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  1. So basically what I said. Release new models. Not sure what your point is.
  2. If they think it may bomb they wouldn't do it at all obviously.
  3. Unlikely. Those models are really old compared to todays standards. GW is releasing systems to sell models. Putting in the effort and ressources of 3+ years to create a new system just to sell outdated models makes no sense whatsoever.
  4. Depends on what will be available. If it's the same as in WHFB then it will be Tomb Kings for sure. If it's just factions from the Old World then I'm hoping for Kislev.
  5. Just because those armies aren't popular in your area it doesn't mean they aren't popular elsewhere. In germany WHFB was more popular than 40k in many parts as well but that didn't nearly reflect the sales numbers GW had on a global scale.
  6. The focus of my argument was less on Petrifex being the default for competetive lists and more on no matter what you do it's automatically going to be a competetive list that requires an equally competetive list from your opponent. Every subfaction should be able to be less competetive so people who like that subfaction for other reasons than crunch can use it without having to feel bad playing against weaker lists. There's a huge difference between lists being competetive because they include a specific combination of units, relics, special rules etc, and a list being competetive simply because it's from a specific subfaction.
  7. One of the most important things to create and foster a gaming community, aside from being friendly and open, is to be active and have some kind of semi-regular schedule. Nothing is worse for someone new to the hobby to have to keep asking whether someone wants to play except for having to keep asking just to get a 'not today' or similar as response (or if it's a community meeting in an LGS just not to find anybody there when visiting most of the time). That way interest in the hobby disappears super fast.
  8. Agree to disagree then. It's fine to have a way to bring competetive lists, but Petrifex shouldn't default to competetive lists. It should be possible to play Petrifex without the enemy needing a super competetive list himself.
  9. As so often it's probably a mix of both. Petrifex seems too strong so should definitely receive a nerf, however others (especially Ivory Host) require a buff too.
  10. It's less about the gaming communities being so big and more about being confident about people not just trashing their AoS armies because of Old World. It's not black or white. The world is not a binary one. Most people will collect and play Old World parallel to AoS, not instead.
  11. Yeah that would be horrible. Luckily WHFB was never this bad. At least not during my time during 7e.
  12. Now I'm feeling much less bad about wanting to bring two Harvesters in my 2k list.
  13. Even if the hype dies meanwhile, it only takes some active marketing in the months prior to the actual release to get everybody on board the hype train again.
  14. Almost the list I'm going to build. Probably a bit stronger. Now I'm worried.
  15. It's a very promising start, but the big guy really needs some more conrast between the bones, the glow and the armour. Right now all the elements bleed into eachother and look like one convoluted mass which is a shame for such a nicely detailed model. Try to get the bones to be a bit more black and the armour a bit brighter bronze like in the examples in the battletome I'd say. Having the collected bones in his backpack painted in regular bone colours helps break up things too.
  16. Warmaster scale could be nice with modern miniature production methods but I prefer the regular 28mm scale and imo it's much more likely to be the case too.
  17. Yeah I'm expecting new miniatures for most anything but something I'm really looking for would be a new Valkia miniature.
  18. Well if other companies base their marketing on GW switching from square bases to round bases, it would make even more sense to bring them back and use both, no? Also I think if they wanted to imply that they'd switch from square bases to round bases for the Old World they would have used a stronger visual language than just showing a square base in a matter how brand new products get shown/teased. To me the visual language they used really just means "square bases are coming back for something new".
  19. I agree. It was always kind of a stretch to explain in narrative campaigns how my Tomb Kings ended up fighting some of the other factions since they mostly kept to their lands.
  20. Well not a horde, not charge&smash and also not SCE (which I would have suggested after the first two requirements) ... not very much left then. I'd say Kharadron Overlords as well. Perhaps a Legion of Grief army too.
  21. It's honestly all just presonal preference. Some prefer tight world building and some prefer loose world building where they can do whatever they can think of. I prefer tight world building too, however AoS is still very much a WIP that's only growing and getting more detailed so I don't mind the way it is right now. Also think of the scale. Every single realm is bigger than the whole world that was (old world, new world, asia stuff etc. together) and that one wasn't completely fleshed out either. Wanting a completely fleshed out setting when there are multiple realms bigger than what used to be when the game is only a few years out and has mostly a focus on armies is a bit silly.
  22. I mean, sure you are free to ignore the obvious and decide to be blind to it until you see the rules. Whatever floats your boat.
  23. I kinda agree. If they want to keep the ties to AoS they need to set it in a timeperiod where most of the know characters where already active and/or alive. If they weren't doing that they could just as well go really far back to the timeperiod where the Tomb Kings where still alive as they were the oldest human civilisation but that would be too far detached from AoS. It's not like it's in 40k where names from 10k years ago are still relevant and soldiers and traditions (aka Marines) are still mostly the same just a bit evolved.
  24. Tradition has always been one of the worst arguments in history.
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