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  1. I wouldn't say you were lied to per se. The vast majority of models GW released are still useable and the communication is indeed worlds better than it used to be. It's just that with AoS GW is still in the process of switching from an old game to a new game. They tried the hammer method before and realised it alienated people too much (I'm still surprised it surprised them...), so now they are trying a slow and barely noticeable approach. It's the age old debate of whether one prefers the bandaid to be ripped off in one go or not and there simply is no perfect answer.
  2. Use them for Settrus and the Imperishables to complete the mockery and ****** of as many people as possible.
  3. Gotta love how people cherry pick some few aspects of the Tomb Kings to support their claims and ignore everything else. No wait, it's actually becoming somewhat annoying. Tomb Kings also have a heavy egyptian theme, are heavily based on their past as mortal kingdom (including their whole religion in addition to their general culture), are all about reclaiming what they once possessed, an army of skeletons (not bone constructs, yes that's a big thematical difference) that do warfare the same way they did when they were alive, aka light cavalry, light chariot cavalry, archers, disciplined rank&file infantry, constructs made of all kinds of material for the more exotic units that differ from how they used to do warfare, about dozens of kings that used to be the closest thing to the gods when they were alive suddenly walking around all at the same time and only getting put in order by Settra. Speaking of Settra, he was not just a strong leader, he was a wrathful one who went into battle on his chariot personally to smite everyone standing before him. He was NOT the calm tactician sitting behind his army waiting for the enemy to come to him. I agree that this new army has the militaristic thing going on and it's undeniable that they are all bones. They are also based on a more exotic culture for us western people. That's basically all they have in common. Instead they do have a bunch of things going that are simply not Tomb Kings. The whole mongolian/samurai aesthetic is super far away from Tomb Kings, creating bone constructs for their soldiers is not Tomb Kings (it's always been just monsters and statues of their gods), stealing bones from other cultures is not Tomb Kings (it was a long and complicated ritual done to a kings personal army after he died that allowed them to rise again with the Nehekharan own special kind of necromancy. Using other cultures undead is a strictly VC thing to do), putting multiple souls in one warrior is not Tomb Kings (in fact putting any souls into constructs is not), being more of a heavy infantry and heavy cavalry is not Tomb Kings, serving Nagash/being allied with Vampires is not Tomb Kings. There are other armies who also have a things in common with Tomb Kings, though none has the package that made Tomb Kings Tomb Kings. The broad strokes are supposed to fill the niche left behind by Tomb Kings? If that's true then GW did a very poor job at that since it still leaves an incredible amount of niches left behind by Tomb Kings open and only fills some very few ones.
  4. Yeah that doesn't look like 25mm. Or the models are actually super tiny.
  5. Well Tomb Kings would've been great but I was already content with this not being such a release. What I would've prefered for them would be if they were classic skeletons instead of weird abstract bone constructs. Keep the samurai and mongolian theme and everything. Just change the one thing and I would like this release a ton more. However if the skulls from the skull pack are the right size I can definitely see me picking some up and replacing all the heads. Maybe still not getting the guys with four arms though. Alternatively a terracotta/golem/puppet aesthetic like the Mortarch hasgoing but for the whole army would've been great too.
  6. But they literally ARE a bone army and not armour made of some random material.
  7. Well then we have to agree to disagree I guess. I'm not trying to claim that all Tomb King fans have the same opinions and preferences. ^^
  8. Oh I do admit that. Already admitted it before elsewhere too. Doesn't affect my opinion on this new army though since I was mostly hoping for ANY proper skeleton army, not specifically Tomb Kings which was ruled out by the trailers already anyway. And no, I still disagree they are the spiritual successor to TK. They are the extension of Morghast. Saying they are the spirital successor to TK is like saying Nighthaunt are the spiritual successor to VC. It would be great if people could just accept that instead of trying to push the TK label on something that doesn't fit just to silence the TK fans.
  9. So your reaction to someone who you think is venting is to antagonize him? Quite a weird appraoch. Though I can assure I'm not venting. I'm just sharing my opinion like people are supposed to in a forum last time I checked.
  10. Nighthaunt are just an extension of the few ghost/spirit models that already existed in the Vampire line in WHFB. Fyreslayers are just an extension of the few Slayer models that already existed in the Dwarfs line in WHFB (and the White Dwarf Slayers list). Kurnoth are an extension of the few Dryad models that already existed in the Woodelfs line in WHFB (though with a bit of a new spin). Idoneth are completely new and borrow veeeerry little of the sea themed models from the Highelf and Darkelf lines in WHFB. Likewise this new Death army is just an extension of the Morghast models we got during end times. They tick a few boxes but leave many many boxes empty. You may be a Warhammer enthusiast but so is everyone else here and obviously people have very different opinions about things despite that.
  11. Well different people, different opinions. Nothing to argue here. However as someone who likes the classic Skeleton look and would agree that the old models look boring I can say that these don't look boring for someone who actually likes that look.
  12. Yeah we know. It's about what people expected/wanted and what we got.
  13. I feel like Lady Olynder shines primarily through a good paintjob instead.
  14. See people with ridiculous strawman arguments on the rise. You are comparing old and outdated models with completely new up to date models. A better comparison would be the Sepulchral Guard which don't look generic/boring at all:
  15. Reminds me of this video (the guy is also a HEMA practitioner).
  16. Well not everyone likes their undead army to be silly. I love silly in the right context but undeads? Nah.
  17. Not upset. More like disappointed. And no Legions of Nagash isn't really that. ^^
  18. So uhm yeah ... the Mortarch looks awesome but would be better in a more dynamic pose on his own. This way it looks more like a display piece. The rest of the range we've seen is a hard pass. I was looking forward to an actual skeleton army, not to a pseudo-skeleton with derpy faces bone construct army. Really not my preference aesthetically. Though the warmachine itself looks great as well I guess. At least I still don't have to bury my foolish hopes of Tomb Kings just yet since those definitely don't scratch any of those itches.
  19. Refering to the thread title .... apparently nothing is going on with deathrattle. 😅 Please tell me how I deserved that so I can repent lol
  20. Your point is? Can't people dislike things anymore?
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