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  1. I am strongly considering it. I wish I had bought a second breakaboss instead of Dobby. I feel like we have enough support units and lack boots-on-the-ground-combat units. The breakabosses are just an all around solid warscroll and, unlike the rest of our army, they function absolutely fine on their own without support. Its refreshing to have a unit that can just walk onto an objective without an entourage. The vulcha boss is the same situation.
  2. @whispersofblood How many games have you played with KB and vs what? Give me some context of your meta. I strongly disagree with your list my friend. No shaman? Gobsprakk, and 30 hob grots? It just doesn't seem like the kind of list I would lead off with when trying to put forth a competitive and contrarion analysis. Gobsprakk has some pretty interesting anti-magic properties, but the factions that dominate with magic (tzeentch, seraphon, and LRL) will just sail right over his dispels. And the faction most vulnerable to the mandrake (LRL) got FAQ'd so that their unit champions don't take the mortals. Gobsprakk just doesn't hold up even in the most ideal circumstances i'm afraid Gutrippaz have the damage output, there is no doubt. But practical application is difficult. Consider when they charge outside of the Sludgerakers aura, or more often, when they can't maximize on a pile in due to the same Sludgerakers positioning. Or even worse, when you charge too far away from the Swamp calla so on your next turn he is too far away to buff them again. So what ends up happening is you have a 360pt unit that is functionally a 780pt blob. Yes bolt boyz are a trap because they are fragile. But Gutrippaz are also a trap because they take high skill and ideal circumstances to field to their maximum potential. Bolt boyz are point and click. Sadly, IMHO, the most competitive way to field Kruleboys is to capitalize on the ability to take the most powerful model from the most powerful book in the game. (gatebreaker mega gargant). And to build the rest of the list around that model. And in that circumstance its bolt boyz spam, sludgeraker, shaman, and then salt to taste.
  3. He castled pretty hard in a long deployment scenario, so he wasn't able to cap primaries every turn. He knew that if he got within 27" of bolt boyz then his units were toast. So he played the long game, and maxed out his battle tactics while picking up multiple monster kills. Like I said, the game was close on paper but we both knew who was going to win as soon as his emerald swarm spell went off. Hence my multiple attempts at hail mary tactics lol. At one point i declared a charge vs teclis with 3 bolt boyz lmao. I'm going to have to disagree. I did the exact alpha strike tactic you mentioned, but the sentinels were just too resilient when they needed to be. And he had the tools to bring them back. I think a lot of us underestimate gutrippaz and troggoth allies, and that is a good point for sure. But the sentinels aren't the only critical issue for us in LRL. Total Eclipse and Voice of the mountain are ALSO huge issues. For example, I had 4 units camped on two objectives, properly screened. He casted total eclipse, voice of the mountain, and tecnado. He then shot my troggoths with sentinels (who actually rolled quite poorly). So now nearly every unit in my army had to take a battle shock test. Most of them were at least -4 after casualties, and inspiring presence was debuffed to cost 2CP. I lost the entire troggoth unit to battleshock and barely had enough CP to do Inspiring Presence on the gutrippaz. The "just camp on objectives" strategy doesn't work if you are bleeding hordes of points every turn. I respect that there are some really good Kruleboyz players out there who can take down LRL, but if you are implying that its a favorable matchup for Kruleboyz then we are just on different planets. And I think meta data and popular opinion are firmly on my planet lol.
  4. I appreciate the response. Thats an interesting idea. But i'm afraid the hob grots wouldn't be able to do much, if any, damage to sentinels. Mostly because of shining company. And the unleash hell would likely kill a chunk of them. And then you would need to burn a CP to keep them from running away. Thats one of the reasons I prefer to teleport the breakaboss, because he can pop finest hour and walk into unleash ****** with a 3+, and just flat out doesn't have to worry about battleshock. So best case scenario, a handful of hob grots would survive to die in my opponents magic phase. Also keep in mind this is predicated on the player not actually screening the sentinels. The only reason my opponent didn't was because he had never played vs Kruleboyz before and I don't think he understood the double move or teleport. HOWEVER you do have me wandering if teleporting 20 Gutrippaz would have been smarter. They have a bit more staying power than hob grotz, and may have been able to stick around long enough to deny multiple shooting phases. Total Eclipse remains a problem though, as the gutrippaz are going to bleed to battleshock tests and inspiring presence would cost 2 CP when its up.
