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  1. 17 minutes ago, Kramer said:

    Haha what was bleeb'ed there? The parts between belly and chin?

    Yes, not sure why tbh

     I didn't use a rude word. Chickens have them. Not leg or wing, a word starting with B. Seems blood and violence is ok but not the correct word for a part of the female anatomy. We live live in a strange world :)

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  2. 5 hours ago, Sovereign said:

    Anyone have any interesting alternatives for Tyrants and Butchers? Avatars of War has models that would make cool Tyrants, but I'm having a hard time finding a suitable Butcher.

    I really don't want to deal with finecast. :(

    I never like the butcher model for ogre kingdoms so I just made my own kit bashing from the standard ogre sprue. I'll upload some photos later it may give you some inspiration.


    Edit: here you go, just an ogor with a cleaver , and fair bit of greenstuff. I have another 1 as well, made in much the same way, only with bigger ****** and some hair taken from the giant kit. large.butcher.jpg.314cbc50639e87351f490af0cc118e85.jpg

  3. @ryanguy88 Yeah I totally get where you are coming from and cheers for the advice, it's very much appreciated.

    My first ever army was Skaven in 3rd and 4th edition WFB and I never recovered from having to paint so many damn rats, so big numbers of models kills me inside haha. Hence me picking up ogres in 6th. I guess I just need to get a few games under my belt and see how I get on, and take things from there.  I'm not overly fussed with being hyper competative anyway.

    Here's hoping there is some gutbuster love round the corner from GW.

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  4. hey all, first post here, sorry if its a bit long -

    So I have an OK army from 6th edition, and after initially being dismayed at the death and re-birth of fantasy I am now getting in to AoS, and enjoying the new range.  I have the following OK miniatures -
    giant (gargant), 3 Yhetees, 4 leadbelchers, 1 Gouger, 1 Tyrant, 1 Hunter, 3 Butchers and 12 Ironguts (3 of which have banners).

    So I am a bit confused about what to do in a few ways - 

    Firstly some of the miniatures I have are part of Beastclaw Raiders now (the Yhetees and Hunter I believe?) whereas the rest are part of Gutbusters. I am about to re-base them, but I am not sure thematically what bases they should have, currently they have square muddy swampy bases with bits of snow here and there. I'm moving them on to circular bases, but would this design still be appropriate for all of them, or only the BCR's ? Am I correct in thinking both the ogor factions are nomadic races and do not reside in one specific realm?

    The next thing I was wondering is what would an army build look like using the miniatures I have listed that would be reasonably effective, and if I need to expand any area to make them work what would that be. e.g buy more gourgers to make a unit, or get X amount of basic ogors etc... Basically where should I spend my money :)

    Finally does anyone know if I should stay away from buying Gutbusters incase they are phased out of AoS, and just buy BCR instead as the likelyhood is they are here to stay? Or is this still a big unknown?

    thank you


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