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Posts posted by Panzer

  1. 2 hours ago, Sleboda said:

    It's Grey Seer primer,Space Wolf Grey contrast, Grey Seer dry brush, white db. 

    I really liked trying a super white-ish bone, but in the end I just liked the warmer tones better.


    I can't wait for my bases to get here!!! I'll be able to rip these guys off their bases and give them new permanent homes.


    Keep painting. That way I can enjoy my colour scheme by proxy until I get to mine. :D

  2. 20 minutes ago, michu said:

    They could make Old World's army sizes closer to 4th ed -  sample 1000 pts dwarf army consisted of circa 30 miniatures.

    4th ed army size + 6th ed-like rules would be good.

    My 7e 2000 points Tomb Kings had only 55 models, just like my 2000 points OBR list now. :P

  3. 9 hours ago, Eldarain said:

    That sounds like an indictment of the quality of the 40k terrain rules more than an inherent problem with terrain points costs.


    Points costs are far more likely to work as there are too many cases where them being free creates imbalance (as Krungharr pointed out in their Spiderfang Gloomspite example)

    The nexus having such extremely powerful placement/size/influence just drives home the point currently.

    Perhaps, but it also shows, in case anyone was doubting it, that just giving it points doesn't automatically make things better. Personally I rather have people use free faction terrain that's a bit too strong than not using any faction terrain at all.
    At least it can't be spammed like other too strong units.

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Eldarain said:

    I would be completely fine with 3.0 adding costs for faction terrain. AoS has been very good in that regard with most things (Battalions costing points while the 40k equivalent distorted the game)

    Please no. I love that the faction terrain is free in AoS. You never see any in 40k because it's just not worth it compared to buying more units. GW just needs to balance them properly.

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  5. I honestly would miss the WHFB setting much less if GW had ported every army to AoS. Tomb Kings and Bretons being the obvious ones but also classic elves and dwarfs instead of JUST modern twists on them (and now Cities of Sigmar).

    The loss of rank&file would still suck since I really enjoyed that kind of gameplay, but the AoS rules have their own set of advantages so I could live with that.

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  6. Ironically Petrifex Elite plays a lot like I remember Warriors of Chaos back in 7e WHFB with their super tough infantry unlike anything before (except for some Dwarf units and later Saurus Warriors), strong artillery (okay Warriors of Chaos mainly got it via magic) and tough cavalry. Just that they add healing to it and don't have super killy characters.

    Too bad AoS doesn't really have counterplay options like catching a super tough infantry block in the flank and such (catching infantry in the flank gave bonuses to the melee result, denied enemy bonuses from ranks to the melee result and denied the bonus point of armour for wielding handweapon+shield, plus the enemy had less models to attack back with).

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  7. 9 hours ago, Forrix said:

    Editing since you expanded your statement. In any game dice rolls play a big part and I'm sure I could have made some better choices. I'm also sure my opponent wasn't an world class tournament player and a 10 man 3+ rerolling, 6++ unit battleshock immune unit that can regain 3 models a turn and get pumped up to high damage dealing levels easily is well above average at guarding backfield objectives. 

    Except that at this point you aren't fighting a 130p unit with your 400p unit anymore. You are fighting a 130p unit that gets supported by other units that combined cost a lot more than 400p.

  8. 14 hours ago, michu said:

    I don't think it will happen... The whole FW's gimmick is resin miniatures as they can be more detailed than plastic. 

    That hasn't been the case for a long time now. GW plastic is just as detailed as FW resin, some of the FW products are plastic as well and finally the main reason for resin was that it doesn't require to sell as many models to pay for the moulds as it would be the case with plastic miniatures.

  9. 12 hours ago, Izikail said:

    Hi guys, looking for some advice on paint scheme, thinking bone for bone and black with green tinge/highlights for the armor, but i dont know if that will mesh, or what colour to do spirityness in that case. any advice?

    Bone and Black are both rather neutral (bone a bit less but it still goes with most everything). If you go with a green tinge/highlights you could go for green glow as well I guess.

  10. 1 hour ago, EccentricCircle said:

    I got into warhammer fantasy around the transition to 8e, having played 40k and Lotr previously. I immediately loved the lore ( although I knew a fair bit of it already, it must be admitted) and I didn't have too much trouble with units, which i really enjoyed painting. However to this day I still haven't actually played 8e wfb, because I could never find the energy to work out all the rules. I got into Aos largely because of its simplicity. 

    I'm not sure what it was about that big red book that i struggled with. I'd been playing other gw games for years. I play multiple rpgs, including D&D 3.5 with its hundreds of rulebooks. But 8e warhammer I just couldn't crack despite loving the setting and reading everything I could find about the lore.

    Probably the pages of pages of special rules. Same thing that people hated about 40k 7e core rules so now those are neat and tidy on the Datasheets where you only have them infront of you when you actually need them and if you need them you don't have to bring out the rulebook and search through it.

    Also, at least during WHFB 7e, the BRB was really weirdly sorted. Without the index you could barely find anything if you didn't memorize it (which I did so some people usually came to me or our local warhammer guru to ask about rules).

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  11. 9 hours ago, Kaleb Daark said:

    So true, yet we’ve often seen stuff hidden in plain sight before.

    Less hidden in plain sight and more that they realised there's a demand so they are going to supply. It's easy money for them but still needs to get properly designed and produced. ;)


    8 hours ago, HorticulusTGA said:

    But it's also obvious, because of the painting, the details, and the regularity between the pieces, that the walls and the skull gate are a plastic kit. 

    People have 3D printers these days, you know. It's perfectly viable for someone to produce terrain of that quality on their own. 

  12. 40 minutes ago, Dead Scribe said:

    If we're playing both games, we aren't growing our tournament attendance for aos.  Thats my primary goal.  

    Yeah but if you are bitter and try to be AoS exclusive you'll exclude many potential players which is even worse for your goal.

    Also keep in mind that it's probably still only the initial hype. In a few months many of those people might already lose interest in it again. Just like when Kill Team and such got released many local communities only played those for a few weeks before returning to the system they came from.
    The alternative is of course that your local community is more interested in whfb than AoS, in that case you simply lost the fight before it even started and you are doomed to be the smaller part of the community. That outcome is pretty unlikely at this point in time though.

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  13. 1 minute ago, Gecktron said:

    The amount of new stuff. Your post read like you were expecting re-designs of almost all Fantasy armies, while I agree more with the other post. Maybe we get a few new Tomb Kings/Bretonnia and the rest will be single models. So not 3-4 Dwarven infantry sets but maybe a new Anvil of Doom, etc...

    I do expect it. I didn't say anything about the scale or the pace they are going to get released though. That's completely on you if you interpreted it that way.

  14. 2 minutes ago, Gecktron said:

    Creating new models is really expensive. Its not viable for GW to pump a lot of ressources into a game that may bomb. 

    Just look at 30K. That game was/is a cash cow and GW only produced a handfull of plastic kits! 

    If they think it may bomb they wouldn't do it at all obviously.

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