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  1. How did you do with limited spells? I guess it's not terrible as you don't have endless spells to worry and just casting Deranged and FH all day. This seems crazy fast and I love it. I've always wanted to run knight heavy list, with a blob of Ghouls and some form of Terrorgheist and this list nails it on the head. Plus as much as people complain I do love how the Varghulf looks 😂
  2. Has anyone had success with running battalions other than Ghoul Patrol? I've been looking into doing Royal Mordant, but I always run into the problem of not having 3+ battlelines. My typical lists run AAR, GKoTG, and Flayers, but I am trying to branch out with more bodies. Second question. How good is GKoTG and GKoZD with large Knight units? Got a couple games this weekend I a wanna try them out supporting knights.
  3. I am loving them more and more. Been running a single 9x unit with Infernal (Cruel Task Master) and GKoTG casting Unholy Vitality on the Flayers. Chalice nearby to help with wounds and the occasional Spectral Host if they need to fly across the board. Typically summon a Varghulf and more Flayers to add to the madness.
  4. I've been playing Blisterskin lately too. My lists are mostly Flayer heavy, but I have tried a 9x Flayer unit with support of a Courtier/Varghulf and a GKoTG. Then sprinkle in some Ghouls for objectives and screens. Last weekend I ran the following list against Stormcast and well... ...I only managed to lose the AAR due to never moving him and he got into combat. Any losses I suffered I regained from the Chalice and courtier support. Granted he had some unlucky rolls but I never imagined to win by a large margin like that. I never played Stormcast before so I played my list like I normally do and played aggressively. I do really wanna try Ghoul heavy with Horror support...but that means I need to assemble more Horrors 🤣
  5. I can see where this can be seen as both ways. I'm all for having a Ghast or other courtier being able to cast endless spells so if that's the case sign me up!
  6. Keep in mind that your Ghast's cant cast Chalice due to not having the correct keyword. I would drop the Chalice for a CP if you plan on running the list again.
  7. I'm actually happy about the changes. Yes all my lists have went up on average 80 plus points, but now the wait is over and we can dig deeper in list building. My core will remain the same. Flayers. Absolutely love them and I am gonna run more of them now since I think I will be taking one AAR now. With Horrors now cheaper I may have to try running them, perhaps with Royal Mordant battalion.
  8. What I rattled on about is all in the GoT world. It's the land furthest east and it's vague enough that you can tie your own fluff into it. When I read about it I was thinking the entire time that this sounds like a perfect place for Vampires and the like. As for the Malign Sorcery book I haven't read it yet.
  9. Not sure how much this helps, but if you want some fluff you could say they are from Asshai or the "Shadow Lands". There is a city called Stygai that could work into the old Strigoi. There isn't much to go off of but it gives off a Flesh Eater Court/Necromancy vibe with odd creatures lurking and not much life there.
  10. I guess that brings up a question when I was playing with the list in the Warscroll Builder on GW. Does a 1500 list require 2 or 3 Battlelines? Making the list I see you either pick Vanguard and add 500 points or Battlehost and subtract 500 points. Is it a gentleman's agreement? Or am I missing something obvious. If it's in the rule book you can just say the page reference 😊. Make me learn to read better haha. I have definitely come to love the double AAR and throwing in a GKoTG will just making everything even better!
  11. Back again and now of local store players have finally gotten either into or back into AoS from 40K. Gonna play a couple games this weekend at 1500 points and was looking for advice! Our local meta looks something like: I plan to run the following seeing some success with my previous 1000 point list. Keep in mind I like my Flayers even though I am not sure they are the greatest. Plan on summoning 20 more Ghouls and a Varghulf and probably another 3x Flayers. Obviously depends on what mission and opponent. Previously going very aggression has been about 50/50 with actually working so the plan is to either take turn one and try to snip priority targets or move into position and see what happens with the double turn. More than likely if I go second, which with this many drops is a good possibility, hold and counter their movement and secure objectives for the late game. Summon my boys to their flanks and try to provoke them with non-worthwhile charges. Any obvious flaws other than my love for Flayers? I feel like I am missing something important... Thanks!
