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  1. Another weekend another battle! Sadly was only able to get one game in, but it was fun! My List: Opponents List: We played the mission where only heroes could capture objectives. And I only had two. Turn One: I wanted to go first so I could put up all my buffs and spells. The Liege and Deathriders went straight for my right side objective while Nagash and the Mortek trundled forward. No shooting or combat. He tried casting some spells but got off summoning some Dryads. He then placed two forests on both sides objectives. Everqueen tried shooting the Kavalos but his relic negated it. Turn Two: I win the roll off and repeated buffing with spells and the Bone-Tithe. One of the Mortek Guard formed a circle around Nagash in the center objective. The second squad ran to the left objective and tried to intercept the Dryads and Branchwraith. Kavalos stays on the right objective and never moved again. Deathriders charge a two units of three Hunters and kills off one squad and brings the other down to 2. His attacks kill two riders. The Everqueen pops out a Treelord and makes his way toward my Kavalos. The Ancient, Everqueen, and the wounded Hunters go into combat with riders. The fresh Hunter squad manage to kill all 20 of my Mortek (I ran out of RDP for Shield Wall). Nagash then proceeds to make sure they don't exist. My Deathriders went down to two left. I managed to pull them from the Ancient and Hunters to deny a pile in. Turn Three: He wins and tries casting some spells but I largely stop them. The Everqueen is tied up with two riders, but the remaining Hunters and Ancient are free to go after Nagash. The Treelord decides to charge into the Kavalos, but they were both wet noodles and nothing happened. Everqueen kills the rest of the Riders and Nagash took a wound and teleported to the far objective to claim it. Again I buff up the remaining Mortek Guard who have been killing Dryads and blocking a way to the objective. Nagash put some wounds on the Ancient and killed the Branchwraith. Mortek Guard charge in and take out both the Ancient and Hunters. All he has left is some shambles of Dryads, the Spites which won't do much, and a Treelord and the Everqueen. Turn Four: He wins again and charges forward to kill the Kavalos and score some points. The combat ended up with the Kavalos taking 3 wounds and doing 2 back to her (the horse kicks really hard I guess). At this point it's 5-0 and he concedes seeing he can't kill Nagash on the other side of the board and only one hero left. We still play out my turn just to see if he can kill the Kavalos but he doesn't do enough wounds and Nagash will just heal him every turn. VICTORY TO THE OSSIARCH. Lessons I have learned. -Nagash is good AMAZING. But he doesn't fit my play style. I'll probably play him when tournaments come back around. -While buffed the Deathriders hit really well. But they can't be in combat for more than a turn as their buffs are wasted. -Hunters still hurt when they attack twice. -The list has low RDP. I tried casting Arcane Command but rolled low every time and denied or just got one RDP from it. -Even with the model I still forget to use the Nexus. It could have saved some of the Mortek Guard with the -1 to hit.
  2. Welcome to my first blog post. I will be the first to admit that I am pretty bad at this game. Most games I play I'm just an average player. But I love this game and will continue to play. A little bit about myself. I started around 2014 playing Warhammer 40K with Grey Knights. With a lot of people Dawn of War was my first real introduction into the universe. Fast forward a couple years later and a friend of mine pulled out some dwarves. My first thought was "These are small and what are those bases". He then offered to show me how to play using some old Empire models and I was hooked. After playing years of the "good guys" in 40K I wanted something very different. Thus began my journey into Death. My first models were Skeletons and Vlad von Carstein. I quickly got a 500 point army and played verse another friend who was beginning with Skaven. I swear he had 100 or so rats and I was panicking at my small force of (from terrible memory): Vampire Skeleton Blob Horrors Hexwraiths What I remember was I managed to mow down most of his army with the Hexwraiths and Skeletons and that he was shocked that mass bodies didn't work well. Sadly I never played another game of Fantasy after that. Fast forward to 2018 and Nighthaunt were just released. The inner Death armies in my were screaming to get back into the game. So I did. Started with the box collection and split it with someone at the LGS. I quickly assembled a 1000 point list and played my very first game verses my old roommate who had Sylvaneth (fun fact I play him regularly on weekends). Oddly enough I can't remember what I took other than Chainwrasps, Reapers, and "Vlad" as a generic vampire. Fast forward to 2019 and I sold my Nighthaunt because their play style didn't fit what I wanted. So next logical step? Flesh Eaters Court. Because over the years of painting and playing I always said I was terrible at painting flesh, so why not get an army that was basically flesh and bone? I ended getting a decent force for them and played in a couple tournaments and generally took top 3. But they again weren't my play style... Fast forward to April of 2020. I say "hey why not give this one last shot?" and picked up Ossiarch Bonereapers. I picked up the essentials and started reading about them and planning a paint scheme. I had no knowledge of what they were or how they performed I just new I wanted to stick with a Death army and their models are some of my favorites (Nighthaunt still win on being the coolest to me). So here we are today sitting at roughly 2500 points of Ossiarch Bonereapers. About a dozen or so games I played I am very much enjoying how they play. A nice brick wall of "elite" units that can act independently. The painting is very different than what I normally do for 40K and it's part of the challenge with the army. That's it folks. A little intro into me and the hobby that I very much enjoy. I am really hoping that I will stick with OBR, but only time will tell!
