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  1. My experience with Skyfires has been the opposite and they were extremely underwhelming and rarely got close to their investment back. I usually run HostDup with a 20xTzangors 10xpinks 10xpinks. The Tzangors if not effectively dealt with can apply early pressure to allow the wizards and pinks to get into position and do Tzeentch things. I agree with the threat if Darkfire doing damage back but I tend to cast mine from Be'lakor and he usually isn't near the bulk of my army. I do prefer it with Kairos/LoC. Either way I'd rather spend 80 points elsewhere than on the bow goats 😜😜
  2. So I like these off beat lists but I have play tested Skyfires and as much as I want them to be even close to worth 200 points. They really really are not worth it. I would take enlightened every single time...if not any unit in the book over them. Math hammer supports this and I still play tested them, just because I thought they can't be bad 16inch movement range etc. Tzangors on the other hand have been excellent in blobs of 20 for me against multiple types of lists. Many opponent's as well have said they didn't expect them to be quite as good. So my adaptions would be swap Skyfires > Enlightened and take the superb Darkfire Daemonrift πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  3. I'm lucky and have a Kroak Seraphon player in my group. I have played him 10+ times. Generally horror based changehost can win by attrition on obj, but it can get ropey if they do some solid opening damage. Flamer version I think is weak against castle Kroak, you have to commit so heavily to do damage it exposes you in the following turns. I have had success focusing on the astrolith bearer with mw spells through portal, then focusing on dispelling the balewind and in a response, the following turn Be'lakoring the kroak. This usually will give you enough time to set up your blobs of horrors and objective holders and then weather the following turns. If you want to 'changehost flamer' Kroak you have to play it like tau in 40k. You target the saurus guard with one blob and then all the other fire into Kroak once he has no 'drones' to soak wounds. Generally my matches are 60/40 in favour of Seraphon but in general I think we can win on obj on some battleplan. Zoning is the most important skill against tier S armies like KO, Seraphon etc you need to have map denial constantly in your mind if you are to win. Hope that helps.
  4. To add to this. I predominantly been playing non changehost lists and I have found the following to be worth their points in the matches I've played. Prismatic palisade - for making the board smaller and sheilding against an obvious alpha. Darkfire daemonrift - which I love when running a gaunt or Be'lakor Umbral Spell portal - For the reach of me spells. Soulscream Bridge - For putting Tzangors or Chaos chosen when you need them. Eternal Lifeswarm - in horror MSU lists for maximum tarpit shenanigans. Never really run more than 2 in my GoS and HoD lists. When I've run changehost I play horror heavy and tend to only take umbral portal.
  5. Yup we are in a 8 man league and he's playing Skaven so he's gonna roll it out against the Seraphon boys
  6. So this list sounds amazing, is there no rules stopping the mass deployment off the board like 40k? I checked the FAQ/erratas/designer commentary and core rules and I couldn't find anything. My friend wants to use this in our local tournament and I wanna give him the πŸ‘
  7. I have tested Be'lakor in a league game last weekend against Coalesced Seraphon. I was running changehost with him allied in but I was running horrors as I hate flamer models. Be'lakors ability shut down a Dread Saurian. This turned it into a scenery peice and then I blocked it's base with an endless spell. The guy said he wont be taking that model again 🀣🀣 I won on Blades edge 10-7. I have also run it 5+ times in lots of other lists and he usually makes back his points etc against KO (in my league) as they have said his 5+ does not affect fly high. Your mileage might vary dependant on armies. I think if I was going ultra competitive, I think 2 exalted flamers or some sort of heavy teleporting threat is more what the list needs than more control. My verdict is he is very solid.
  8. Blisterfeet


    Ok so me and my friend have played alot of games with Bel'akor recently and particularly in Legions of Chaos ascendant. He has a rule that says the following 'In addition before you allocate a wound or mortal wound to Be'Lakor, pick 1 friendly bloodletters, plaguebearers, Daemonettes or horror of Tzeentch unit within 8" of him and roll a dice. On a 4+ that wound is allocated to that unit instead' How does this work with MW allocation? 1) 3 MW are assigned to Be'lakor. He makes 3 6+ legion saves and saves 1, I then nominate the 2 remaining to nearest unit and make additional 6+ legion saves. 2) 3 MW are assigned to Be'lakor. He makes 3 6+ legion saves and saves 1, I then nominate the 2 remaining to nearest unit and they just take it 3) 3 MW are assigned to Be'lakor. I then nominate to nearest unit and make additional 6+ legion saves on them only and kill any that don't save. 4) other please use above example 😁
  9. Might be an obvious answer. If I run a slaves to darkness sorcerer lord or chaos lord in another chaos allegiance other than slaves, for instance Tzeentch does the Eye of God's table apply if they kill anything? Or does it work like marks of chaos and outside of StD the rules only follow the respective codex traits.
  10. Allegiance: Skaventide Leaders Grey Seer on Screaming Bell (240) Plague Priest on Plague Furnace (200) Verminlord Warbringer (280) Battleline 20 x Clanrats (120) - Rusty Spear 20 x Clanrats (120) - Rusty Spear 20 x Clanrats (120) - Rusty Spear Units 2 x Rat Ogors (90) 2 x Rat Ogors (90) 2 x Rat Ogors (90) 40 x Plague Monks (280) - Foetid Blades - 2x Standard Bearers - 2x Plague Harbingers 40 x Plague Monks (280) - Foetid Blades - 2x Standard Bearers - 2x Plague Harbingers 1 x Warp-Grinder (80) Total: 1990 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 205 @Laststand like this you mean. If you don't want the warp grinder you could just run 20 more wounds and make the clanrats 40 blob 🀣
  11. Thanks Kramer, I do try and use that when I play online 😁 should probably use it on my phone too in real life.
  12. Hey Slaanesh fans. Just an enquiry is their a host and battalion I can run with these units or would I need to purchase more? Not for competitiveness just for game days and fun. I Own; Archaon, 15 Chaos Knights, 20 Chaos Warriors, 1 Warshrine, 1 Chaos sorcerer lord, potentially a Shalaxi, all the StD endless spells. I've looked at warscroll builder but without a book and understanding the hosts I'm struggling to see if I have a legal list or should stick to StD allegiance. Appreciate any help πŸ˜πŸ‘
  13. More the merrier when it comes to advice. I think I see the issue. I was using them on TTS to hit.objective sitting blobs and chip damage. Admittedly though the swingy nature can lead to frustrating times and for 300 points it's a very valid point to bring something more consistent. It's a shame as the model is very cool.
  14. Thanks for the feedback I may save the claws for fluffy games then. I have some questions; So @Skreech Verminking with army building it's always said to be active in multiple phases. Is it a downside to not have any shooting even if it is inconsistent? (55% hit rate). @Verminlord I'll change the spell that makes more sense if I'm running more monks. The only way to fit fit Glottkin is to sacrifice both claws and the battalion to get him in. Which does minimize the horde aspect of the army
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