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  1. The Flesh Eaters FAQ says otherwise, specifically: Q: If I have 3 Abhorrant Ghoul Kings on the battlefield, can I spend 3 command points to use the ‘Summon Menat-arms’ command ability 3 times at the end of the same movement phase? A: Yes. and Q: When I use a Muster ability for a Courtier, do I roll separately for each Courtier? And do I only roll 6 dice for each Courtier, no matter how many Courtiers are on the battlefield? A: Yes to both questions. For example, if you had three Courtiers, you would pick one Courtier, then roll 6 dice and resolve the results for that Courtier, then move onto the next Courtier and roll 6 dice, and so on. and Q: Can any number of Abhorrant Archregents and Abhorrant Ghoul Kings use the Ruler of All He Surveys scenery rule for a single Charnel Throne on the same turn? A: Yes. Pretty clear cut there I'd say, feel free to check for yourself though. https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/age_of_sigmar_flesh-eater_courts_designers_commentary_en-1.pdf Rik
  2. So, to add to the possibility of it being a Vampire that's locked up in Sigmar's magic box.... When they teased which Factions would get day 1 pdf support for WarCry, the only Death Faction and the only Faction without a current Battletome of its own is Soulblight. Suggesting that they might be an independent Faction pretty darn soon..... Rik
  3. Please someone tell me where..... I'm scrounging everywhere for this set Rik
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