  12. I came from 40K too. I still play but my meta got so stale and I wasn't having fun anymore. 2K list wise I have been thinking of Deadwatch simply because I love Flayers. That doesn't leave for much left for point though so I am leaning toward Ghouls, one large Flayer squad, and a couple AAR and maybe a GKoTG to flush things out. Is it good? Who knows! Leaning towards: 2000 on the nose
  13. What are you thinking for 2K? I've been dancing around a couple of ideas, but I am not sold on anything. The Sylvaneth forests are something I need to understand more and work around. Generally my army (Flayer heavy) just ignores and flies over them, and until my friend gets more than one forest assembled I doing okay. Keep in mind you only take wounds if you charge or run in the forests (if my memory serves me) so feel free to camp in them as well. I also just need more experience playing against something other than Sylvaneth 😂
  14. I hate to admit it, but when I play against my Sylvaneth friend I haven't lost yet. I don't know if it's due to our inexperience or the lack of skill list building. Though here is my two cents about them and my most successful list. Most successful: Generally I like going second against him so he can come closer. Though if they get first turn they can "move" pretty quick up and around the board with the help of the forests. They can also summon more Dryads each turn (though in forests) and generally help block lanes. -Treelords can put a hurt on your guys. They do a really good amount of damage and can make you hit on a -1. I always target him first if I can with the GKoTG and try to finish him off in a single round (not hard with FF and FH). -Dryads seem like a pushover but they can hold their ground well with the number of attacks and a ability to hit you easier. Screams and a negative bravery against them will generally delete them off the board or even mass ghouls. -Hunters. Only faced the Great Sword Hunters and since the update they can dish out mortal wounds so keep your heroes near by. If they can get into ghouls or go first on your heroes they will do a good amount of damage. -Drycha can also do a ton of mortal wounds in an AOE and I've seen her take out heroes and key assets before. -Though never played against Spite-Revs they don't scare me that much since our Bravery is high **Keep in mind this is solely based on my experience against my friend and one other person at a tournament**
  15. We did it team. First tournament was a success! Granted it was only a 2 team tournament and one round (Father's Day doesn't bring in many people I guess!). Here was the list I ran and my friends: Team "Going Vegan" Our amazing opponents list were roughly: I forget the missions name but it has two objectives 9" from the board edge in the center. You need to control both to win. They ended up deploying first and finished first (by 1 drop!) and opted for us to go first. T1 T2 At this point all we had on the table was a AAR, 30 Ghouls, Varghulf, a Flayer, Infernal, a Dryad, 2 Hunters, and 3 Spite-Revenants. They still had Durthu, Drycha, Greyseer, Plague Priest, 10 Big Rats, 10 Storm Vermin and their other Skaven Hero I can't remember. To wrap this up I will keep it simple. They always managed to get the double turn which made the game much harder. I finally managed to break away from the Shackles and the Varghulf killed the Plauge Priest while my Infernal killed the Stormvermin and Big Rats. My partner only had a single Dryad parked on our objective at the end of the game. The Varghulf managed to kill Drycha and my ghouls killed their other Skaven Hero allowing us to take their objective winning us the game. Overall models and the table were 1 AAR, 29 Ghouls, Varghulf and a Dryad. They only had Durthu. What I learned: -Don't ever extend units assuming you can make the charge -Ghouls are my best friends -Varghulfls are key to keeping my boys around -Spite-Revenants are amazing for camping near objectives and making the opponent roll worse for battleshock. -Drycha is amazing for what she can do. That many mortal wounds a turn is insane. Target priority #1. Overall I had a blast even though it was a single game. I managed to learn a lot and make the necessary changes next time around! Sorry for the long post but I was proud of what I did!
