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  1. Totally agree. Droths have the great utility to be FAST, that you cannot count on % average damage they do. On last ETC the winning team (England) had a player with a Fyreslayer army with 2 droths (father+smiter). He won 5/5 plays. So, they're really good if you learn how to play them with your specific army (e.g. you use Ember Storm? that can be active on only one unit per turn, and droths doesn't need it...). If you don't, skip it and go for more bodies, they're more obvious and easy to play...
  2. Designer's commentary defines the principles, if in the meantime the rules change, the principles remain valid, there is no need to repeat them with each update of rules. So in my opinion the principle holds that the ability affects neighboring units at the time the ability is used. Obviously it is an interpretation and everyone can give their own.
  3. answering for Battlesmith's question. I think the right is the first option, in designer's commentary of old book was written: "Q: Does the benefit from a Battlesmith’s Icon of Grimnir still apply to units that – having been within 8" of him when the ability was used – move more than 8" away from him? A: Yes." So, if in the new designer's commentary that was not changed, I think the right answer should be the first.
  4. Like it, but I would swap the Runemaster on foot for another Runesmiter (on foot), for tunnelling a unit of 10 (merging 5+5) Auric Hearthguard, so in your turn of choice: emerge from tunnelling in 12" range from a monster, Lofnir command ability in your shooting phase, 20 magamapike ranged attacks +1 hit +1 wound --> [dmg 2 each] monster killer!! Nice tactic, already used, very satisfiying (for you, not really for your opponent...). Obviously you can't take the battalion. But in that way, you have room for at least flame-spitter and infernoth. Also the wall would be usuful, droths can cross
  5. Thank you Ash-horn and Fire-claw Adult, but I was not really satisfied with Fire-claw, think will substitute it with Coal-heart, to increase survivability
  6. just tried a few days ago a Lofnir list with 2 Sons on Droths, the reroll ability is really strong, and every Son hits like a Father. To verify it (RNG), I did some calculations, see attachment. If I wasn't wrong, a Son near another one has a damage output slightly better than a Father, also not taking count of the command ability of D6 mortal wounds in charge (that Father doesn't have). Sure you need to double them, and if one will be killed, the other will reduce of about 30-35% its damage output. So keep them both safe! bb
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