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  1. It starts at 02:00 am for people in germany, austria, etc. though.
  2. That's been there since yesterday at least. ^^
  3. You are about 15 hours too early lol
  4. To be fair, Tomb Kings always had constructs. Ushabti and Scorpions both were there since forever and the bone giant while looking like a big skeleton is just a construct made to look like a big skeleton as well (it's not actually an undead giant). GW simply extended that aspect with their 8th edition codex.
  5. Eh, at the end of the day GW models are still heroic scale and actual artworks always look better. The only thing I think they could've done better with the models is the whisp/smoke effect coming from the wings. The poses could be slightly improved too but they aren't THAT bad.
  6. This is honestly my biggest issue with them. I love the idea for their background, but the models are just so disconnected and bland.
  7. Just shows how dumb such comparisons are when used for the second time. ^^
  8. Well for me it's only a poor replacement considering I was really into the egyptian theme and this doesn't scratch that itch. Now I'm thinking about whether I prefer to go with Nighthaunt or with these new guys for my Death army. That being said, if anybody wants to send me a bunch of Tomb Kings bitz feel free to do so ... I'm having some neat Nighthaunt conversions in mind.
  9. The new army seems to be so close to what Tomb Kings used to be, aka exotic skeleton army with ranged stuff like catapults and so on, that it seems a bit obvious that GWs aim here is to get all the Tomb King players on board without having to actually do Tomb Kings. The new stuff looks great and everything but I'm a bit bummed. Hopefully they'll at least give us chariots and archer skeletons as well so we can do a proper counts-as army.
  10. I can't say I agree on that. While I love the lore of Settra I've never used him even once in any of my games with Tomb Kings and it never resulted in it being 'kinda boring'. Neither for me nor for my opponent. I'd prefer getting TK as they were before (with updates and adjustments of course), but I'd settle with egyptian skeletons and constructs. Not sure if that would make any difference to the naysayers though as those probably don't even care for the TK lore anyway.
  11. The chances that it's Settra is obviously close to zero for this one, however that doesn't mean he can't be in another Stormvault. GW could even spin a nice narrative around it. Something like: When Sigmar discovered the realms and assembled "his" pantheon of gods he found not just Nagash but also Settra. Obviously the super powered Nagash was going to be the god for the undead realms, however we all know Settras personality and so does Sigmar. Unyielding and full of hate for Nagash he would never stop waging war against the deathgod which all in all would've been a bad thing for the mortal realms. So the "best" solution for Sigmar was to lock and hide Settra away forever. Oh the irony of a Tomb King being locked away in what's basically a magical tomb ,., maybe it's even literally his tomb and Sigmar did it while Settra was asleep. Locate it in the great deserts of Hysh, the realm of light (remember that Settra was wielding a blade blessed by their sun god Ptra), far away from Nagashs influence and voíla.
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