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  1. Like litereally any teaser. That's the whole point of them.
  2. 2 Harvesters is a lot for just 1000 points. I wouldn't recommend doing that. However at 1250p it would simply be adding another to my 1000p list so in my case it would look like this: Boneshaper Liege-Kavalos 20 Mortek Guard 5 Deathriders Harvester Harvester Bone-tithe shrieker You would even have 50p left for whatever.
  3. I'll be laughing so hard if GW releases an AoS Apocalypse or Epic AoS that plays similar to WHFB.
  4. Harvester because it's the best looking model of the range.
  5. (x) doubt As long as you throw dice and there's even a tiny chance of failure it can't be 100% not to mention above 100%.
  6. Just because someone disagrees with you it doesn't automatically mean they aren't critical and are accepting every bs. You might want to take a step back and breath for a minute.
  7. Not sure why you would be rubbed up the wrong way by that comment or what it would have to do with him as person. It's just what it is.
  8. Oh wow that's some ancient website "design". They badly need someone who knows how to do stuff this century.
  9. To be honest, just like Mortal wounds on way too many things and rules and stuff that let people ignore anything to do with Bravery. GW has a talent for circumventing their own mechanics and adding "gotcha!" kind of rules.
  10. Bonereaper is a compound word of bone and reaper, so OBR is technically not wrong either.
  11. It really depends on what kind of base you are looking for. Microartstudios has lots of great looking bases but you definitely should also look into Greenstuffworlds texture rolling pins.
  12. Decorated horns or more likely tusks ... looks interesting. The decorations make me think Slaanesh or similar however I could see it easily be a named character for a destruction faction that doesn't necessarily resemble the rest of the faction that much.
  13. Not interested in Morghast, not interested in the named character and not interested in Ogor models (even though I love them as an army). Easiest pass on a box for an army I play ever. 😅
  14. One army? That's either pretty optimistic or thinking in the past. My new PC isn't even top end, just really good and I could've easily bought two 2k point armies for the price (without monitors and such of course, just the PC itself).
  15. Considering how many people talked about wanting to do a cavalry list I'm kinda surprised that nobody has posted any yet. ^^
  16. GW said quite some time ago that they're working on a similar app for 40k. Reality is that they bought a half-arsed webapp from an independent guy and ever since then nothing happened. In that time I could have coded my own app thrice from scratch to finish. At least we got Battlescribe to help out with writing lists, even though it's not as hard as many people try to make it once you know your army well enough.
  17. Physical copies to have at home in my shelf, digital copies for practical use.
  18. Yeah that will definitely damage the plastic over time. ^^
  19. And then we have the opposite, I'm a skeletons player and am overweight. (also a Slaanesh player which arguably fits me being a lazy ass that rather enjoys life to its fullest than doing anything else way more)
  20. Yeah if you can't physically place your model, it simply can't go there. No matter whether it can fly or not.
  21. I don't care about competetive play but I care even less about passing on models I want just to save money lol (also before I get Nagash you'll find me quitting the hobby...)
  22. His charging distance has no limit, he just needs a bit until he gets there. Not at the end of the second Realmslayer audiodrama anymore.
  23. My 2000p Bonereapers will cost me about 350€ when I order from a store with a 20% discount and that doesn't include the Battletome or terrain piece (but it does include the Endless Spell pack). Interestingly the first 1000p is just about 150€. 😅
  24. That might be true, however how is the damage per point? The Crawler is quite expensive and I'm not sure how expensive the comparisons are.
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