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  1. I am gonna go out on a limb and generously guestimate that Thunderstomp will be d6 mortals in the charge phase to models with 1-2 wounds (infantry). Second General is just to extend basic command ability ranges. (Though in 40k named characters get command traits so that would be cool if we got that. Could be huge) That still doesn't justify her cost. Not even close. Her ONLY saving grace would be if there is a universal points increase by 15-20% like 40k saw. That would at least bring the rest of the game into the same solar system as her cost. And even then she wouldn't even be C tier material, she would just no longer be competitively toxic. With that being said, I have a soft spot for underdogs (I play Sylvaneth and NH after all) and I definitely plan on building a list around her once 3rd hits. It probably involves spamming spites or dryads just to try and get bodies on the board, and I don't expect to win: But if she can punch teclis or archaon in the face a few times it would be worth it.
  2. @Mirage8112 So another caveat of being "worth her points" is the liability of tying up 740pts in only 16 wounds. Most dedicated combat units (and many shooting armies) can dish out enough attacks to reliably kill her in a single phase. Make no mistake. Alarielle is bad. Like really bad. My suggestions about tactics for fielding Alarielle are "devils advocate" arguments, and are me trying to find a way to field her. She will never be competitive or good in the game as it currently exists.
  3. If I had to use her, I would use her like this: Fling her forward towards the scariest thing in the opponents list. Use her shooting attack, magic, impact hits and melee against that target if possible and nuke it off the table. Extra points if you can get the frozen kernel close enough to activate on her and/or make the charge with the 3 kurnoth hunters you summoned. Force your opponent to have to scramble to deal with her in their deployment zone. They will have to overcommit resources to make sure she dies, because even at one wound left she is still a moderate threat, and can potentially heal herself up. The healing potential of 2d6 plus d6 for regrowth is pretty annoying. The tragedy of her is that she brings a desperately needed "fast hammer" to the army, but she is just so overcosted she will almost never score her points back. An allied unit of 6 eels does the same job for less than half her cost.
  4. Why do you assume the GHB would be for 2nd edition? The new edition will come out alongside a new GHB. The GHB 2021 will likely modify points to accommodate changes in 3rd.
  5. The core of the issue is that her cost is clearly inflated to include the free unit she summons: ~200pts. However that kind of tax is not uniformly applied across the rest of the factions. For example, lord Kroak will on average contribute 5-7 CPs to a game, but he isn't taxed 250pts for that. But lets be honest, nobody bothered fielding her at 600pts. She was costed the same as 45 wounds of Kurnoth Hunters, and now she is closer to 60 wounds worth. I eagerly await the GHB 21 points costs and thunderstomp changes, but outside of sweeping game wide point increases, she is DOA competitively.
  6. My two cents: Wildwood changes: Good. Probably our biggest pickup in BR. I am ready for the new LOS rules right now! Also makes me want to take that floating tree endless spell that does d6 mortals when near a forest so the forest becomes quite scary to be near. Warsong Revenant: Overall pretty meh, but they are better than the TLA for the points. I'm hoping bravery plays a larger part in 3.0 and so maybe taking them with spites could help nuke bravery. I like the idea of putting her on a balewind for a highly versatile support unit with a lot of spell options. Alarielle: Guys. She is bad. Like really bad. Compare her to Morathi or Teclis and she just absolutely falls apart. She gained more reliable damage output, retreat and charge, and 2d6, but her Talon was nerfed into the ground. All of this for a 23% increase in cost. This hurts my soul because she is my favorite model. My only hope is that the "stomping and shouting" buff given to monsters mentioned in the preview will be the return of thunderstomp, and perhaps that plus a universal incoming point hike (like we saw in 40k) will justify her cost increase. But right now i just don't see it.
