other stuff. Morathi book was a start but damn i still have to win my first game with a stormkeep patrol battalion.. 0-9 atm using differant tactics. Even my stormkeep garrisson did better. We got so much potential for a new book i just hope our new book is more about internal fixing then bringing out more stuff
  6. Cool theme, but the first problem i see is not being able to put these ballista in the sky really hurts them. Almost to the point of not taking them. But love the theme;) And its possible that the staunch trick is going to be in the FAQ. I hope it wont but its possible
  7. have to agree on this. Not sure if the incoming pointchange would matter at this point. We really need an overhaul.
  8. The gunhauler is good but doenst have the -2 rend. In an army where you can deepstrike ballista's at short range i dont feel like you need the gunhauler. That gunhauler is super good in tempest eye, Kharadron overlords but for Sce the ballista is way more deadly. -2 rend is everything these days
  9. With a luckstone he feels decent, but without it.....ohw boi i cannot tell you how many times that special shot hit because i cannot remember it ever did.
  10. oke but to advice playing a whole other battalion with a lot of differant units in it is a bit wierd. Its like playing another army because none of the poster his units are on the skyborne slayers format. And i dont believe skyborne slayers would beat giants that easy. Dok can be done but is not easy.
  11. Nice write up! and i do really like your list!. The game against sons was pretty much over when you faced them off in that senario. And dont worry i couldnt beat them with my skyborne slayers list on that senario even if i rolled well with 20 protectors. Super tough so dont feel to bad about losing that one. Morathi is hard but i feel like with your list you got some nice tricks aswell. The one thing you suffer is not going to choise who goes first against that list. If im right your higher drops and he alpha shoots most stuff of the table turn 1 where in your turn 1 your got this filthy morathi on your lines. Trust me when you play that list with your list a few times you might beat his ass;) Lord relictors: i love and hate this character. Love it when i make those 3+ and he teleports al over the map and heals, debuffs of shoot stuff off. But damn i got many games he did nothing so in my competative games i take a lord vexillor just for that ones per game treat. Thank you for the write up i loved reading it.
  12. can we atleast get another stormcast hero please its been a while
  13. yeah i think you can use the fyreslayer invocations.
  14. Alpha strike you can prevent when you take screens. Right now i see a lot of lists that dont bother taking screens. That means alpha strike lists play well into these lists. I come from 5th edition whfb and i can tell you.. Balance was horrible there. Deamons where though but dont get me started on Elves. GW has always something with making Elf units really good. in 6/7 and 8th if i remember correctly Elfs where domination our local clubs. That always strikes first was horrible to play against. I played and played against them and even Elf into Elf was kind of sad. Right now i do feel the powercreep a little when i see newer units getting easy acces to ranged mortal wound output. For me thats the most horrible part of the game because i like the combat stuff. But with the double turn still in play i can do some stuff against it and over the years i learned to play with less netlists and more lists that favor my playstyle. Even with a weaker army i manage to do well. Sometimes the gamble on the double turn and sometimes to place screens so that if i get a double turn against me it wont hit me that hard. At my local game group most players that came from whfb love the balance of age of sigmar because we feel more balance now then we felt back in those days and the double turn is not something we hate. Games are hardly over at turn2/3 ( sometimes yes against heavy magic/shooting when you get double turned the game can be over very quick) but most of the times the games are close till turn 5. I try to ignore our experience from aos -1 because that was horrible and summons dominated everywhere. remember this game is all about objective play. Even weaker units can do great on some senario's
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