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  1. I actually don't think the Scinari Cathaller is a named character. It seems like it might be more of her racial title, in the same manner all the new elves get them. We have Khinerai, Melusai, Namarti, Kurnothi; and now the new Vanari and Scinari.
  2. I like it thematically at least, I'll probably turn an aspect of the sea into a priest sometime just for a fun game.
  3. I suspect eel heavy lists will have a tough go of slaanesh, though that can probably be said of a lot of elite armies that will be facing the new hedonite book. You're looking at an army that's nearly as fast, can potentially ruin high tide for units that need it most, and whose army special rules and across the board rend are well tailored to eel hunting, morrsarr especially. That said the army is fragile, and will rely on perfect positioning to a higher degree then some of the more forgiving factions.
  4. Anyone else used any Deepkin as allies for our wanderers? I've had some fun with the aspect of the storm lately. He also fills the niche of a centerpiece model that we lack.
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