  7. Final practice game before the tournament. Nighthaunt vs Nurgle I continued on with my 30 hexwraith +20 revenant+coach dolorous guard/emerald host cheese. My opponent had approx 100 plaguebearers, two new BR characters, and Glottkin. Battleplan: Focal Points He outdrops me but takes turn 1, and uses a nurgle tree to run/charges a unit of 30 plaguebearers into my screen. He doesn't do much damage but now he is on 4 of the 6 objectives on the top of 1. I get aggressive and charge glottkin with coach and revenants, and charge two units of 20 plaguebearers with hexwraiths. I beat up the Glottkin pretty hard, but his new BR characters makes my own 6's do mortals back to me, and so the coach takes half of its own wounds . Hexwraiths REALLY hurt from the -1 to hit, but manage to kill about 20 plaguebearers off the board after battleshock. I score a few points but am now locked in combat with pretty much every unit. On his turn he kills the coach with the Gottkin shooting attack but is so bracketed he can't do much else. He buffs his block of 30 plaguebearers with several CA and spells and wrecks my 10 revenants and guardian of souls. Elsewhere the hexwraiths have lost their momentum and are in a grind vs plaguebearers (never a good place to be). On my turn I finish off the wounded Glottkin with a lucky arcane bolt and retreat with my hexwraiths, doing about 9 mortals between all three units with my flyover attack. I put him into a position to stay on objectives or charge me. He doesn't take the bait and keeps scoring. His allegiance let him heal d3 plaguebearers a turn and he occasionally rolls a lucky 1 battleshock to get d6 back. He also manages to summon 20 more plaguebearers somewhere around turn 3-4. I do some counter charges and kill a few but I just cannot keep up with ever growing number of plague bearers, and the -1 just absolutely hamstrings my hexwraiths damage out put. Nurgle win 25-17 This was a grindy game and I really missed my chainrasp blocks, but overall I think I did as well as could be expected. Plaguebearers are a really good counter for NH, since our army is almost universally hitting on 4+ and the new characters bouncing mortals on 6's to hit REALLY hurt when you are throwing 100 attacks with a hexwraith charge or 31 attacks rerolled with Revenants. I think I am gonna drop the Guardian of Souls and Chainghasts for Olynder. I know she is a bit of a glass cannon, but I'm hoping she can help put out some mortals if it comes to a grind, and her Grief Stricken spell could have really helped out with all the -1 to hit running around.
  8. Based on my experience in 9th edition: Its hard to quantify the overall impact since 40k had sizeable point increases to coincide with the decrease in size as well as significant rule changes (most notably secondary objectives). But I did note a sharp drop in castling armies and more focus on units that could both shoot and fight, (rather than dedicated shooting units). Terrain became even more important since it would often times be your only defense against faster units. Games definitely see combat faster since there is just simply less square footage to avoid it. From a practical standpoint its good IMHO, since it allows more room for more tables at events and makes home games a lot easier to manage. Its also pretty close in size to the Blasted Hallowheart and Moonbase Klassius "board in a box" sets and I find those super convenient. Note, when if first came out a lot of people on the internet screamed that "its just the MINIMUM table size, not the official table size" but I have seen the smaller table pretty much unanimously adopted by all events I have witnessed or attended. So I wouldn't expect a sizeable part of the community to stick to the old size. The smaller table WILL be the status quo going forward.
  9. Command ability looks the same. Talon nerfed pretty hard. Now if you successfully wound with it, you roll a dice. On a 6+ it auto kills the model, if you roll a 1-5 the wound is negated. Ouch. She doesn't run and charge, but she can retreat and charge.
  10. Warsong Revenant warscroll has leaked. Its a 4+ FNP. But everything else leaked seems correct. Combat is 3" range, 5 Attacks at 3+/3+/-1/2d Also gets +1 to cast while within 9" of any Awakened Wildwood.
  11. Warsong Revenant has leaked. Its a 4+ FNP. But everything else leaked seems correct. Combat is 3" range, 5 Attacks at 3+/3+/-1/2d Also gets +1 to cast while within 9" of any Awakened Wildwood.
  12. Legion of Grief exists until the 2021 GHB comes out and excludes it. So we have about 1 month and some change before its gone forever. But honestly with the addition of subfactions to Nighthaunt, and the hard nerfs to Necromancers, there is less and less reason to take LoG over Nighthaunt.
  13. Yea, frustratingly had he brought Dawnriders (which he usually does) he would have been able to dominate the movement phase as well. I did enjoy putting the Emerald Curse on Teclis though. Its a small addition from our new Subs but its super important vs God tier characters like him. My opponent is a really good player, but he made the mistake many LRL players make: They get paralyzed by trying to make sure all of their units are doing all the insane things they can do and not actually focusing on objectives. Yes your wardens get Cathalar buffs, Teclis buffs, Aetherquartz, and Shining Company buffs. But if they aren't actually chasing down objectives then you aren't going to win. I have a tournament next weekend, and my first round opponent is bringing LRL and its the same exact battleplan. So I am hoping I can pull this off again.