  3. Back again from a weekend game! We decided to bump up the point values to 2000 (with proxy) and it was a closer game than I thought! My List: My Opponents List: (from memory again) We played Battle for the Pass I think. I'll shorted up the report, but early game I was struggling to hold objectives (we are slow) and my Deathriders got wiped out from Spirit of Durthu turn one. Highlights of the game: -Arkahn managed to kill 2 hunters with Curse of the Years. -My 20 Mortek Guard managed to hold off a Treelord, Treelord Ancient, 3x Hunters with Scythes, and 6x Hunters with Swords for 2 turns before being wiped out. -A crawler got extremely lucky and managed to take out a lone group of Hunters. -When your opponent can't make saves Crawlers really hurt -Charged the Treelord into my Soulmason and didn't kill him and the Soulmason doing 3 wounds in return -Never successfully cast Arcane Command -Successfully casted Soul-Guide 3 Times (despite rolling 8 or 9 times) -Three forests really stop Crawlers from shooting. Score at the end was: Ossiarch Bonereapers - 24 Sylvaneth - 15 Next weekend I'll be trying a slight variation on the list: I figured more staying bodies and an extra artifact for the Liege (Helm of the Ordained) will help if they dispell the Shrieker or my dice fail me. I'll let you all know how it goes!
  4. Quick question. I've been seeing lists with Katakros as the general in non Praetorian lists, but you still need someone to take the command trait for the specific legion yes? Example: -Katakros (general) -Liege -Other Units I'm getting an error in the app saying someone needs to take the command trait. (Just spitballing a list) Thanks!
  5. Back again, Had my first three games last Saturday with OBR and wow. They are pretty awesome. My List Friends List (from memory) Overall I won two out of the three games and I am pretty impressed with the survivability of OBR. I'm hoping once my LGS opens back up I will be able to test again other opponents (More Sylvaneth, Stormcast, Seraphon, DoK, and Cites of Sigmar from what I remember). This weekend I'll be moving up to 1500 points and adding a Soulmason, Stalkers/Immortis Guard, and something else. Once Arkhan arrives and more Mortek Guard I'll bump up to 2000. I just want to add my thoughts (as a newish player to AoS and a new player to OBR) about my 1000 point list.* Liege-Kavalos: On paper he looks and sounds amazing (gorgeous model too), but I find him lacking in combat. It could be what I throw him into, but he doesn't have the damage output as it almost seems. Boneshaper: A great support hero. He can't sling spells like a champ, but he was normally there to put out the endless spell T1 and then cast his powers T2+. Probably will run him until I get Arkhan. Just remember to keep him close to the Mortek Guard in case of a double turn. (Learned that the hard way) Morek Guard: These guys are amazing. Surprised on their base size since they seemed bigger online. They are and will be the biggest damage dealer and biggest speed bump in the lists to come. 6 Hunters have guarded into a 10 man unit once and took 2 turns of combat to wipe them. Deathriders: Honestly I don't know about them. I sadly never got a charge off with them so their spears never came into play. They died usually T2 or T3 without doing much back. I want to test them more. Stalkers: When I first read them they didn't really seem like much, but once I actually played them they chewed through whatever I put them on. Treelord? Gone. Dryads? Poof. Drycha? See ya later. Bone Shrieker- Annoyed my opponent more than anything. The buffs it provides is invaluable. Bone-Tithe Nexus- Honestly I forgot I had this on the table after T1 since I used a proxy at the time. BUT when I did remember it really helped with the -1 to hit on Hunters. Overall: I am really happy with the army and the list. Obviously it needs more testing but from a new player perspective I had a great time. *I only played Sylvaneth and probably will only play against them for awhile so take some of what I wrote with a grain of salt. I've not faced any heavy shooty lists or high magic yet.* Thanks for reading! I'll be back after Saturday to share my thoughts (maybe get some pictures because I actually have models now😅)
  6. Hey everyone, Finally got a good chunk of OBR and I'm ready to start assembling. Hopefully this will be the army that I stick with! *Fun fact I started playing Vampire Counts back in the day, went to Nighthaunt, then FEC. So basically played every Death army ha* So far have the following (all unassembled) Liege-Kavalos Boneshaper Soulmason 40x Mortek guard 6x Stalkers/Immortis Guard 5x Deathriders Harvester Nexus Endless Spells A couple of quick questions before I start assembling and playing. I see in a lot of 2000 point lists people don't use the Liege-Kavalos often. Is the reason for that because we have better options? Is it worth having a 6 man unit of Stalkers/Immortis Guard or stick to 2 groups of 3? Is a heavy Deathrider army viable? Not looking to be super competitive. I enjoy their models a lot Are the endless spells worth taking? I don't see many people use them Is Arkhan and Katakros a must take for higher point games? They seem amazing but I feel like it leaves little room for other units. I believe someone posted it a couple of pages back but I'm shooting for a full 1000 point painted army (just to get my bearings) then I'll expand into more units like the Crawlers and Arkhan. List as follows: Let me know what you think! As always any advice or recommendations is always welcome!
