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  1. is it possible for you to give examples of "faction terrain" that ISNT part of an allegiance ability? not calling you out in anyway im fairly new to AoS and been trying to follow this subject.
  2. welcome back dude 🤘, the stormcast were affectionately named the "Sig-marines" when they first released. As for advice for list building and what not, obviously your first port of call would be the TGA faction specific threads and of course the blog section for inspiration and what not. of course dont be afraid of asking any questions you might have in the tga forums, we dont bite unless you ask
  3. Very much so although only new to the AoS System a I've played other games in the past.
  4. being a nurgle player myself i wouldn't classify the entirety of maggotkin as resilient. its only really the daemon units that can be tough to shift, yes the blightkings are 4 wounds and 4+ save but thats it! by reading what you have replied to other you are looking for an army wide resiliency then i wouldnt recomment maggotkin, beastclaw is probably where you wanna be. good luck finding something thats interesting to you 👍
  5. welcome to the forums Longtooth. I much like you started as a collector more than a gamer but since then have found a great bunch of guys locally and i have really been enjoying gaming/social aspect of the hobby. best of luck dude 🤘
  6. welcome to the Forums dude 🤘
  7. Welcome to the fold Rusty. May all your hit rolls be blessed 🤘. Look forward to seeing your hobby updates
  8. hello fellow gamers ive been a long time collector of all things GW and have recently decided to try out the AOS system. I have a personal conundrum, i would LOVE to go to the LGS and throw some dice but i cant bring myself to go with unpainted models, easy right just paint my models......well the thing is im having ANXIETY like symptoms of painting my mini's. I absolutely adore the building aspect of the hobby but the painting is turning into something of a hindrance. My main issue is i dont want to look a fool with terrible looking models, supporting the vicious circle of not painting therefore not getting any better. has anybody experienced this or know somebody in a similar situation.
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