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  1. thats sad ... cuz thats what might happen. We are used to play game that ways (naming 1 MTG for exemple). Casual play is boring to us. I think i got some interesting anwser tho and will wait and see what happens with GHB2019.
  2. i can see that . Also even if nagash is not there, that means Arkhan is so thats +2 to unbind.
  3. thats cool im all for counters but in AoS is this what i should expect, that army is good vs this army and thats it ? so bad matchup are very bad and good matchup a very good. just thinking that the game might be developed that way makes me gag a little ...
  4. I played them a couple of time in NH and they feel very strong still( not as strong for sure). NH si not as good a brining them back so theres less of a feel bad sentiment for sure. On the other hand theres a small combo i like to run that gave me most of my games as NH. (Dreadblade Harrow + Teleport a unit for a CP + Ruler of the spirit host and a block of 9 Spirit host) i also run the cogs.
  5. They seem to have problem geting through them cuz of the mutiple D3 from Deathly Invocations. The 1CP bring them back ability hasnt been necessary yet. Engaging them with 2 unit tho i could see that maybe work. Well now that i think about it my unit of 30 Grim got charged by a Stormdrake and a unit of Concussor(2) and i killed both concusor in 1 turn and so much happened in my favor elsewhere in the game he conceded turn 2 so maybe not the most relevent game. He also charged me from the front with both that might be very bad too ... idk
  6. Hi First im sorry for my english :P. Ill start by introducing myself since i juste created my account. I played Warhammer fantasy back in 1997 to 2003, i had a Undead army and a Dark Elves army back then. I use to play with watever i could afford so that was prety casual play. Then World of Warcraft happened. Fastfoward to 2018 im rediscovering the game as Age of Sigmar and i LOVE it ! I play with a big groupe of 8 friends and we all started AoS back in june 2018. These guys are tryhards ... if they play something they will optimise there builds, im also guilty of this. Heres what they play. Iron Jaws Stormcast Flesh Eater Sylvaneth Fyerslayer Slave to Darkness Khorne Slannesh Maggotkin I play Legion of Nagash and extended into Nighthaunt. Heres the situation, I play a list with at lease 30 Grimghast Reapers then 3 unit of Dire Wolves for battleline and 1 block of 6 to9 Spirit Host then i add different Leaders from game to game. In every game the reapers are just Unkillable (4+ No rend / 6+ shrug / mutiple d3 rez), destroy everything they touch(4+ 3+ / reroll hits / -1 rend), they fly and have a move of 8 ... And to add insult to injury, i could play 60 of them if i wanted ... (if i play them as Nighaunt they lose most D3 rez but they still break everything) Whatever they try (We make good list that can fight everyone in the groupe, avoiding metagaming eachothers) the Grims are just killing the fun of everyone in my groupe(FEC player is fine obviouly lol). my freind tend to concede faster and seem bored of playing against me. If i play a tone down list with deathrattles I/they feel like i try let them win ... TLDR: Me and my friend are new to the game(11 months) but play like tryhards. Grimghast Reapers seem extremly overpowered in Legion of Nagash. And my friend are losing interest in playing againts them. Is it something that you guys are experiencing too ? Are they broken or are we missing something here ? I know GWS are making new 2.0 books for old army and the GHB 2019 is comming soon. So is if just becose we are in a bad period and they should fix this overtime (this year) ? If i was playing againts more top tier armys whould the reapers be fine ? (FEC,IDK,DOK) Id like to ear from as many of you as possible guys. Thank you and sorry for my english again.
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