  14. Of course having both updated and expanded is the better option. But I'm not sure GW is on board for expanding existing factions. Lumineth was a rare example of the contrary, but typically factions are just getting a codex, a hero, and some endless spells/terrain and then left alone for a few more years. If merging codexes mean they update them more often then I am on board. Its the lesser of two evils given the historical treatment of small factions.
  15. Fyreslayers should have never been their own codex. They may in fact be the smallest amount of models to ever be supported by a full codex release. Giving them access to more units would benefit everyone, while still allowing you to field dedicated Fyreslayer lists. Also, both them and KO have some pretty severe codex issues at the moment. KO is overperforming and Fyreslayers are shoehorned into a single competitive list. Both could do with quite a few tweaks/adjustments and doing both at the same time prevents one from languishing for another year or so.
  16. Haha yea, statistically we are definitely among the worst 3 factions in the game, and we are more than often dead last. Hilariously we only outperform Grand Allegiance Order by a few tenths of a percent. Which means our allegiance rules aren't measurably better than having no allegiance rules at all So the short answer is that Sylvaneth don't do anything particularly well. Most armies have phases where they excel (or in the case of LRL, Tzeentch, and Seraphon, EVERY phase grumble grumble grumble) Sylvaneth do not have that special phase. As it stands we are either straight up bad (shooting, movement) or just mediocre (combat, magic).
  17. Played a competitive game vs a really hard Lumineth List including Teclis, 30 wardens, Cathalar, 20 sentinels, and 5 blade lords My list was 3x10 hexwraiths in dolorous guard, 20 chainrasp, 15 bladegeist, 12 myrmourn, a coach, spirit torment, and KoS on steed. Emerald host sub. Battleplan: Scorched Earth (with burned objectives scoring a flat 2CP since that is an upcoming tourney scenario) My opponent castled hard, took turn one and did about 10 mortals with tecnado. Between tecnado and sentinels, he ended up leaving my general on 1 wound , killing a few hexwraiths, and doing 5 wounds to the coach. Ouch On my turn, my coach (having hit level 3 on round 1!!!) healed 3 wounds, rolled a 6 to run, and rolled an 11 to charge some sentinels in his backfield. However, because of his subfactions and shining company, sentinels had -1 to be hit, 4+ save, and 5+ FNP. So even with the Wave of Terror I only killed 7/10 sentinels and he auto passed. Since he is castled up I move onto 6/8 objectives and scored well. Next turn I take 9-10 more mortals from another tecnado, lose both characters and he kills some hexwraiths with his 2+ save wardens (also -1 to hit and 5++ FNP). But he is unable to kill the coach which is now on his objective (it had 1 wound left!!) My turn I kill his big block of wardens, and basically pin him up in his deployment zone. Coach burns the objective he was on! I think I am in good shape until... He teleports (WTF they can teleport now??) onto my back objectives with 10 sentinels and burns 2 of my objectives Next turn, I burn another objective, and by this point the majority of his army is still hard castled, but he uses Speed of Hysh to double move into my deployment zone with blademasters. He charges my 7 remaining Myrmourn on the objective. Fortunately he rolls poorly and I make some hot 4+ saves, and I hold on to the objective to end the game. Final score: 20-16 Nighthaunt win! Thoughts I have expressed this before, but I find the LRL army quite frustrating to play against. The sheer damage output of Tecnado is insane, and its particularly rough on our army since we like to clump up for auras. And of course we all know what sentinels can do. However his army overly relied on castling and here the high mobility of Hexwraiths and Black Coach really paid off. His units are extremely over-performing, but if they arent on objectives they can't win games. The dolorous guard + emerald host cheese wasn't as effective as I hoped. Since he nearly always had -1 to hit, I often needed 5+ to hit, and he was shrugging my mortal wounds off. However I still think Hexwraiths have a place since their speed and durability make them hard to deal with. I often think about leaving the Coach at home but then there are games like this where he saves the day. I know he sucks in combat, but being able to turn 1 charge/tie up a high threat unit and ****** with your opponents plans is really powerful. Myrmourn were meh. I had hoped their magic defense would do better, but they took too many casualties before they got within range and trying to dispel auto-casted spells of 10 with a +3 isn't exactly reliable. I should have deepstriked them.
  18. I think the Black Coach is mostly fine in terms of statline, I just think it lacks the offensive output to justify its point cost (and model). At the end of the day you are generally relying on the 3 attacks from the rider to do most of the damage, and that just doesn't cut it. I think the soul grasp attack and scythe should both come standard (you shouldn't have to choose), along with about a 10% point drop. Those two minor changes would go a long way.