  7. Never considered the vortex before! For it's points and abilities it' not half bad. My only reason to take a GK is if I am already running a Courtier and GKoTG and need an additional wizard and can't fit a AAR in or can't fit a second AAR in.
  8. It's possible since my meta is not as diverse as I would hope and most don't have much when it comes to armies. I am traveling 2+ hours for this tournament so I am hoping to learn more about other armies and their composition. Reading and watching battle reports can only get me so far 😂. I'll take a look at some larger tournaments. I know I looked at ETC lists though they were all post FAQs. What are some good tournaments to look at?
  9. The real thing I lack is survivability and staying in the late game. My typical opponents tend to bring high damage units (like Hunters) and I tend to over extend my units. I've tried to stop this by being fast and keep all my models in range for their additional save. My other problem is pitting units that shouldn't be against each other. Like Flayers should against higher armored units and Horrors against hordes. I hate to admit it, but in the dozen or so games I played I haven't really lost. By no means have I swept the table every game as I normally run out of fuel turn 2 or get double turned an can't bring back models. The end of the month I am going to a tournament with unknown meta so I am kinda hoping to lose and learn a few things.
  10. 1-My lists I typically play is fast Flayers and GKoTG. I know Gryph Feather Charm is good but was curious of others. 2-I have tried Royal Mordants several times but I feel like I am doing it wrong. I have one element fizzle out while another keeps going. 3-Other than how he looks on the rock I will try him out. He may not be the power house like the AAR but I find since the point update I can no longer fit two AARs and am looking for another spell slinger.
  11. A few of questions for the good folks that I have been thinking about for the past couple of days and [still] trying to make a 1500 point list. -Of the non-battletome artifacts what is the best to take? Any of them good on courtiers? -Does a mix of Horrors and Flayers ever prove useful to anyone? Example a unit of 6 Horrors and a unit of 6 Flayers, or is it best to go one route? -Is the Ghoul King worth to fill points and to get an extra spell? Thanks!
  12. The Terrorgheist by itself is really the only worthy one to take since it can still do a good amount of damage. Zombie Dragons just don't do enough damage to justify (though rule of cool they look amazing). Put a Ghoul King on either of them, GKoTG or GKoZD, and both become amazing. I can't tell you how much my GKoTG has done in games. He once rolled triple 6's on a group of Dryads. GKoZD is more of a force multiplier and best used with Knights or even a large group of Ghouls. Also one of your heroes needs to take the Gristlegore specific Artifact too.
  13. A couple things that stand out to me: -One of your AAR should have Spectral Host or Monstrous Vigor -The command trait is kinda wasted on an AAR since he doesn't really want to be in combat. Though you don't have any other options unless you find room for a GKoTG -Grim Garland also is a waste since he won't be near the action and the only model that benefits directly from it is the Terrorgheist which will be miles ahead of the AAR I would highly recommend finding room for a GKoTG and make him the general. When he charges it's just disgusting -Zombie Dragons unmounted are generally bad. What makes them shine is the signature spell that comes with the GK
  14. I agree that every element needs to pull its weight some. My normal ghouls (when I take them) typically camp on objectives when they are at 10x. Anything over that, typically 30x, I run them midfield as screens or road blocks. I'll have a test run this weekend of what you suggested. Something like: I've not had the best of luck with minimum squads, but hopefully the GKoTG can be a big enough distraction to prevent a wipe.
