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  1. Black Templars didn't have their own codex since 4th edition while being one of the most popular SM factions. It's like they announced Bretonnia or Tomb Kings codex for AoS. Hype is massive in 40k community.
  2. Since lockdowns began there has been a worldwide overproduction of all kind of paper as the demand for office equipment plummeted. That said, it seems that there are some logistic/subcontractor issues with the printed part of the game, as GW said that the figures themselves will be available soon.
  3. Glaurio ven Alten is basically a Polish or Hungarian nobleman from XVI/XVII century, you could use him in historical games. Moreover, the bad ogres look and are equippeded just like Russian infantry from XVI/XVII century with their furs, hats and berdysh. What's more, the history of Ulfenkar mirrors the history of many Cenral European countries in the last 200-300 years. Similarly, you can find MANY far-eastern influences in the lore and aesthetics of LRL. Cental and Eastern Europe and China are probably the fastest growing markets for GW, hence the shift. We don't really care about (vam)pirates in continental Euro-Asia This naval focus is pure Anglo-Saxon thing.
  4. It's not a beastman as the hoof is shod, it's clearly a horse. Also chaos dwarf centaurs had cow bottoms and were even-hoofed.
  5. That is not surprising as the 'modern' concept of a vampire comes from various Slavic mythologies. Russian Wurdilac is a later iteration coming from XIX century literature. It also incorporates some Christian elements. In the area of Poland where I live older rural folk still remember tales of a so called Wąpierz (Vom-piesh) which is basically a tormented soul drinking blood during nights. These believes certainly date back to pre-Christian era and were not influenced by the modern pop-culture since.
  6. Tzaangors are basically blue bestigors at the moment, while enlightened are comparable in dmg output with minotaurs AKA (smthcopyrightable)bulls. So the only niches left are basic goats and ungors.
  7. Aesthetic is very occidental in general probably you are right that its rather Japanese/Korean. However their approach toward other cultures is very Chinese, not Japanese. Japan is very xenophobic as opposed to China.
  8. It's not about believing, it's about Chinese market size. Similarly, Tau sells very well in China.
  9. They haven't released warbands form Nightvault starter as separate kits. They only did it once with the original S1 starter.
  10. The warbands will be released two at a time as always. There was only one instance when Grymwatch and Rippas were released separately but that was due to some cards misprint in Rippas set that caused a delay.
  11. Given the sculpted base it is probably a part of a new WU warband what will depict a totally new faction/race vide Kurnothi last year.
  12. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying, that she is a great painter because she is a woman. That said, I believe that what is so stunning in her style is somehow shared by other great female painters, like Kaha (I have linked her facebook site above). Every good painter develops his own, unique style with time. When it comes to female painters, it is often, that the style distinguishes itself by the unique use of colours. And I am not talking only about miniature painters.
  13. Many scientific studies demonstrated that there are measurable differences in the way males and females see, perceive, and talk about color. It's a bit of both evolutionary adaptation and culture. While males were hunting for brown hares in brown grass, females were looking for red berries, etc.
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