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  1. @Trevelyan I'm afraid I don't know. I've not bought any yet but assumed they were accurate. I'm not planning on playing in any tournaments or anything though so they'll be fine for what I need but if you've had a different experience with their older bases then i'll update my post with a caution.
  2. If you are playing tournament games then you'll need the real deal. FLGS might be a little more relaxed about it but best to check beforehand. I can't really afford the new trees at the moment so I found somewhere that sells the bases cut in MDF for £3 per wood (1 wood = x3 tree bases). They don't look fantastic but you can do them up and I'm sure they'd be fine for friendly games. https://counterattackbases.co.uk/item/wild-wood-base-set Edit: I've not bought any of these yet, but it's possible they might only be an approximation in terms of the actual base size, so if you're going to buy from them just be aware of that.
  3. Seems like you have pretty much everything. Maybe 5 more spite-revs to give you the option of a full unit?
  4. I'm currently working on this as my solution: https://www.beastsofwar.com/project/1228712/ I have all the stuff. Just need to put my army together 😇
  5. @Emissary Thanks a lot for showing those. They look great and yeah the Dryad arms on the Branchwych body work nicely. Do they attach OK or did you have to use some greenstuff to fix it up a little?
  6. This is a great tip to make a Branchwraith, thanks. I have my Start Collecting box still to make up so I'll make sure to do something like this to have a Branchwraith available.
  7. The York Wargames Society has been on the go since the early seventies. The members come from all parts of your life from students to business owners. We play a wide range of games and it would be no exaggeration if you picked a point in history someone has that army. Fantasy and Sc-fi games have a strong presence with games like Malifaux and Warmachine being played regularly. Over half the club are active role-players and again the range of games is huge from recent additions like Achtung Cthulhu to old favourites like Runequest.
  8. This link has just about all the leaked info I think: https://imgur.com/a/6SgC7Ji Just had a quick re-read of the Awakened Wyldwoods warscroll. Interestingly, it specifically mentions creating a ring out of each of the citadel woods used to create the Wyldwood. I guess they mention "ring" over "circle" so as to allow someone using four or more trees to create a more oval shaped "ring" which is longer but with less width to allow Wyldwoods to fit into and around spaces that are less open to the standard, circular, 3-tree Wyldwood? Would be interesting to see the tactical uses for that.
  9. The leaked info isn't officially "official" yet so you probably won't find it on Battlescribe until the new tome is released. Just have to wait a bit longer 😭
  10. Anyone else notice the angry Dryad in the background? 😈
  11. If you want to play Dreadwood battalion then you'll need Spite-Revenants. Though with the potential for battalions to be shaken up in the new tome you may want to hang fire on building them until that gets released? Failing that, just build the ones you like I would also be interested to know if people are giving the Tree-Rev Scion an enchanted blade for 4 attacks or a Glaive for the damage 2? Though I suppose the answer may be that it doesn't matter seeing as the unit isn't really there for damage dealing duties?
  12. Thanks for the clarification on that @BetterOffGwen and @Aezeal.
  13. Yeah I was thinking perhaps something like the Godswood trees from Game of Thrones (pale white with reddish/pinkish leaves) or more frost themed with blue leaves? I live in York and am a member of the York Wargames Society here. The club recently started running an extra day specifically for GW games so it's nice to see lots of people getting 40k, AoS and Kill Team on the tables. Also means once my Sylvaneth are ready I have some people to play against!
  14. Hi @Lightbox and thanks for the welcome! Yeah it's always nice to find a port of calm in the storm that is the internet. I look forward to contributing in my small way. I've seen some really amazing paint schemes for Sylvaneth on Reddit. All the seasons get represented really nicely, though Winter not so much which is why perhaps I'm drawn to painting mine in a wintery theme. Or I saw Durthu painted in a really nice volcanic ash colour which also caught my eye. I really love the Sylvaneth models and can't wait to get started painting them. Bone armour for Khorne sounds great! I'll have to get some "Blood for the Blood God" for blood splatters as you say. My Kurnoth scythes/swords have some heads to take!
  15. I haven't played a game of AoS yet (still collecting, building etc..) so please correct me if I'm wrong as most of my knowledge has come from reading posts on here and reddit and watching battle reports on Youtube, but is a unit of 9 Kurnoth Hunters with scythes overkill? I realise that it would likely wreck pretty much anything but also seems like a very high priority target for enemies. Would you have more flexibility without sacrificing too much from the larger unit by taking 3 of the KH and making them a unit with Greatswords or Bows?
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