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  1. I figured I might try my luck and post on here. I know in the current covid climate going to clubs would be difficult at best and impossible at worst but I wanted to get a look in now. While I have a couple local friends around me who play the game, I want to find more players or even active clubs to play games of AoS with around my area. I live in Maidstone, Kent and I do have access to a car so I can afford to travel. It would be nice to have a club that actively plays AoS that I could attend monthly or even fortnightly, perhaps even participating in events as I am curious about delving into the tournament scenes. I am not entirely sure where to start looking, so I hope that this post will find someone who maybe able to point me in the right direction.
  2. Hello everyone Long time Warhammer player back from the grand old age of Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6th edition. I seriously started playing Age of Sigmar as soon as the first General's Handbook came out for the system. I always loved my swords and sorcery, fantasy and AoS fits me to a tee. When Bretonnians exploded in the old world I decided to use it as an opportunity to try a new army or two. I started AoS with Seraphon but I am now hooked on the murder goats that is Beasts of Chaos. I play games in Kent, in the UK and are part of a small but dedicated group who lives locally. If anyone who is part of any other Kent groups feel free to send me a message as I would love to try more games and meet more people. Hopes are to build and paint a massive hoard of gors up to a good 2k and start taking part of tournaments in the UK. Fingers crossed.
  3. This is looking amazing. I love the use of the Hexgorger Skulls on the sides, there is not mistaking who's faction this is for. One other little detail I like is how you did the base as the creature to look like its feet is sinking into the earth due to its own immense weight.
  4. Hey there. I will also be going to the June Throne of Skulls Doubles with my friend and I am really looking forward to seeing your mammoths for sure. These look really awesome, the level of detail just works so well and just screams Khorne (or that might be the screams of the dying enemies under them). The Gargantuan Squiggoth just seems to work as a base for the creature too. I'll be keeping an eye out for your army especially if you nominate one of them for the painting competition too. Speaking of the event, have you noticed the event itself is no longer on the calendar in the Warhammer World website, do we know what is going on there?
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