  5. Quick update. Have played 11 games with Kruleboyz so far. Current record is 9-2. I honestly think the bolt boyz covered in mud carry the army. I usually bring a Mega as an ally but have experimented with a unit of 6 Fellwater Troggoths with some success. (check them out, they are solid). The Sludgeraker, Swampa calla, and at least 12 bolt boyz are an auto include IMHO. Big yellers are also the only subfaction I would ever consider. I did want to share a pretty rough game I had recently, as it does highlight some of our weaknesses in the meta. Happy for thoughts and feedback. The Vice. Kruleboyz vs LRL This was a long form deployment. He had Teclis and 30 sentinels, Scinari and some wardens, and I knew I was in trouble. He deployed his Sentinels literally on the short board edge behind a large rock. He gives me first turn, I supa sneaky a Breakaboss and "Fast'un" double move a Vulcha boss and both make it into this Sentinels. This was a hail mary to try and do as much damage as I could to them. But between his -1 to hit, atherquartz, and all out defense from his Scinari, I only managed to kill about half the squad. Both of my models die next turn to shooting/magic and he casts Emerald Lifeswarm, and proceeds to roll nothing but 5+ and brings al the sentinels back in 2 turns. So basically my 420pt sacrifice meant nothing The rest of the game is me trying to move up the board while getting massacred by Sentinels and Tecnado. I never make it close enough to matter, and only kill Teclis because he double moves onto my objective to get conquer. LRL win 25-21 The score was a bit misleading because this game never felt close or winnable. Sentinels being able to deploy 42 inches away (behind a giant rock) and delete units (with +6" range spell, power of hysh, and sometimes Lambent light casted through a spellportal) was really demoralizing. Also total eclipse was usually up meaning I didn't have the CP to keep inspiring presence up. His spells rarely failed, and when they did he rerolled with his terrain piece or aetherquartz. I think the scenario combined with terrain had a lot to do with it. Sentinels getting a long form deployment and a giant rock to hide behind is the perfect storm. Anyone have any thoughts on how to counter LRL? I keep circling back to a Mega, since they are able to weather the shots and move fast enough to reach them. But they just feel like a crutch.
  6. Ebay, but the prices are pretty outrageous now. They went from $6 a model to $15 model as soon as the book hit.
  7. I think its fine. I think any list with a Sludgeraker, shaman, killbow and a solid unit of bolt boyz is off to a good start. I absolutely love the model, but Gobbsprakk just seems too expensive for what he does, and the lack of access to a mount trait is pretty brutal, since the mount traits in this army are very good. The magic heavy armies he is meant to counter will sail right over his unbinds since he doesn't get any bonuses. Leaving his once per game mandrake as his only true value. I always bring a Vulcha, but I just prefer the Killaboss with an amulet of destiny and I give him the Fast'un trait. A potential 28" move plus a charge is quite solid, and 240pts for that much threat seems like a steal.
  8. Yea pre Codex i paid $37 for 6 but now they are double that. But strangely the dominion half prices havent changed. They are still hovering around $65-70 USD. If you do the conversion i posted above, this creates the weird situation where you can get 4 bolt boyz and a dominion half for $5 more than just straight up buying 4 kruleboyz. And im sure the Murknob could also easily be converted into a bolt boy too if you are desperate enough!
  9. Hey guys, if any of you are struggling to find Bolt Boyz at decent prices, i have found the Killaboss on foot to be a decent base for conversion. Bolt boyz are going for $44+ USD per 3 while killa bosses on foot are much cheaper and i know many of us have extras/unused. Just a small ballista from my 3d printer and some spare gutrippa spears and boom: Discount bolt boy champion.