  19. So if we really want to take this discussion to lawyer levels: Legion of Nagash is still perfectly legal. Emails and FB responses have no impact on actual matched play legality. That is ENTIRELY reliant on the GHB and FAQs. Furthermore Legion of Grief is explicitly legal since it has always been ruled to be independent of LoN and even has an FAQ specifically legalizing it. However, I know perfectly well what the intent is and so I personally consider LoN and LoG to be retired factions. Soulblight is the new "generic undead" codex, period. We are in a weird "Lame Duck" phase of 2nd edition where things will probably be a bit messy until 3.0 lands.
  20. So in a meta full of Seraphon, LRL, and Tzeetch, I just don't get spells off. So I don't even bother with expensive endless spells like Cogs anymore. It will get dispelled. I barely bring wizards at all right now unless they just happen to be incidental to the list. You may have a point about Death riders, but Hexwraiths m12 + Pendant generally means that I am often making the decision on who gets charged and the +1 attack (or in my case +2 attack) is just more reliable for tournament play. The situations in which I roll a 9+ are a LOT less than situations where I just make a charge. I guess it comes down to a preference of sustainable damage over burst damage. I am a RAI kind of guy as well, and I am not gonna roll up to a pickup/friendly game with this kind of cheese, but with the current state of AOS (and the domination by 5-6 factions) I am absolutely gonna use every tool at my disposal for tournament play. Its not really any different from someone planting 40 berzerkers with a 4++ and always strike first on two main objectives. Or someone castling up and shooting with 30 sentinels with rerolls and -1 to be hit. Or an army of 4 Hurricanums in deepstrike and 30+ phoenix guard lol. All of these things are gonna be there (or at least they were at the last few tourneys) None of these lists were meant to exist, but they do, and they all beat the ****** out of NH, even with an extra attack on my Hexrwaiths lol.
  21. I actually asked the TO and he just replied. His default response to issues like this is "everything in AOS stacks unless specifically stated otherwise". So he is going to allow it. Also note this actually allows you to roll to bounce wounds twice, so your General is essentially immortal as long as there are hexwraiths nearby lol. Not super powerful with our army but could be funny if armies try to snipe him off early (happened last tourney) I mean my last 2 tournament opponents were Fyreslayers with 40+ berzerkers and DoK with snakes, morathi, and a horde of sisters of slaughter. My next practice game is vs LRL with 30 sentinels. So while this combo does make hexwraiths quite effective when they charge, they are still miles away from being competitive in this meta. So while I do personally try to avoid abusive/NPE list building, this isn't going to make me lose any sleep lol.
  22. Hey guys, whats everyone's interpretation of fielding Dolorous Guard in an Emerald Host Subfaction? Would the two instances of "Knights of Regret" stack? I know battallions are going away but I have a tournament before 3rd edition hits and would really like Hexwraiths with 8 attacks on the charge
  23. Just an observation: Between characters, spells, and battallions, you have 820pts in support. I feel like that is too much. Also we all know the Black Coach isn't much more than a distraction, so that is really closer to 1040pts in support units. You are relying on your Grimghast Reapers and Hexwraiths to do pretty much all the heavy lifting. I would trim some characters. Have you considered Dolorous guard? It is generally better than deathriders except for the very specific instances where you roll a 9+ on charges. It also frees up the points from the dreadblade. I'm not a super big fan of cogs since its often just as useful for your opponent as it is for you and its a heck of a points sink. But if you are going to be putting a lot of units in deepstrike then it might pay off.
  24. I wouldn't hold out too much hope for Broken Realms fixing anything. So far the updates have been 1-2 warscroll updates, a battallion, and maybe a new minor character. And we know the battallions are likely going away in a 2 months. Also, in some cases the warscroll changes came with excessively harsh point increases, so it was a net loss. See Dreadscythe Harridans as an example. We truly need a full codex rewrite or a massive expansion (Kurnothi) to become relevant again. We are fighting NH, Goblins, and BoC as literally the worst faction in the game. And we are winning that fight lol.
  25. Good catch. I completely overlooked that. But I think having both DG and Emerald Host stacking is what truly makes Hexwraiths scary. However I imagine the default choice usually will be Reikenor's Condemned. If your aren't bringing Hexwraiths then Emerald Host isn't that appealing.
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