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  1. Garion

    My Blood Bowl Teams

    Added a Pogo of Doom to the team Insert other media
  2. Garion

    My Blood Bowl Teams

    My goblin team is finished. still suck at taking photos of my work though.
  3. Garion

    My Blood Bowl Teams

    Goblin Bomber from Blood Bowl, my test miniature for the forthcoming Goblin team. next up I will be painting 12 goblins, followed by, all the goblin secret weapons, then 2 Trolls.
  4. I'm hopeful the book is coming fairly soon. The image on warhammer rumours looks like an ogor weapon to me. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/11/the-rumour-engine-11th-june-2019/
  5. Garion

    My Blood Bowl Teams

    My old Mighty Zug miniature from the 5th edition range of models. This rarity was only released for Gamesworkshop staff at the end of the 5th edition line. more teams below, and much more to come.
  6. Garion

    My Blood Bowl Teams

    My Woodland Pact team. This was my take on the chaos pact team (now called Chaos Renegades), swapping chaos players for Woodland themed beings. These guys arent my handiwork however. They were painted for me.
  7. Garion

    My AOS - Ogors

    6 Ogors, re-based. Only my 4 Leadbelchers to re-base and finish painting, then my Gutbusters are finished! woo hoo \o/
  8. Garion


    6 Ogors re-based for AoS
  9. Garion


    re-based for Aos, 3 Yhetees, a Gargant, Gorger, Tyrant and Hunter
  10. Garion


    Re-based for AOS - 9 Ironguts
  11. Garion


    Re-based for AOS, 3 Ironguts and 2 Butchers
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