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  1. Does that mean if you only have one Daemonette model being the icon live, and you roll to bring back 1 single model, that model cannot be the musician because you no longer have 10 models to be able to have one musician? I understand the limit on the unit like, you may bring one champion and only one because thats the limit and dosnt require any amount of models to be there, but for the other member of the group of command, do you got to respect the actual limit based on your actual number of models? Seem a little weird, but since the rule is "adding models" and not "bringing back models" i guess is a rule hole that may work that way.
  2. So guys. When you get Daemonettes or Seekers back with the Icon effect (in a 1 on a battleshock test) can you get back the champion, musician, banner or other icons that has been slain? I cannot find an old FAQ or something that clarify this, but since all daemons do the same, i think is probably already somwhere. Otherwhise it would bring back only regular Daemonettes or Seekers i assume, but i see a lot of people fishing for the 1 when the unit is almost depleted and about to run, like leaving only the Icon as the last model of the unit in the table, so i wonder if you can bring back the other special models that are dead.
  3. Yes, that is how it works. You need to sacrifice your artifact to use the Fane tho, and in 1/6 games is gonna be wasted statistically. Of course if you are close enough or only need the buff for one turn, you can keep using your wounds for that. Notice Strongest Alone is a trait, so is not directly intechangable for the fane buff as if it were an artifact, but yeah, there are way better traits for Bladebringer than that one. Still usefull in some situations, but i dont think is optimal.
  4. Traits and Artifacts only apply to the hero and not the mount. All the chariot crew count as a mount (they even clarify this in the new warscroll format) so Hunter of Godbeasts only apply to the whip. Always tought of the artifact that add 1 dmg for heralds tho. Probably better on epitome since it got 9 atacks so 9 more potential dmg, but that depend if you gonna use contorted epitome locust too or only hide it behind for casting magic. Bladebringers on Exalted Chariots are so underrated by the Keeper comparison, but they got a ton of wounds to convert into DP, cost almost half the points, and deal 2d3 MW on charge, potentially more with good dice rolls, and d3 more in the enemy turn if it survives, I see it as good as a grinder as the potentially -2 rend 10 dmg of keeper claws. Of course Artifacts and Traits make the keeper stronger, but so do giving the right things to the Bladebringer. Some people where talking about the Goblet of Draining as an example, every time you inflict a wound to a hero roll a dice, on a 5+ you deal d3 more mortal wounds to that hero. Bladebringer can proc it 4 times a turn. In the magic phase using arcane bolt, in the charge phase with the chariot dmg, at the start of the combat phase with the chariot dmg, in the combat phase using the whip. In the enemy turn it can proc 2 times (both of the combat phase instances).
  5. Ey guys. Im new to slaanesh (actually been following the slaanesh releases almost a year now, preparing to start AOS with slaanesh once the battletome arrive) i used to play orcs in fantasy 12 years ago and now im ready for the new game. Anyways, i have been struggling to choose between the potential of a Daemon Prince and a Bladebringer on Seeker Chariot. Before the battletome i was really confident in the potential of the Daemon Prince as a 8 wounds piece capable of generating some good depravity points and keep in play with his atack first shenanigans, but now the Bladebringer cost the same in points, got the same wound and save characteristic, the locus of diversion act as a different but equivalently effective atack order shenanigan, the damage output of both units looks quite similar. The Daemon Prince can equip the axe for -2 rend but the chariot is gonna proc d3 mortal wounds every turn by retreat and charging wich offer almost the same tool to deal with armored targets, also both move the same (the Daemon Prince fly tho). The chariot can use a spell to reroll 1s to hit, but the Daemon Prince can pick the blade for a better martial prowess too. Now that the Fiends i got from wrath and rapture are nerfed and a little out of place in the army, i was planning to convert them to Daemon Princess (actually was planning to give them daemonettes heads anyway, i think they will look extremely cool as Daemon Princess) but im wondering if the Daemon Prince is also outclassed by the chariot. Since im planning to get a start collecting box, and you can buil 2 chariots with it (and even read something about not exactly following the guide to make both an exalted chariot and a seeker chariot, wich i plan to try) Anyone interested on disscusing this matter? Also im into cheap stuff, so probably gonna convert my own heros, not sure if gonna be able to have a Keeper of Secrets ever, would love to convert some Fiends into a Keeper, but they seem just too small for any good result. (Almost guarantee to do my own Contorted Epitome with two daemonettes and a little kitbash, probably the extra daemonettes that suposedly come in the start collecting box for the different chariots variances)
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