  10. Would you (or your mate) care to go into detail on what they saw at that operation? Recasters are growing in popularity, and I think a lot of "fence sitters" would find a write up on that topic interesting.
  11. Wow fantastic article. Really makes me re-assess Gutrippaz. His comments regarding his approach to high level competitive play are a bit off-putting, but i can't help but admire his credentials. I always preach to my newbies that top table level play will burn you out, and him leaving the game for a while seems to support that theory.
  12. I'm not a fan but one was in the in Orruk Warclan lists that took top 10 in New Orleans this past weekend. So they clearly have legs. My main issue is that a Mega Gargant is like 65-95pts more and offers a lot more survivability and damage output. The Mega mercenaries are so good actually that I am having a hard time NOT bringing them in several of my factions.
  13. Oof. It seems like LRL have a hard counter for our shenanigans at every turn.
  14. If i'm not mistaken, the champion is the wizard in sentinel units and the champion is also who has the bird that lets them ignore LOS. So if he takes any mortals then they are done. (great idea actually)
  15. Thats an excellent question. I asked my local SC players and it turns out the player must have inadvertently cheated. Fortunately he failed the 7+ twice and it cost him the game and he didnt podium so no foul. Good catch.
  16. The Swamp calla just brings a lot of utility to the board and fits into the all important Sub Commander slot. HIs warscroll spell really punishes deepstrikers and Nasty Hex/Choking Mist are crazy good debuffs. And he is also fairly survivable for a wizard at 6 wounds with a 5+. A 100pt wizard in my other armies is usually just a one trick pony. I am primarily a Sylvaneth and Nighthaunt player though. So its possible a decent warscroll for a decent price looks quite fantastic to me 🤣🤣😭
  17. Ya know, whats strange is that I think several of the characters are a bit undercosted. The Swamp Calla and Breakaboss provide utility that is well beyond their points. And the rest of the kruleboyz characters are pretty well costed for the most part. Gutrippaz just kind of stand out as the black sheep of the book, especially since its so easy to bypass them completely with boltboy battleline.
  18. Yea I purchased a Vulcha after the tourney actually. He is already assembled lol. It was a tough choice between the Gobbsprak and Vulcha boss but the boss gets an artefact and mount trait and is sooooo cheap for a monster. So I am trying him first. Me and the other Kruleboy player both went Big Yellers. With Gutrippaz being as soft as they were, the Bolt Boy battleline is hard to give up. So I respect their wound count, and they can be pretty effective on turn 1 if you can trigger their shields and have Noisy Racket. But to be effective after that they really need a Boss for battleshock immunity and a Swamp Calla for poison. So that inflates their cost by another 215+pts. Adding a Sluderaker to the mix is just throwing more good money after bad. I just don't think they do anything that 10 hobgrotz wouldn't do just as well. I also found their Shields SUPER situational. Most of the time I needed the shields was in situations where they wouldn't trigger, like vs super killy heroes or if I was already engaged. Knowing what i know now, if I had to make the hardest list possible: I would bring all bolt boyz battleline and fill out the rest of the list with characters. They seem to do all the work anyway. The Sluderaker seems like an absolute wrecking ball.
