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  1. 100% agree and I really didn't want LoC being oppressive because as you say it's such a varied army and so many viable and fun lists. This tones it down and so won't become the 'oh you are play X' negative play experience, which considering I have finished this army I am very very happy about ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  2. I think my point is that the changes are not Nurgle specific, everyone looks at these changes in there own little insular bubble. It's also only one rule and we haven't got the book to see the bigger picture. The meta will shift. While Harbinger may not be used in BK lists, with point reductions etc you can shift your list to either just have more due to points or a different list all together not currently near the top. I am with @Brodylan and play enough games against the filth to realise this hurts them more than it does Nurgle. You will still have the 40-60% fat middle of armies and this squeezes it as it's a broad rule that targets everyone. I accept you disagree though and we will have to wait and see.
  3. Yea our army will still be very good because it still gives the FNP to units that don't have them adding resilience to an army. I think you may see lists shift from trying to be 'you can't move me' to more 'ill hit you hard and fast with something now with a FNP and then summon pinks' Either way I'm happy the GHB is shifting the meta and excited to see where the dust lies at the end. Though I can see the people flocking to the salt mines already ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. I'll wait to see the meta pan out and what it's like at tournaments. I tend to not let salt and quick judgements cloud my thoughts. Especially when I don't even have the book. I think your confusing my optimism for saying that Nurgle is a tier one army. Also I won't be running Nurgle as my main army I'm on the LoC boat, Nurgle is my fun army.
  5. Just remember you get a wound save then you get a after death save. This just stops shenanigans with 5+/5++/5++/6+++ etc. So you would lose your wound save for rend attacks but if you take the minus to hit plaguebearers get for example and maybe geminds gives, you can still get that durability that you'd expect. In a way this might help with BK or Nurgle in general. As we don't hit that hard so people with abhorrent saves hurt us even more. I can see the frustrations as this was done to correct a wider problem but I am hopeful we will be fine with drops etc. This is a guy with a full LoC army (just finished) and Nurgle army haha. #eternaloptimist
  6. Amazing work dude! I think the synergy with Kairos and being able to trigger that vital boom or stopping a potential game winning spell or as shown in the hilarious list getting Skreech spell off, is worth it alone. It's fun in all the right doses. My friends don't mind playing against it either because they feel they are in it for large portions too. Which is hard to find in good lists. Nothing worse than a game being 1 sided or non interactive.
  7. Sure thing so as I don't know what you are looking for I will post the more competitive list and the hilarious list just in case. Hilarious Verminlord Corruptor [G] with 4fold blade - Echo of hatred Kairos Fateweaver - Bolt of Ruin BT of insensate rage Skreech - Spirit Gouge PlagueB 10 PlagyeB 10 Bloodletters 10 (I don't have more PB if you do run another 10 blob of these) 9 Screamers Spell portal (Kairos uses this to snipe support heroes and do damage from backfield). 1990 with extra CP More competitive version I swap the Skreech for a Deceiver. Though I know alot of people run Bela'kor + Epitome which you can do by cutting down on my choices. Tactics deployment varies on list but generally. Verminlord/BT/Screened by screamers front line. Kairos screen in a bubble with PB X2 and then 3rd Battleline and other hero go mid field or side flank. Always summon pinks. Anyways very fun, lots of flex and play in list building and on table tactics.
  8. I have continued playing crazy versions and I want to point out a few findings in over 10 games now with this allegiance. Kairos is a monster and I love him in this army. Corruptor - autoinclude. Flex for 4th slot I run a BT but I could see arguments for Epitome, Gaunt etc. Screamers with a FNP and their move speed and loads of wounds are awesome and I'm running 9 to 12 to give me space (as most people give me first turn due to deep deployment) Skreech is hilarious if you want to have fun. Bodge (for the non English speakers, change his roll to succeed) his roll for his spell with Kairos and spawn clanrats ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚ Lists I've played on various battleplans - Seraphon 4 times(3-1 in games so far), Ironjawz twice, Cities 3 times, Sylvaneth twice, Stormcast. Disclaimer: not a top player, anecdotal evidence your mileage may vary, not tested Bel'akor really and I know he's very strong. Chaos for the win!
