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  1. Phoenicium 1k Army Hey all! Decided to finally get into Cities of Digmar, and I tried making a smaller list. What do you think? City: Phoenicium 1000 points 1x Anointed on Flamespyre Phoenix Command ability: One with Ice and Fire Spell: Amber Mist Artifact: Amber Armor 10x Phoenix Guard 10x Phoenix guard 10x flagellants 10x flagellants 10x Irondrakes 1x Gyrocopter Essentially, I want the Flagellants to die to buff the other units, with a gyrocopter running up for objectives. What do you think?
  2. Yeah! The box didn’t come with the heroes, but it came with everything else so it was a fairly good deal with my local shop still have it. Would getting some kitties be better than getting more gnoblars? Just for screening and what not
  3. So, I have an old Ogre kingdoms box and I found that I can make a perfect 1000 list if I just add heros. Would this be a decent starting point? -1 Tyrant -1 Butcher -6 Gluttons -4 Ironguts -4 leadbelchers -20 Gnoblars
  4. For butchers, do you prefer cleavers or tenderisers?
  5. I honestly think Zarbag doesn't come into use until a 2k army. He is a hefty point sink for a fairly squishy wizard. Maybe look into a second fungoid? (Do the CP abilities stack?) or a couple madcap to spread the magic love around the field. Squig lure and hand of mork would really help with the list. Also, don't forget scuttletide if you can afford it pointwise. Its a super good blocking spell for its cost.
  6. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/08/12/tarnished-silver/ new malign sorcery story about our grots! Hopefully a sign towards more stuff?
  7. I am making my first list and I was wondering how it looks for local! Fungoid Cave-Shaman: hand of Mork Loonboss on Mangler Squigs: -Fight Another Day - Doppelganger Cloak, -General + Battleline + Squig Herd 10x Stabbas 40x Boingrot Bounders 10x Endless Spell: Scuttletide Realm of Origin: Ulgu
  8. How are GG doing post generals handbook? They’ve never seemed to do fantastic but I heard this helped them a little
  9. You can never go wrong with a squad of 20-40 stabbas, to hold objectives. Dont forget the army has native support of the unit due to the loonshrine
  10. Hey! Finished updating my first 1k squig list to be a bit more wellrounded! Would squigs stand a chance at being competitive? ++ *Pitched Battle* 2,000 (Destruction - Gloomspite Gitz) [1000pts] ++ + Leader + Fungoid Cave-Shaman: Squig Lure Loonboss on Mangler Squigs: Fight Another Day, Doppelganger Cloak, General + Battleline + Squig Herd : 6x Squig Herd : 6x Stabbas: 20 Stabbas + Other + Boingrot Bounders : 10x Loonsmasha Fanatics: 5x
  11. Thats why the rest of my list will be 15 hoppers, 10 squigs, and a fungoid shaman. I figured a durable shaman with command point potential would be good, and the hoppers could grab objectives/support the mangler. The squigs were mainly to hold on objective, but Im not sure if I need more than ten of them for them to last.
  12. Good Points all around! Ill definitely be rethinking my list, thought my purchases will probably be the same. It just changes how many squig calvary units I build of each variety. For 1000 points, I'm guessing the mangler and bounderz will be more than enough damage to pound through lists like Stormcast or maggotkin? The only other thing I want to try is the gobbopalooza, but I've heard mixed things on that
  13. Which artefact is the cloak? or is it a non battletome artefact
  14. I agree. I think that while I like the solid nature of bounderz, and will probably build 20-30 of them, I like hoppers as battleline with their speed and damage potential. Im thinking of maybe building them in a hoard style? Though I think min sized units hold value of their own. A blob of stabbas will probably be necessary just due to having a solid blob that cant be moved, but some magic for board denial. Also curious, do you think spiderfang and squigs have the potential to exist in the same list? The speed, fly, and damage potential together seem intriguing.
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