  19. Just played a 3 game, 2000pt tourney. List was Gnashtooth, Swamp Calla, Breakaboss, 30 gutrippaz, 6 bolt boys, 6 bolt boyz, and a Gate Breaker mercenary. Game 1 vs Tempest Eye I gave him first turn and he rushed me. Between tempest eye and Ghur mage and some high charges he reached my lines on top of 1 . His shooting wrecked my bolt boys. My gutrippaz bounced off his screens. Gatebreaka made up for it and killed everything it touched (including Yndrasta and a 2+ steam tank). But he was up on objectives when time was called. Kruleboyz lose 15-18 Game 2 vs Stormcast I was on bottom table (submarine!) and played vs a newer SC player. He was deepstrike heavy, but because of my "supa sneaky" and some good screening on my part, he had really poor deepstrike options and delayed until turn 2. This was a mistake on his part because it let me get good board control. He then proceeded to deepstrike and fail 4 rerollable charges. It was easy pickings after that. Kruleboyz win 25-8 Game 3 vs Stormcast I was back on higher tables again. My opponent did everything right. Deepstriked his 10 Evocators 7 inches away from my Gate Breaker in an attempt to alpha him. But then he failed his rerollable 7" charge lol. Mega deleted his evocators and with 1/4th of his army dead he just couldn't keep up. I tabled him with an hour left on the clock. Kruleboyz win 29-14 I ended up placing 4th overall going 2-1. Closing Thoughts -Gutrippaz are not as impressive as I thought. While their massive wound count did serve as a deterrent, they absolutely evaporated when actually engaged and only averaged about 4-6 wounds per combat. -Bolt boyz were amazing. I used Noisy Racket to help keep them alive and it helped. I tried "covered in mud" once but I failed all three 4+ rolls . Noisy racket also helps in combat tho so it seems like the superior option, especially vs deepstriking/fast armies. -All three characters did fine. The Breakaboss never quite hit as hard as I liked but for 180pts I still think he is a steal. The Gnashtooth with Smelly'un was quite the tank and his speed and morale buff proved critical. (the army is quite slow) -Gatebreaker was the clear MVP, and definitely carried the army. Overall the I think the faction is definitely mid tier but I'm hoping the models released this past weekend will help them out. I will definitely be dropping Gutrippaz for either more bolt boyz or maybe some monsters.
  20. I don't think @Bosskelot was saying they are ridiculous, I think he was saying that 40k is overwhelmed with too many factions at the moment, and adding a new one while letting so many others languish is unfair. I don't personally mind in this instance (since squats were so beloved). But he does have a point. At this rate there is no way they will get all of their factions updated before 9th edition hits the 4 year mark.
  21. We have a similar issue with a LRL list dominating our meta. Its mostly just 30 sentinels + teclis though so its not as impossible as your situation. This is a bit of a stretch, but have you considered taking some allied shooting? Nighthaunt has two units with a surprising amount of ranged output. Specifically Olynder and Chainghasts. Olynder is particularly effective vs Lumineth since her scream targets leadership, her vale doesn't have to roll to hit, and her grave sands can only target characters. Its just a matter of getting her close enough since she isn't super fast. She also is a 2 caster and has a respectable melee profile. Chainghasts aren't exactly pro snipers, but they are cheap and also fight pretty decently. A squad of 4 might give you the pressure you need to keep the foxes from doing whatever they want.
  22. The shields wouldn't have mattered at all vs SOB. They no longer work against Monsters or Heroes.
  23. Not sure if you can subscribe separately, but the 40k app by itself use to be $2.99 USD a month while you can get a Warhammer+ sub for $60 USD a year. I know these are tight times, but the free model, gift voucher, and tv series are worth the extra $2 a month, at least to me. I bet the assassin model will sell on ebay for at least $50. Thats my plan anyway. Yea, you should always be able to see a Warscroll. But the special rules and allegiance abilities on the warscrolls would be locked, if they belong to a battletome released after the app launched. So right now literally every rule from every battletome is in the app, other than Orruks and SCE.
  24. So the 40k app let you have access to ALL rules released before the app came out. So as long as you have a warhammer+ sub, you should be able to see all rules for all battletomes other than Orruks and SCE. Typically, with locked battletomes, you could only see the basic warscroll and the names of the special rules. Whats strange about the AOS app is that you can currently see almost all of the SCE and Orruk special rules. Only a few things like artefacts, mount traits, and command traits are locked. This is probably an oversight or a beta perk. I imagine they will get locked again when it gets out of beta.
  25. TBH contrast painted models are the standard for my meta. I won the last two "best painted army" awards at tourneys using entirely contrast painted armies and all of my commissions are primarily contrast. There are a growing number of people who just want their army tabletop quality in 30 days or less, so I cater to them exclusively. Someone can be the best miniature painter in the world but if they never actually finish armies, then the awards will keep going to hacks like me. 🤣
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