  9. I tried K'dai and they were very good in a big blob but when you add in the model cost etc they were not THAT good, if you get what I mean especially as I don't own any. I found Skarbrand while extremely good if he gets into a fight, his slow movement means he languishes mid board alot of the time. I valued the higher movement, fly and AoE possibility of the BToIR. Usually the list plays with a early charge from VLC, BToLR and Esske and maybe Daemonettes dealing with screens and clearing a hole for the VLC to stay alive and get through to the centre. You then move the Kairos into the mid board, spell portal + gift to snipe a support hero and then summon pinks. The backboard is plaguebearers and GUO (I do try and keep him up with Kairos). This on most scenarios will stop DS, Fly high, teleporting and allow to get the most obj to get a lead and maintain it. I know the VLC can summon @TimeToWaste85 but he is usually either focused down, frontline and has so much around him the space to summon pb is not available, hence the backfield Nurgle hero with a ranged spell (with or without portal help). I'm playing a 1 drop Ironjawz list this week. I'll let you know how it goes. So far though it's getting alot of wins, losing only to Kroak bomb and a Cities shooting list (40 handgunners). All the matches were super close though. I think there might be other variations this one just perfectly fits my playstyle and what I enjoy. If I had 2 VL and some K'dai is be tempted to try that more as well. I might try Archaon as well as I own him too.
  10. So I've played 8 games now with Legions testing out various lists and comps. The one below gives great games to top tier lists and I have beaten Seraphon bomb etc with it. That does not mean I am claiming this is the best, just one I have settled on. **Disclaimer your mileage may vary and you may own or prefer different models ๐Ÿ˜Š Verminlord Corruptor with 4fold blade and Ruinous aura - Echo of Hatred Kairos - Bolt of Ruin Great unclean one - Spirit Gouge BT of insensate rage Syll'Esske Battleline PlagueB 10 PlagueB 10 Daemonettes 10 (could be bloodletters) Endless spells Spell portal Vermintide I think if you owned a keeper of secrets you could take out the Grandpapa Nurgle and Syll'Esske and put in a cheaper Nurgle hero for summons. Also I think Deceiver + Verminlord is extremely powerful. The best thing about this allegiance is that the viability of many lists and that most lists don't remove from the strength of the allegiance. Also Verminlord C with 4fold buff with his own ability can slay so many things. I have one shot a Bastiladon with one just from fishing for 5s/6s
  11. Just did some quick math below, Its a 5 mins job so take what you will from it. I think 20 Blightkings will probably survive the combat phase on average. Might even survive a full turn or 2 against mw spam, shooting etc. I don't wanna wade in on the list Vs list discussion. I prefer a different playstyle but that doesn't mean 20 bk bombs won't post results. The key here is the 4+ save column (already added the FNP) and against some of the big hitters with only warscroll buffs (not added allegiance stuff like pluses to hit or spell buffs)
  12. Wondering what everyone's opinions are on the list in the spoilers. I don't think it's really groundbreaking but I do think it's a solid list with some nice damage dealers. The Arcana idea is that with Seraphon, Tzeentch there are alot of spells that will be extremely hard to unbind 10+ so 1/6 chance to get this might be a low percentile but allow some funny moments. Any tips of gravesite placements or new player ideas or list changes would be appreciated in these dull times๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  13. Are Skaven players worried at all that if Stormvermin were reduced in cost that then suddenly they would just be the default battle line over rats? What about the improvement of their warscroll to justify the cost? What changes could you make? Or a Horde discount as you get more?
  14. Taking out player skill > Tzeentch Chaos Ascendant and Slaanesh are near the top of warscroll efficiency. Then you have Khorne triple Thirster lists And finally Nurgle with Tallyband or Thrice. All are viable and all piloted well can get results. Find the models you live the most, master a list you'll be good ๐Ÿ‘
  15. Nagash is extremely strong and I am massively against dropping points because you drop here, then someone points to another unit and shouts drop here. Imagine if GW dropped points all the models people talk about be an absolute nightmare. Make the warscroll worth the current points if anything. Anyways that is a side point. Nagash is definitely worth 880 and has a place in OBR and LoN, not every list can be hyper competitive but you can 100% get results with LoN played as explained above.
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