  16. With the upcoming tournament this weekend and my list finalized (thanks @Honk!) I had a few questions about FEC. 1. What types of armies do we struggle against? From my limited play I have personally struggled against higher armor multi wound models. 2. What spells should I prioritize? My thinking is Chalice and Ferocious Hunger, maybe Deranged Transformation. 3. Best to go first or second? Most games I have played I have opted to go second simply because I want the enemy closer and I feel like I can maneuver around with the summons and the typical speed build lists I make. 4. How important are GKoTG? Don't get me wrong this guy is insane, but I can never see running more than 1 in a list do to points. I feel like he is a good alpha strike/flanking element to our lists and serves to shock the enemy and take out key units. Then die a beautiful death. Some of the weaknesses I have had are surviving the late game and taking objectives. Granted most of these weaknesses are because of my play style, but I was curious if this is an overall thing with FEC. I've found it hard to keep my boys alive when I don't get the double turn or simply position poorly anticipating getting the turn. I fully anticipate losing most of my games this weekend, but losing is only part of the game. Though some extra knowledge never hurt 😉
  17. I've been debating using Taskmasker too. On one hand I can buff up my Flayer unit beyond insanity. On the other I can keep them alive better with Taskmasker. Since my partner will have some spells I could always try and bait the opponents into dispelling his spells too (a little mean of me but it could work). One other thought was running the Garland and helping the Flayers out, but that requires me to keep up with my fast moving group and I am not sure I want my AAR that far forward. Gonna have to play test this on Sunday. Thanks for all your help!
  18. Thanks for the advice! I've only played them as 3 so far. They don't last long if someone gets the double turn on them and I can't muster. I like the look of double AAR and a bigger unit of Flayers. Would giving the Infernal the Dark Acolyte trait help more? Being able to cast potentially 5 spells a turn(Chalice, Spirit, Transformation, Hunger and maybe Mystic Shield?), and maybe the Robe to one of the AAR's.
  19. Hey everyone! Back again for a couple of list ideas for a doubles tournament that a friend and I are going to. No idea what to expect since we are traveling for the tournament and don't know the meta. **We are also very very new to AoS** 1000 Points Each. I don't know what he will be bringing at the moment but he runs Sylvaneth. I assume something similar to this: I have two ideas but unsure what to run. List #1 List #2 General idea for me was to be very aggressive and summon ghouls on the flanks to harass and take objectives. Again very new to the game so any and all suggestions are welcome. I have roughly these models to play with:
  20. If you really want allies the Mortis Engine looks pretty good for buffing out spells and healing. I haven't play tested it at all, but looking at what allies we can take the Mortis Engine looks the most promising. And it's not that expensive point wise when compared to the rest of our army. Take everything I say with a grain of salt as I only have a half dozen games under my belt.
  21. All good. In that case you need 3 units of Flayers for Deadwatch. And looking at Arkhan I am not sure what he brings to the table for you other than better spells. None of our units have the "Summonable" keyword so that ability is wasted on him (unless I am missing something).
  22. I may be new to the game, but I am not seeing this in our battle tome. Am I missing something? Or is this a Legion of Naggash thing?
  23. Ah! I did not know that! I was understanding it as "if no modifiers are applied" situation. Good to know!
  24. So just had my first game yesterday verses my friend who is playing Sylvaneth. We are both very new to AoS so we kept the game and lists small and simple. We went for 1000 points for what we both had/proxied. He had roughly (really bad with their names so bare with me): My list was: The Game: What I learned from this game: Next game we plan on bumping up to 1250 or 1500. I plan on adding a Ghoul King on Gheist and maybe bumping up the body count on the Flayers. I need to try some endless spells and Horrors at some point, but I am really loving the speed of this army. Really digging the low model count of this army too. One question I had when moving up in points. What is a good drop amount? I know we can get fairly low in drops, but is there drop amount we want to hover around? I was playing with the idea of a 5-6 drop at 2K but I don't know if that is a lot of drops or very little. Thanks for reading and sorry if this was long!
  25. Sorry I should have clarified more in the original post. Was rushing to type this. My main question was is this a good start? I know there isn't a ton of models kit wise but I also don't wanna buy unnecessarily. Half of what I have is from a friend who got rid of his old Vampire Counts stuff. I was thinking of a list like this: Abhorrant Archregent Crypt Infernal Courtier -General -Dark Acolyte -Feast Day Abbhorrant Ghoul King Crypt Flayers x6 Crypt Ghouls x20 Gives me some good magic and summoning. Was thinking of giving the Infernal Dark Acolyte to add more buffs. Spells wise I am liking Deranged Transformation and Spectral Host. Will this list hold up in a casual/learning the game?
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