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  1. Thanks for the clarification on that @BetterOffGwen and @Aezeal.
  2. Yeah I was thinking perhaps something like the Godswood trees from Game of Thrones (pale white with reddish/pinkish leaves) or more frost themed with blue leaves? I live in York and am a member of the York Wargames Society here. The club recently started running an extra day specifically for GW games so it's nice to see lots of people getting 40k, AoS and Kill Team on the tables. Also means once my Sylvaneth are ready I have some people to play against!
  3. Hi @Lightbox and thanks for the welcome! Yeah it's always nice to find a port of calm in the storm that is the internet. I look forward to contributing in my small way. I've seen some really amazing paint schemes for Sylvaneth on Reddit. All the seasons get represented really nicely, though Winter not so much which is why perhaps I'm drawn to painting mine in a wintery theme. Or I saw Durthu painted in a really nice volcanic ash colour which also caught my eye. I really love the Sylvaneth models and can't wait to get started painting them. Bone armour for Khorne sounds great! I'll have to get some "Blood for the Blood God" for blood splatters as you say. My Kurnoth scythes/swords have some heads to take!
  4. I haven't played a game of AoS yet (still collecting, building etc..) so please correct me if I'm wrong as most of my knowledge has come from reading posts on here and reddit and watching battle reports on Youtube, but is a unit of 9 Kurnoth Hunters with scythes overkill? I realise that it would likely wreck pretty much anything but also seems like a very high priority target for enemies. Would you have more flexibility without sacrificing too much from the larger unit by taking 3 of the KH and making them a unit with Greatswords or Bows?
  5. Hi Galvainn, and thanks very much! I'm sure I will enjoy it once I get around to having a game of it. My copy of the Core Rule book arrived today and I've had confirmation of Looncurse being shipped to me today too so hopefully not too long to wait! Kill Team is really good fun. Fairly quick to play, easy to transport and a relatively small buy-in. GW did a great job with it which is why I'm also really looking forward to seeing what they do with WarCry.
  6. Ah righto. I haven't played 8th ed. 40k. I just never enjoyed 40k enough to want to play this edition, though I did have a Dark Angels army and an Eldar army back in the day (20+ years ago!). Kill Team is more than enough 40k for me. Played High Elves for a while in WFB, again a long time ago. Haven't even played a starter game of AoS yet. I should probs go to my local GW and have a game, though I've been reading the forums here, some stuff on Reddit and watching battle reports by "ReRolling Ones" on youtube so I think I have some of the rules down already.
  7. Thanks StormCastGinger! I see you are also a relative newbie to these forums. Have you recently become interested in Age of Sigmar as well?
  8. Hello all, Allow myself to introduce .... myself. (Yeah, yeah I borrowed that gag). I'm Jim from the UK. Got back into GW gaming in the last year or two when myself and a few friends began playing a Blood Bowl league and Kill Team. For Kill Team I bought AdMech, then decided on just one more team (Harlequins), then one final team (Tyranids). Then I bought Deathwatch. For Blood Bowl I used Skaven in our first league and came 3rd out of 4. In our 2nd league I used Chaos and came second by 1 point! Ugh. This has lead to myself and a friend getting interested in Age of Sigmar (we are both generally more interested in Fantasy settings anyway) and pre-ordering the Looncurse set together. He's gonna take the Grots and I'm taking the Sylvaneth. I really like how the Sylvaneth models look so that was my main draw to them. I was also considering Khorne and may still do in the future if the wife lets me 😇. Looking forward to getting building, painting, figuring out Sylvaneth storage problems and trying out the game! Cheers for reading and I look forward to chatting with some of you!
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