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  1. Finally after many years I got my hands on one these fantastic Chaos dwarfs from the old MM90 range. He will be going on a scenic base but I'm debating whether or not to get a GW one or get a scenic base from another company. Suggestions welcome.
  2. Oh gods, now Im going to have to go back and repaint all my scenery. This is too good not to steal.
  3. Long time lurker finally taking the plunge and joining the discussion. I'm a long time player having started back at the tail end of 6th Edition Warhammer fantasy. In that time I've collected almost every army GW has put out at some point or another. Currently running a Maggotkin army and finishing off a Khorne one as well with eyes on redoing my Legion of Azhgor at some point in the near future. My desk is littered with models of various factions and I swear I will get them all finished eventually ;).
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