  15. So looks like a change of plan. As much as I wanna run that silly list I just found out this afternoon that there will be a 1500 point tournament at the end of the month using 3 battlelines. As I am terrible at making 1500 points since I feel I can't fit anything. What has everyone ran with success? If possible I am still looking toward Flayer heavy, but I am open at this point. A quick list I thought of is this: Feast Day AAR GKoTG Crypt Ghast 30 Ghouls 10 Ghouls 10 Ghouls Ghoul Patrol Chalice Extra CP
  16. Another week, another list. This time I wanted to do something different. No idea how well it will play out, but it does well in my head. What I wanted to try was less reliance on magic and a faster push. When I typically have AAR's they just sit on their throne and sling spells. For this I wanted everyone up and moving and in combat and putting threats everywhere I can. Obvious summon is Varghulf with the extra purchased CP. Now I know I am extremely light on bodies and no way of summoning more, but that was the idea. I wanted fast moving units that hit hard. The GKoZD will help with his spell and he can dish out some attacks himself. Another idea was to drop the GKoZD for a generic Terrorgheist,GK on foot, and the Cadaverous Barricade, but no extra CP. Will give me a chance to summon 10 Ghouls to sit back and camp and give an additional attack to a unit if needed. Lately been playing run of the mill Dwarves (dispossessed?), Sylvaneth, and very soon DoK. Thanks!
  17. Yeah I've struggled with getting the ZD and TG Ghoul King in lists. Normally means dropping something I really don't want. My vote is or 9-3-3. Big unit smashes face while others can flank and harass. Also don't do what I do and always forget about the Blisterskin ability to plop+drop a unit with fly. I feel for summoning it's almost the same every time. AAR always summons Varghulf and bodies for objectives. I guess you can summon another 3 Flayers if you wanted 😂. Good luck with the list! Can't wait to read about it!
  18. From my experience a unit of 6 Flayers/Horrors rarely last unless there are other elements that are equally threatening. You having two GKoTG may help negate the smaller units. The 6-6-3 size has worked well for me. The only issue I have had is keeping them in range of heroes. The times I ran 9 Flayers I only had lost 1 by the end of the game. Helps to have Infernal+Varghulf with them at all times. Like you mentioned getting them into combat is the tricky part unless your opponent has strung out a line of dudes for you. If possible I would try and fit a GKoZD in to help the Flayers out.
  19. I don't know if it's the best, but at lower points the free FF will help save command points. Though with Blisterskin you have a 50% of gaining a command point so it may balance it out.
  20. As much as it pains me to say. You could run Feast Day and make the Infernal the General with either Dark Acolyte or Cruel Taskmaster. Then giving the AAR the robe for better spell casting. Oddly enough my friend also plays Sylvaneth and we have done a doubles as well and will be attending a doubles tournament soon. I don't know much about Sylvaneth, but I can already see a mini combo. Spites+Screams work well. We have done it in the past and if your opponent doesn't expect it does wonders. I've always said though never rely on screams (mainly Flayers) to do the heavy lifting. If they get a wound or 3 I am generally happy. I've probably screamed only once or twice in combat though. The enemy never survives long enough! Just watch out for those forests! They can and will hurt you 😂
  21. I'm all for Blisterskin and Flayers. Couple of things to help. 1. Abhorrant needs to have Hellish Orator as his trait as it's required for Blisterskin. 2. I would give the Eye of Hysh to the Infernal since he is the one going to be with the Flayers and presumably the Terrorgheist. They would both benefit from that rather than someone who would more than likely be sitting on his throne. 3. Min Flayer squads can be rough. They are much easier to kill than a unit of 6. Your opponent getting the double turn will easily be able to wipe them if not placed properly. I guess a lot of this hinges on your partners list. Do you know it by chance? Just my thoughts!
