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  1. If they got any version of the Keeper CA, then the regular KoS will be gone for good. That may be a marketing/selling move from GW, a really mean one. Forcing you to buy Dexcessa to have "The good KoS" but since is a named character you better buy the regular worst KoS too to be able to summon. If they go the good way tho, KoS will retain her singular CA and even go down some points in the future. I find Dexcessa headpiece/hornthorns very similar to Morathi Khaine too. It may be related. One is like the goddess of murder and the other is like the embodiment of the sin of murder.
  2. That is too dangerous, probably a big design mistake, simply because you make them unfair, you risk making them overcosted when taken alone or undercosted when taken together, and is the same reason other discounts like the Daemonettes one are gone, because pointing in that way cannot be balanced. I can see a sub-faction or battalion making them work together because then you loose other advantages or pay extra points. GW may still do it anyway, they made other similar mistakes in the past.
  3. I think they will be around 300/400 pts so when you take both you pay 600/800 and compare to other God level miniatures. I also think Dexcessa is gonna be basically a 300pts beatstick, but really really beatstick (unless regular KoS that don't really hit that hard on average). Not having big weapons may mean a big number of weaker attacks, wich translate into being less swingy. Also perfect objective for the KoS CA. You cannot take two Dexcessa but you can make her fight twice. For Synessa I bet she will be an offensive buff support to contrast with Glutos defensive buff nature. Anyway if Syne
  4. Also Dexcessa seems right-handed and Synessa seems left-handed considering the main weapon is the scepter. Dex probably relate to being dextrous in combat, while Syn may relate to being sinister or being sinful, as she knows/encourages your sins, being the corruptor/manipulative of the twins. I wonder, if each one got a wide buff/aura (or enemy debuff aura), maybe that explain or justify the points of certain units. Like imagine that one gives a buff aura of +1 attack, then you are looking at Painbringers with 3 attacks and Twinsouls with 4 attacks, maybe even Blissbarb Archers with 3 shoot
  5. Im really happy with the twins. They present many aspects of the original Daemons i designed for Black Library two years ago, the same happened to the mortals they released and the mortals i created (speaking strictly of aesthetics). Last time I talked about the KoS model I pointed that the design of the old FW model was more of my taste, and that i was somewhat dissapointed (still admiting is an amazing model). These twins seems more like the FW model and are totally spot on for me at a design level. Their clothes are way more revealing, almost nude, and the multiple chests are back too (a
  6. I can see the Viceleader and Shardspeaker being worth 120 in a different meta, but they are almost guaranteed to fail their casting in our current spell-dom meta. Maybe that is why 100pts sound more fair in my head. I would also make the Infernal Enrapturess 120pts for the same reason, she is only good at disrupting low casters, the true spell-doms simply ignore her. I don't think is fair to simply say that IDK would be fine having it in a 4+ every single turn, because that afirmation seems to ignore that only our Daemon Heroes do locus and not our entire army. So you got to say something l
  7. I disagree with the shardspeaker being balanced in a 3+ because the range is really short and it points an enemy instead of an ally. In other armies you have instant effects that don't require a dice roll, that got better ranges or that point toward your own units making the positioning way easier. But i agree with the pray comparison. I disagree with the Shardspeaker himself being balanced at 150pts, other armies got similar support tools in the 100pts range, that is a 50% point cost difference, wich is a lot. I understand that half of the AoS armies got unreliable mechanics too, and the othe
  8. Our exalted seekers are strong indeed, i often defend them as being the powerful correctly pointed thing in our army (along with Glutos). The sad thing is when you try and compare them to Hellstriders, regular Seekers, regular Chariots, Paibringers or Twinsouls (I see some people defending Twinsouls but im not so sure about them, i still think Slickblades outshadow them by performing way better) I think there is plenty of things to envy in other armies, starting with efficiency per point cost. That can be easily fixed in the future anyway. The unreliability of Locus and Shardspeaker is a se
  9. That is really interesting. Yeah i started writing "If im not mistaken" because i cannot find the full rules and was talking out of memory from different videos, so was self-aware of maybe being wrong. Disengaging is not for your turn when you charge. The theory is that you got lets say 3 units of these guys. You go to shooting range and shoot, the enemy charge you, one of your units is destroyed but the other two disengage. You shoot again in your turn, the enemy charge you again, one of your units is destroyed but the other disengage. The last unit shoot. I don't know if you can fit 5 in the
  10. If im not mistaken these guys cost 130pts, the pile in shenanigans can be done all the time in certain subfaction (they also got +1 attack with the bows if within 3 of an enemy unit in the same subfaction, so more attacks in close combat) and got -2 rend. They can pile in out of combat (can ignore the pile in to the closest model) so they can freely disengage an enemy that charge them, since LRL activate two units every time, you can disengage two of these units as your first counter-activation, making them a total pain to remove from the table. Now, if we are talking about the Blissbarb
  11. We still got very important rules locked in Wrath of the Everchosen. If HoS was suposed to release last summer, and BR:Whathever with Slaanesh rules was prepared for this summer, that is a year between both books. Is not that rare. LRL prove that current schedule is tricky as they got 2 battletomes and a special book (BR:Teclis) release in a very short span of time.
  12. If it is something related to AoS 3.0 they should have waited for the General's Handbook to adjust every army at the same time. Not doing that in such a way is a big nonsensical mistake.
  13. I can see a subfaction/batallion/hero giving Twinsouls both bonuses all the time, that is the kind of synergy you would see in other battletomes. Imagine a Twinsoul hero doing that and making them battleline. Or them having both bonuses as long as they are within 12 of a Mortal Hero and a Daemon Hero. Or them having both bonuses while within 12 of Syl'Eskke (maybe in a Syl'Eskke special batallion). Or even a spell giving them both bonuses until your next hero phase, an extra spell that every wizard in your army knows if any Twinsoul unit is on the table. That is the level of design in other ne
  14. The discomfort is increased by the way they released HoS with massive point ups along with DoK with massive point reductions. And now BR:Teclis confirms that the point cost is not a tendency. Plus Warhammer community advertising the units as something they aren't (Twinsouls are not good vs big centerpieces, Slickblades are not the faster unit in AoS, Slaangors are not monstrous blenders...). HoS battletome is not that bad, but the HoS marketing and hype campaign was a disaster. I can easily see the guy that was in charge being fired because they are hurting their own fanbase, maybe that is why
  15. I still think lists based in Exalted Seekers spam and Glutos will do well (not top tier, but well). The sad part is the rest of the army heavily underperforming. Massive discounts needed for any other unit to be viable. The only thing that make you play other types of troops is the fact that Exalted Seekers aren't battleline, and still your best bet is to go 3x Chaos Warriors to have cheap object grabing battleline. Daemons are deceiving because they are good for their summoning points (DP fairly costed), but really bad for their regular points (built in-list terrible costed), so you still see
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