  22. Managed to get a single game in this weekend (who knew MTG tournaments take up table space). Got to go against my normal sparring partner good old Sylvaneth with the the new battletome. My main goal for the game was to test out the GKoZD and King's Ghoul Battalion. I ran the following list: His list was the following from memory: I got turn one and zoomed up the Flayers, Horrors, and GKoZD. Summoned a Varghulf to harass their flank. Deranged Transformation went on the Horrors and FH got +3 attacks for the Flayers. 30x Ghouls just held the middle in anticipation for next turn. My luck took a dive with charges. Managed to roll 2" for the Flayers which rerolled into a 5. GKoZD also got a 2" charge and Horrors got 11" charge. Safe to say both Flayers and Horrors managed to knock out 40 Dryads with no losses. His turn went....very well. Though his magic was abysmal as he failed everything and Durthu's shooting killed a Horror. Charging saw the Hunters charge the Flayers and Horrors and Durthu into my GKoZD. Durthu manages to have the GK hit last. His 6 Hunters knocked my Flayers into last edition. I swung with my Horrors and kill one. His Hunters then kill my Horrors and Durthu brings the GKoZD down to 4 wounds. Luckily my GKoZD with FF barely managed to kill Durthu. Ouch, ouch, ouch. My front line just got obliterated and a big hitter of mine is very wounded. Really wish Chalice was cast now. I managed to get turn again and I needed to manage some damage control. At this point I knew my AAR and 10x Ghouls would just be sitting on objectives starting into space. GKoZD manages to get a couple wounds back and his signature spell was successful. FH goes off and I get +3 attacks on my GKoZD. Varghulf goes for the Spites, and the Ghoul blob pushes forward to charge the Hunters. Charge time, Ghouls fail with double ones. Where did I see this before? GKoZD manages a fat double 6 and goes after his remaining heroes. Safe to say Varghulf kills the Spites and GKoZD gets his heroes. All he has remaining at this point is 11 total hunters and 10 Dryads on an objective. His Turn. He moves the 5 Hunters to go after my GKoZD and the other 6 for my Ghouls. Charge time. The 5 Hunters charge and...FAIL WITH DOUBLE ONES. Literally this game could not have been more awkward. He then decides to go after my GKoZD with his 6 Hunters. Somehow, somewhere the stars aligned properly only manged to bring down my GKoZD to ONE WOUND. I had 7 death saving throws to make and 6 wounds remaining. I needed two sixes to live and your boy does it. GKoZD removed the hunters from the face of the earth in retaliation. At this point we called it. (We weren't really keeping score to well since he was trying out his book for the first time). Lessons I learned. -King's Ghouls ability never made it to play. My main reason for taking it was not worrying about battleshock for my ghouls but they never did anything other than take up space this game. -Hunters still hurt. With additional hits on 6's. Mortal wounds on 6's, AND rend with multi damage my Horrors and Flayers never stood a chance. -GKoZD. Wow where do I begin. LOVE IT. He may not be a combat beast like the Terrorgheist, but rerolling wound bubble for Flayers and Horrors is just amazing. Top it with some decent rend with his mount trait he can hold his own very well. -Horrors. I am starting to like them. With a Abhorrent near by and the wound bubble they can hit hard. Things that remain the same: -Varghulf. Never disappoints me. He can do his own thing and harass or support other units. Just amazing. -Flayers. Forever will I take them. Mixed with Blisterskin and Deranged/Spectral they are amazing. I never rely on their screams to do extra damage. -Ghouls. They never fail me either. I think they have killed and annoyed more than my Flayers and Horrors combined. Coupled with the fact they come back so easily and throw literal dice buckets of attacks. Stay tuned as this weekend there is a BBQ with plenty of gaming. Hopefully I will get a chance to play some Khorne. Gonna be 1500 points so I'll be posting my list soon! Thanks for reading!
  23. Honestly I am not thrilled about using the battalion, but I felt I needed less drops and an additional artifact. I wish there were more battalions that used Flayers, but I understand why. That seems like a better idea. The times I played with 10 Ghouls they normally get ignored since I typically sit them near the throne/objective.
  24. With the recent discussion's I want to try something different. A battalion I haven't used and a GKoZD using Blisterskin. I'll more than likely be play testing this verse the new Sylvaneth book (if he has it), Beastmen, or Gloomgitz. Summons: More than likely going to summon two Varghulfs. One to support the Flayers and the other to Support the Horrors and Ghouls. Strategy: With the speed I would like to get the knights in the bubble of the GKoZD and go to town with "fearless" ghouls taking objectives as needed. I'm not really building my list against the people I am facing specifically, but hoping for more of a TAC list. I'll be the first to admit I am not the greatest at making lists and tend to go and do my own thing but hopes are I won't get crushed to bad. Thoughts? PS This community is great and I am always grateful for the help!
  25. I have yet to play in an actual competitive environment. Most of my group talks about strategies for playing their armies but never really throw dice when it comes time. People in my area do! Maybe because it's an older model and weighs a metric ton so they don't like him (mine is pewter).
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